25 Inuyasha Cosplay for Anime Festival

Inuyasha is a classic manga series originating from Japan that was later turned into an animated series. Inuyasha tells the story of a junior high school girl named Kagome who returns to the past around the 14-16th century and meets a half demon-dog half-human named Inuyasha. Later they would go on an adventure together to collect the fragments of the Shikon Jewel. This classic story is liked by many people, so some people want to cosplay as a character from Inuyasha. The unique design of the character who is dressed like in the past Japanese era makes people who cosplay as characters from Inuyasha give a special impression to those who see them.

If you want to cosplay in an anime festival or similar event, we suggest you dress up as one of the characters from the Inuyasha anime. Therefore, we provide Inuyasha cosplay ideas, especially for you. Here is our list, and let’s see if you can find one that is right for you.

1. Inuyasha


Inuyasha, or in English, means Dog Demon, the main protagonist in this anime. He is the son of Toga, a Great General Demon, and Izayoi, a female human, so Inuyasha becomes a half-demon and half-human. Of course, we recommend you to cosplay as Inuyasha who is our main character. To dress like him, you can use a long silver wig combined with a cat ear headband and wear a red kimono which is equipped with various accessories.

2. Kagome

Source: Pinterest (@Tannie Thurman)

Kagome, an ordinary middle school girl, turns out to be the reincarnation of Kikyo, the shrine maiden who seals Inuyasha. You can try to cosplay as Kagome the main female character in this anime as Inuyasha cosplay ideas for you. A chosen character that is not difficult to execute, depicting her character as a female cosplay character. To cosplay as her, you can wear a white-green uniform, which is easily recognized like ordinary Japanese school students.

3. Kikyo


We suggest you cosplay as Kikyo for Inuyasha’s cosplay idea for women. Kikyo is a shrine priestess whose job is to purify and guard Shikon Jewels who is also the former lover of Inuyasha. To dress like her, you can wear the shrine priestess’s red-white kimono and accessories such as bows and arrows to match her. No need for excessive makeup, you just have to pose like an elegant woman, because that’s how beautiful Kikyo should be.

4. Sango

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Sango is the only woman in the Yokai Taijiya, the clan that is devoted to eradicating demons for generations and joins Inuyasha’s group to go on an adventure together. A cute and mysterious woman character for an Inuyasha cosplay idea. To look like her, you can use her battle suit, which is like a ninja and big boomerang, as your cosplay properties. To make it even more perfect, you can use makeup like Asian women, whose beauty is alluring, to add the impression of a better character deepening.

5. Miroku

Source: Pinterest (@comicbook.com)

Miroku is a monk priest who travels with the Inuyasha group to collect Shikon Jewel fragments and defeat Naraku. We recommend you cosplay as Miroku for the Inuyasha cosplay idea. To dress like him, you can wear a bluish monk suit and monk staff to make you look even more like him. He has a cursed ability that works like a black hole located in the palm of his hand. You can add accessories in the form of hand covers to cover the palms that have been given makeup using body paint to resemble Miroku’s power.

6. Shippo

Source: Pinterest (@media.photobucket.com)

Shippo is a young kitsune who tries to steal the Shikon Jewel fragment to avenge his dead father. Shippo is a perfect Inuyasha cosplay idea for kids who can dress cutely. To dress up like him, you can use a blue kimono and additional accessories like a fox tail to make it more similar to Shippo. His bright blue outfit and the addition of a small ribbon in his hair are perfect for describing his innocent character as a young Kitsune.

7. Kouga

Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

Koga is the leader of the wolf tribe that was attacked by Kagura and Naraku. For men who want to do some cosplay, you can dress up as Koga for the Inuyasha cosplay idea. It can’t be wrong to wear some clothes covered in animal fur, it looks epic and fierce. Dressed like a tribesman, you can combine it with serious makeup to support the strong impression of this character.

8. Naraku

Source: Pinterest (@comicbook.com)

Naraku is an evil half-demon and the main antagonist of the Inuyasha anime. For people who like to cosplay as an antagonist character, perhaps you can try him for an Inuyasha cosplay idea. With a dark shade of kimono that depicts his evil and cold-hearted figure, you can be more similar to him. Using makeup with a tone like an evil demon will further support your role as Naraku, the famous villain from the Inuyasha anime.

9. Sesshomaru

Source: Pinterest (@Hannah Watt)

Sesshomaru is a half-demon dog who is a half-brother of Inuyasha. Unlike the other demons, Sesshomaru is not interested in power or tempted by the power of the Shikon Jewel. Cool figure that you can use as inspiration for Inuyasha cosplay. To dress like him, you need his white kimono and a silver wig to make you look even more like him. Don’t forget to add a moon symbol on the forehead using makeup as his icon.

