Health Tracking Dog Collars

These Health Tracking Dog Collars can monitor your dog’s health and habits, in turn allowing you to discover any irregularities and keep your best friend in perfect condition.

You probably heard about the multitude of health wristbands or watches, which we now use for fitness and improvement of our condition.

They are very handy and send a lot of information about our bodies straight to our cell phones. Now, why not have something like that for a dog, it has to wear a collar anyway.

That was the thinking behind the Waggit – a health tracking dog collar. This special dog collar tracks a lot of data like the body temperature, heart, and respiration rate as well as time spent in certain body positions, quality of sleep or nutritional information. 

Health Tracking Dog Collars

All that data is sent to your smartphone and the app looks for any irregularities which might be harmful to your dog.

Health Tracking Dog Collars

That lets you not only adjust your dog’s life for the healthier but also makes early diagnosis possible, giving your dog a better and longer life. The collar is also equipped with a GPS locator, for when your pet gets lost. 

Health Tracking Dog Collars

So these health tracking dog collars, might look like standard collars but are so much more. You can see the data, which your dog can’t tell you about and monitor its behavior even when you’re not looking. After all, if it means your dog can be healthier and live longer, then it’s surely worth it.

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