Monstrous 8×8 Two-Story Overlanding Rig

Forget all you think you know about luxurious road travel because SLRV’s 10 Person Commander Two-Story Overlanding Rig is about to knock your socks off!

This truly impressive, two-story vehicle is guaranteed to have you totally in awe.

Not only is it an incredible feat of design but it’s also unbelievably practical in so many exciting ways.

The lower level of this almighty vehicle not only houses the dinette, kitchen and bathroom (all in state of the art wood, marble and metalwork finishes) it also includes a comfortably sized master bedroom.

Two-Story Overlanding Rig

If this isn’t quite enough room for you, go ahead and extend the roof of the vehicle to accommodate another six people!

Two-Story Overlanding Rig

You’ll be an unstoppable travelling force of ten individuals with heaps of space, a 480-horsepower engine and adjustable air suspension among other features.

Two-Story Overlanding Rig

Now, you may be wondering how much this dream vehicle is likely to set you back and with a price tag of around $1-2 million, it’s undeniably a figure worth seriously considering before taking that leap.

Two-Story Overlanding Rig

All things considered, however, we can’t say you’re not getting your moneys worth! more info here.

Two-Story Overlanding Rig

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