25 Cool Surf Watches to Seize the Waves 

As a water sport that lets you ride the breaking waves to shore, surfing has become one of the most popular water sports in the world. Many surfing competitions are being held during summer, which become the perfect event for professional surfers to show their skills. For professional surfers, having useful and high-quality equipment is crucial. Aside from having the best ind of surf board, accessories are also important. Talking about accessories, one of the coolest items is a watch. Every surfer needs to have cool surf watches that will boost their performance.

Cool surf watches can withstand waves and some can even provide useful wave predictions for surfers with some sophisticated technology combined with oceanography. On the list below, we provide a sundry of cool surf watches that might be suitable for surfers. Ranging from the simplest one to some tech stuff that you might not imagine would be on a watch, you’ll have them all in this list. Without further ado, let’s jump on our list to check the cool surf watches!

1. Garmin Instinct 2 Solar Surf

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar Surf

This cool surf watch from Garmin Brand is specially made for surfers because it can record the number of waves surfed, max speed, and also distance. It has a durable case that is resistant to water at a depth of 100 meters, and is resistant to thermal shock, shock, and scratch because it is made of fiber-reinforced. Purchase this item now, and you’ll also get wireless earbuds to be used freely.

2. Nixon Staple A1309

Nixon Staple A1309

For surfers who does sports at sea, show them how much you care by giving them this Nixon Staple A1309 as a gift. This cool surf watch is made of a mixture of recycled ocean plastic that pollutes our environment. It is also suitable for use when surfing because it is water-resistant up to 100 m. In addition, this watch is also equipped with a high contrast digital LCD, which is visible under the sunlight. Plus, it also comes in 11 different color choices for you to choose from.

3. North Edge Apache

North Edge Apache

Outdoor activities such as sports or even surfing would be a lot more exciting with this North Edge Sport Watch. This cool surf watch can submerge in water up to 50 m depths. In addition, this watch also features a casual look, making it suitable for everyday use. The presence of several features such as a pedometer, altitude measurement, and also calories counter uniquely adds to the sophistication of this watch.

4. Rip Curl Rifles Tide

Rip Curl Rifles Tide

This cool surf watch comes from the Rip Curl brand that comes with 500 pre-programmed tide location features. Displayed on this watch graphic shapes or details that would help surfers in seizing the waves. These Rip Curl Rifle Tides are waterproof and durable, suitable not only for surfing but also for other sports, as well. The secure buckle on this watch will also make them free from worrying about the possibility of it coming off when they surf.

5. Casio Rescue Series

Casio Rescue Series

The more durable, the better it is as a cool surfer watch. Like the Casio Rescue Series, it has water resistance up to 200 m depth and shock resistance. What makes it even more suitable as a surfer watch, is that it has moon data and tide graph level displays that will help them when surfing.

6. Nixon Rival A1310

Nixon Rival A1310

This one is another product from the Nixon brand that will become a cool surf watch for surfers. The Nixon Rival A1310 is water-resistant up to 100 m. Digital display with pre-programmed tide information for 550 beaches around the world, makes it easy for them to find the right time to surf. In addition, this item is available in three types of colors as an option for you to choose from.

7. Nixon Siren SS

Nixon Siren SS

What would you feel if you have a cool surf watch that matches your street style? Something like this Nixon Siren SS, perhaps? This item is super stylish and elegant, making it a perfect piece for women surfers. This item will captivate the eyes of those who see it with a variety of beautiful color choices. Without leaving its image as a surfer watch, this watch can survive at a depth of 100m.

8. Rip Curl Search GPS 2

Rip Curl Search GPS 2

This cool surf watch is small and lightweight, as well as durable for surfers’ activity. The Rip Curl Search GPS 2 comes with a contrasting digital display that makes it visible under the sunlight. It’s clearly a wonderful device that provides up to 1400 tide locations compatible with the GPS features displayed on your screen. Moreover, it can also be synced with the Surfs Cloud app and is water-resistant to a depth of 100 m.

9. Rip Curl Aurora

9. Rip Curl Aurora

If you don’t like flashy watches and are looking for simplicity, then this watch is for you. Who says surf watches always have an exaggerated look? Look at this Rip Curl Aurora as one of the cool surf watches for you. Comes in an analog display with a simple steel gray color, this watch can withstand water up to a depth of 100 m.

10. Casio G-Shock G-Lide

Casio G-Shock G-Lide

Are you one of the teal color lovers? We’ve got cool surf watches in that color for you with this Casio G-Shock G-Lide. With complete features for your surfing needs, including tides and moon graph information, this watch is also anti-scratch and shock resistance. Plus, it can withstand a depth of water up to 200 m, suitable as your surfing companion.

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11. Nixon Time Teller

Nixon Time Teller

Simplicity at its finest. That’s all we can say about this cool surf watch. This watch features clean lines cut for the perfect shape of your watch. Not to mention that it’s also water-resistant up to 100 m. The Nixon Time Teller is available in several different colors and straps, which to suit your style while retaining its functionality as a surf watch.

