28 Gifts for Surfer Girl Ideas That She Will Love 

These days, many girls have picked up surfing as one of their summer hobbies. Surfing is an attractive water sport because of the thrill and also the sense of hard work that it requires. There are many reasons why girls started to surf. By surfing, girls learn how to not give up and it will help boost up their confidence in all areas of her life. The beautiful view of the ocean is also something irresistible. Also, doing water sports like surfing will also keep her healthy and fit. 

If you happen to know a surfer girl, getting them a gift would be a warm gesture to let her know you are rooting for her. You can browse through the 28 items listed on this list for surfer girls and find the perfect one for her. Surely, there is something for everyone.

1. Surfer Girl Ring 

Surfer Girl Ring

Starting this list of gifts for surfer girls with a jewelry piece: Surfer Girl Ring. It is made from silver with a simple wave-like design.The perfect accessory to bring the ocean’s waves with them wherever they go. 

2. Silver Surfboard Necklace

Silver Surfboard Necklace

The SIlver Surfboard Necklace is another jewelry piece you can consider on this list of gifts for surfer girls. It is a handmade necklace that is ornamented with a simple surfboard pendant. Made from silver, this piece conveys a message that even though we can’t stop the wave, we can learn to surf and let the waves take you to a better place. 

3. Surfer Pebble Art

Surfer Pebble Art

A unique art piece in this list of gifts for surfer girls is the Surfer Pebble Art. It uses seaglass, shells, and pebbles which adds more of an ocean feel to the art piece. The item that will bring the ocean into their homes.  

4. Handmade Bamboo Poncho

Handmade Bamboo Poncho

The Handmade Bamboo Pocho is a more useful item on this list of gifts for surfer girls you can consider getting your surfer girl friends. It is made from 90% bamboo and 10% cotton. A comfortable poncho for beach days, after shower, or just a lazy day at home. 

5. Eco Surfer Gift Set

Eco Surfer Gift Set

The more items you can get for girls, the happier they will be. This Eco Surfer Gift Set comes with a zipper bag, handmade beeswax surf wax,  hardwood surf wax comb and scraper, lip balms, sunscreen, and many more. All these items are very useful when they go surfing, thus it will be a great gift set for the surfer girl. 

6. One Piece Surf Wetsuit 

One Piece Surf Wetsuit

One of the most essential surfing items on this list of gifts for surfer girls is the One Piece Surf Wetsuit. It is important to have a comfortable and nice fitting wet suit so they can surf nicely and comfortably. This wetsuit is made with good quality materials that are smooth and elastic to ensure comfort. 

7. Beach Towel

Beach Towel

The Beach Towel is a must-have item for surfing. It will be a great item for her to relax and sunbathe on the beach before she goes surfing. The stripes on these beach towels are very iconic and give off that beach and summer vibe. 

8. Changing Mat Surf

Changing Mat Surf

Bringing home their wet swimsuits and towels would be a hassle sometime. The Changing Mat Surf is a life changer. She can keep all her wet items after surfing inside it and don’t have to worry about damping her car as she drives back home. 

9. Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

Surfers will usually use sunscreen when they go surfing under the blazing hot sun. The Reef-Friendly Sunscreen is a great choice. It helps protect her from the sun rays and also the ocean and its ecosystem from damaging chemicals. The high SPF would also be useful for a full day out surfing. 

10. Surf Ear Plugs

Surf Ear Plugs

These Surf Ear Plugs will be a useful item for surfers, especially those who are still beginners. When they just started learning how to surf, it is inevitable that they will fall several times and get water into their ears. These ear plugs will keep the water from entering their ears. 

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11. Surfboard Carrier

Gifts for Surfer Girl

Since the size of the surfboard could be overwhelming, the Surfboard Carrier will help do the job more easily. It comes with a shoulder strap that she can adjust to make it comfortable for her. An item that is definitely helpful and useful for any surfer girls out there. 

12. Wetsuit Repair Kit

Gifts for Surfer Girl

This Wetsuit Repair Kit will come in handy in times when she scratches her wetsuit into a sharp edge or rocks, creating a hole. Getting a hole in her swimsuit might be a disaster, but this kit will save her. It comes with a glue and also a patch to fix the hole in the wetsuit. 

13. Wetsuit Hanger

Wetsuit Hanger

Bringing wet clothes and wetsuits is not only troublesome, but things could also get stinky. This Wetsuit Hanger will help them dry their wetsuit to keep all the stink away. When they are not on a surfing trip, they can also use it as a normal clothes hanger. 

14. Wetsuit Shampoo

Gifts for Surfer Girl

To keep the cleanliness of their wetsuit, this Wetsuit Shampoo is a must-have item. They can wash their wetsuits after they surf so that they can bring home freshly washed wetsuits. Cleaning their wetsuit is also important to keep their wetsuit not easily broken and so that it won’t stink.  

15. Solar Power Portable Shower

Solar Power Portable Shower

The Solar Power Portable Shower will help keep themselves clean after surfing the waves. It holds 10 gallons of water and absorbs the sunlight for its power. Now, they can easily shower after a day of surfing without worrying about not having clean water.  

16. Surfboard Traction Pad

Surfboard Traction Pad

Another useful choice on this list of gifts for surfer girls is this Surfboard Traction Pad. It is a common add-on for surfboards which could help surfers practice to improve their wave catching skill. Just make sure to choose the perfect size for their surfboards. 

