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Snow Tank

This Snow Tank, otherwise known as Mini Ripsaw, is a dynamic all-terrain vehicle that completely changes the image of a typical snowmobile.

It virtually rips through any terrain with its powerful treads making for a stunning image.

If you think that the name “Ripsaw” rings any bells, you might be right. We have written about its “parentbefore but there are other places you could have seen it in.

Apart from being featured in the recent Fast and Furious installation, Mini Ripsaw’s predecessor has made an appearance in the latest The Grand Tour episode.

Snow Tank

But if Ripsaw is a giant monster of a vehicle, then Mini Ripsaw is a mobile more day-to-day version of it. Still doesn’t mean that it’s any less exciting or powerful.

Snow Tank

There’s not much we know about Mini Ripsaw, apart from the fact that it’s a prototype. It will be fun to see what the Howe & Howe Tech can wow us with next.

Snow Tank

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