Lavender Zoned Dough Pillow

The lavender zoned dough pillow combines the wonders of nature and technology to give you the best night’s sleep.

The pillow uses memory foam to provide a truly memorable sleep experience.

This material adjusts to pressure from your head and shoulders. It then gives you the most comfortable position to ensure you get quality sleep.

It is known to provide pain relief as it displaces pressure from pain points. This it does by detecting temperature differences and adjusting its mold to ensure reduced pressure on affected areas.  

Lavender Zoned Dough Pillow

And unlike regular pillows, this one does not collect dust mites or allergens over time.

It comes with a lavender oil spritz bottle to add further to your restful slumber. Lavender is known to reduce insomnia and lower anxiety levels.

Lavender Zoned Dough Pillow

Research has shown that it leads to deeper sleep during which the entire body relaxes. This leads to higher energy levels and productivity.

This blend makes the lavender dough pillow unbeatable in ensuring the best sleep experience 

Lavender Zoned Dough Pillow

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