17. Sun Long Beach Flip Flop 

Gifts for Surfer Girl

A must have item on this list of gifts for surfer girls for a surfing trip to the beach. This Sun Long Beach Flip Flop is very comfortable to use and waterproof, perfect for the beach. It is lightweight and comes in several fun colors.  

18. Surfboard Bag Cover 

Surfboard Bag Cover 

Surfboards are every surfers’ most precious possession. The Surfboard Bag Cover will help them keep their surfboard and protect them from possible scratches. This item is suitable for heavy-duty purposes which is perfect when they are traveling with their surfboards. 

19. Surfboard Sock Cover

19. Surfboard Sock Cover

On the other hand, this Surfboard Sock Cover will be better for daily surfboard cover or protection. It comes in a cute striped design, very similar to socks. Not only will it protect the surfboard itself, it will also keep their car or walls from wax or sand transferred from the surfboard. 

20. Body Surfing Handplane

Gifts for Surfer Girl

The Body Surfing Hand Plane is made from organic plastic. You can adjust it to fit your palm perfectly. WIth this, you can have better control of the waves and make your surfing experience more fun and thrilling. It is a great substitute for the ordinary surfing board. 

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21. Beach Backpack Recliner

Gifts for Surfer Girl

The perfect beach bag to bring is this Beach Backpack Recliner. It has a wide space to keep all her belongings. Also, this backpack will turn into a comfortable recliner chair, perfect for enjoying her time sitting down on the beach. 

22. Talc-Free Sand Removing Powder

Gifts for Surfer Girl

An innovative item on this list of gifts for surfer girl is the Talc-Free Sand Removing Powder. Getting all the sand in your body does not feel good. Thus, to keep all the sand on the beach where they belong, you can put on this powder and the sand won’t stick with them. Now, they don’t need to worry about bringing sand along to their car or home and make things messy. 

23. Plastic Free Travel Shower Essential

Gifts for Surfer Girl

It is convenient to bring your shampoo and body soaps in one-time-use plastic containers. However, there has been too much plastic polluting our environment currently, especially in the ocean and beaches. They can take this Plastic Free Travel Shower Essential on their next surfing trip. WIth it, they can wash their body and hair nicely without worrying about the plastic that will pollute the beach and ocean since it comes with water-soluble casings.  

24. Summer Survival Cocktail Kit

Gifts for Surfer Girl

The Summer Survival Cocktail Kit will complete their surfing trip. After they finish surfing, they can enjoy some cocktails while enjoying the ocean breeze. It comes in three different flavors which are perfect for summertime. 

25. Summer Party Gift Set 

Gifts for Surfer Girl

In summer, surfing trips and summer parties are a must. This Summer Party Gift Set comes with a board game, tequila glasses, and bluetooth speaker water bottle. A great way to finish off their summer surfing trip with some music, tequila, and good company. 

26. Shapes Of Nature Wall Hanging

Gifts for Surfer Girl

A room decor piece on this list of gifts for surfer girls is the Shapes Of Nature Wall Hanging. It comes with the combination of wood, stone, and sea glass which reflect the beauty of the light reflecting on the ocean. A perfect piece to bring some of the ocean vibes to their homes. 

27. Classic Surf Minidress

Gifts for Surfer Girl

A cute surf minidress is a must for any surfer girl. This Classic Surf Minidress comes in fun colors and wave-like patterns. It is the perfect outfit to let them stay stylish on the beach. They can change from their wetsuit to this minidress to enjoy their time on the beach. 

28. Homesick Candle – Beach Cottage

Gifts for Surfer Girl

The Homesick Candle – Beach Cottage will end this list of gifts for surfer girls. A simple way to bring in the scents of the beach and ocean to their home. They can simply light up this candle and the scents of the beach will fill their home. 

latest post:

What do you get a surfer girl?

You can get surfing related stuff just like the Surfboard Sock Cover. An item that they can use well and will definitely appreciate getting. You can also consider getting something like the Shapes Of Nature Wall Hanging which is not necessarily surfing related, but it will remind her about the ocean and the beach that she loves. 

What is a female surfer called?

Female surfers are sometimes called “Gurfers”, “Wahines”, or “Wharaine”. In some surfing communities, female surfers are also known as Betty  or Betty Surfers. However, it is not a specific term to call them. Female surfers are simply called ”surfers” instead. 

What should I get a surfer for Valentines Day?

From this list of gifts for surfer girl, the SIlver Surfboard Necklace would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for surfers. It still feels very Valentine-like with a little surfing-related detail. You can also consider getting the Surfer Girl Ring which is definitely a romantic choice. It will be even  better if you can plan a surfing date trip with her.

What should I get my surfer girlfriend for Christmas?

From this list of gifts for surfer girls, the Homesick Candle – Beach Cottage would make a great Christmas gift. Since winter is not the right time for surfing, they can still have a little taste of the beach and ocean through this candle even in winter. The Surfer Pebble Art is also another great option. A little piece of art to remind her of the beach, ocean, and surfing. 

What are the best gifts for surfer girl?

The best gifts for surfer girls would be the items that are practical and useful such as the Surfboard Bag Cover and the Surfboard Carrier. However, something cute like the Classic Surf Minidress would also find a way to every surfer girl’s heart. It is both useful and cute which makes it a great gift choice

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