12. Nixon High Tide

Nixon High Tide

Catch up on the information about the best tides for surfing with this Nixon High Tide. This cool surf watch displays all of the precise info about any surfer’s needs, such as tide, sun, and moon data. Synced with programmed 550 beaches around the world, they will be super excited to wear it while surfing because it can survive up to a depth of 100 m.

13. Rip Curl Men’s Quartz

Rip Curl Men’s Quartz

A splendid display is found on this Rip Curl Men’s Quartz. One of the cool surf watches that is durable can be used up to a depth of 100 m. With a silicone strap that fits in your hand, you can make sure it won’t come off when you use it to surf. This watch also provides information that is crucial to you, such as tides for your surfing needs.

14. Palada Sport Watch

Palada Sport Watch

One of the most fashionable and sporty digital watches for surfers is this Palada Sport Watch. Its trendy black design makes it a super cool surfing watch for you. Features water resistant up to 50 m, this watch is suitable for use when surfing. Moreover, it has backlight features that are comfortable to see in the dark.

15. Rolex Submariner

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Luxury and extravagance can also be poured on the watch. The Rolex Submariner is one of the luxury items of cool surf watches that you can have. With a manufacturer serial number to guarantee the originality of this item, this amazing thing about this watch is that it is waterproof up to 300 m in depth.

16. Cakcity Digital Watch

Cakcity Digital Watch

Sporty design with a clear large dial and numbers for a clearer display are presented in this Cakcity Digital Watch. Without a doubt, this watch will give an elegant impression to anyone who sees it. In addition, there is a light button that provides clearer contrast to make it easier for you to see the time in the dark. Last but not least, the cool surf watch is water-resistant to a depth of 50 m.

17. Engraved Watch for Him

Cool Surf Watches to Seize the Waves

Make this one watch as an alternative item, which was specially made, as a gift for your loved ones. Having the world’s best surfer engraved on the back makes this the perfect gift for birthdays or other special occasions. Cool surf watch made of wood which is stylish for everyday wear, too.

18. Rip Curl Candy 2

Rip Curl Candy 2

This one is a simple digital watch product that can also be a cool surf watch to use while surfing. Many people just don’t want their watches to have too many features, simply as a timepiece. For that reason, this Rip Curl Candy 2 can be a great choice, as it will also become a cool stuff that you can surf with. Moreover, this simple item can survive up to a depth of 100 m.

19. Apple Watch Series 

Apple Watch Series

Who does not know about this one product? Of course, it’s an Apple Watch. A smart device is equipped with many health-related features such as heart rate and pedometer. We include this item as a cool surf watch because it is waterproof, and the Dawn Patrol app allows you to find information for your surfing needs.

20. G-Shock GDB200

G-Shock GDB200

This one is another cool surf watch from G-Shock series, which is the GDB200 series. This product does have a focus on features that can support your training needs. However, it’s totally okay to use while surfing, too. Its durability is unquestionable, and of course, this watch is also water-resistant, even to a depth of 200 m.

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21. Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin is a watch brand that focuses on the needs for fitness, training, and other outdoor activities, including surfing. This item is called Garmin Fenix 6 and it can track your surfing session so it is very suitable for surfers.

22. Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5

For those of you who don’t know, the Fossil brand also has smartwatch products, and the best of them is this Fossil Gen 5. This watch can connect to your mobile device with features that support your outdoor activities, such as heart rate and activity tracking. Last but not least, this watch can also withstand water up to a depth of 30 m, which makes it a cool surf watch.

23. Amitron Women’s Watch

Amitron Women’s Watch

This Armitron product is perfect for your style, ladies. We are very serious, because this product has 26 different models that you can choose according to your taste. What makes it a cool surf watch is that it can survive up to 100 m in the ocean depths. In addition, it is very comfortable to wear while surfing, because it is lightweight and allows your wrist to move freely.

24. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3 is one of the smartwatch products that you can use for surfing. Besides being able to survive up to a depth of 50 m, this product can also calculate real-time pace and distance with the built-in GPS. This cool surf watch is even cooler because it can last more than six days on a full charge, longer than other smartwatches.

25. Nixon Regulus Expedition

Nixon Regulus Expedition

The last item on our list is this Nixon Regulus expedition. The product is very tough because it is impact resistant and can survive up to 100 m underwater. Having various advanced features such as an altimeter, compass, and barometer makes this product a really cool surf watch.

latest post:

What smartwatch is best for surfing?

Of all the cool surf watch products above, it is very difficult for us to determine which one is the best because each has its own advantages. But as a preference, we advise you to have Rip Curl Search GPS 2 as your watch. It can provide a variety of important information for your surfing needs because it syncs to 1400 beaches around the world.

Why do surfers wear watches?

Apart from being a timepiece, some cool surf watches have features that can support surfers in their hobby. Among them can provide information related to the tide, moon, and sun phases related to the height of the waves. What makes them more confident is that the watch is waterproof up to hundreds of meters underwater so it is safe to use when surfing.

Which Apple Watch is best for surfing?

Basically, any type of Apple Watch can be used for surfing. Not just water resistance, Apple Watch also features a Dawn Patrol app on the device, which can provide wave forecasts and surf tracks while you are surfing.

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