10. Gender Bender Inuyasha

Gender Bender Inuyasha

Being a cosplayer means not limiting your imagination. Like this gender bender Inuyasha cosplay idea. There’s nothing wrong with cosplay, not according to your gender. Even though you are a woman, you can also be Inuyasha. Using a silver wig like her hair and your red kimono is already similar to Inuyasha.

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11. Innocent Kagura

Innocent Kagura
Source: Pinterest (@bum chan)

Kagura is one of the incarnations of Naraku, who is a half-demon who controls the wind. Together with his fan-shaped weapon, she is presented as a beautiful demon figure in the anime. A beautiful woman as an Inuyasha cosplay idea for you. To dress like her, you can use accessories such as pointy demon ears and paper fans to add some impression as a beautiful demon. Be different by using innocent makeup as Kagura for an out-of-the-box idea.

12. Baby Inuyasha

Baby Inuyasha
Source: Pinterest (@nerdbabies.tumblr.com)

You know, even small children can cosplay as Inuyasha. The half-demon, who was supposed to look serious and fierce, turned out to be an innocent cute baby. An Inuyasha cosplay idea for a kid who wants to do cosplay as an anime character. You just have to adjust it by using a red Kimono and fake cat ears that are suitable for children to look similar to Inuyasha.

13. Kid Sesshomaru

Kid Sesshomaru
Source: Pinterest (@25.media.tumblr.com)

We also don’t believe that the cool figure of Sesshomaru can be adorable like this. We recommend Sesshomaru for kids as an Inuyasha cosplay idea for your child who wants to do cosplay. Can be paired with his little brother, who can become little Inuyasha to become a pair of adorable half-demon siblings. By using a silver wig and kimono typical of this anime to be more similar to Sesshomaru.

14. Kaede

Source: Pinterest (@comicbook.com)

Kaede is Kikyo’s younger sister who was still alive until the events of the Inuyasha anime happened. An old woman who is also a shrine priestess like his sister becomes an advisor to the Inuyasha group. You can try Kaede as an Inuyasha cosplay idea as an old woman. To dress like her, you need a shrine priestess kimono and black eye patch to make her look even more like her. By looking slightly bent and makeup like an old person you can look perfect as the old Kaede.

15. Moroha

Source: Pinterest (@Hakien)

Moroha is the only daughter of the future Inuyasha and Kagome. As a descendant of them, Moroha also has demon blood flowing in her. For those who love to cosplay as cute characters, you can be her as your Inuyasha cosplay idea for little girls. To be more similar to her, you can use the red suit of Moroha and red dog ears plus cute makeup to give a cute impression.

16. Kirara

Source: Facebook (@Horai Cosplay)

Kirara is a Nekomata belonging to Sango who can change shape into a big one and can carry her for transport. You can make this one of the mystical creatures in the Inuyasha anime as Inuyasha cosplay ideas for those of you who are looking for different cosplay ideas. By wearing a costume like a big cat ordered or your own, you can cosplay as Kirara.

17. Jaken

Source: Twitter (@DTJAAAAM)

Jaken is a green imp who is very loyal to Sesshomaru. His small figure like an Imp is a new cosplay idea for you to try. A unique Inuyasha cosplay that may rarely be chosen by most people. With green body paint and using wood staff plus a brown kimono, you can become more similar to Jaken. You can add accessories in the form of big striking yellow eyes to get the right impression.

18. Kanna

Source: Pinterest (@lh3.googleusercontent.com)

Kanna is the first incarnation of Naraku with the main goal of destroying the Tessaiga, Inuyasha’s sword. This innocent-looking figure may trick you with her appearance. We recommend Kanna as Inuyasha cosplay for girls. To dress like her, you need a white plain kimono and a white wig to make her look even more like her.

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19. Kagura with Tattoo

Kagura with Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@rolecosplay.com)

The original Kagura figure is a demon like Naraku or Inuyasha. It turns out that every incarnation of Naraku has a large wound on his back which is the same as Naraku’s. You may want to cosplay as Kagura with the unusual tattoo as your Inuyasha cosplay idea. To make the tattoo look real, you can use gold metallic body paint for a deeper impression.

20. Rin

Source: Pinterest (@25.media.tumblr.com)

Rin is an orphaned girl saved by Sesshomaru. You can be Rin as an Inuyasha cosplay idea for girls. By wearing an orange plaid kimono and dressing up as a cute little girl, you can look like her even more. A good choice with your hair ponytail on the side makes the look like a cute girl even stronger.

21. Female Inuyasha Cosplay

Female Inuyasha Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@whiteravencosplay.deviantart.com)

This one is a flawless Inuyasha cosplay idea that looks perfect from top to toe. Designed for girls, this female Inuyasha cosplay will definitely be adored by your friends and family due to its amazing costume design, makeup, and also the great wig, both in terms of color and texture. So if you love Inuyasha, then this one is definitely the best cosplay idea for you.

22. Sesshomaru in a Suit

Sesshomaru in a Suit
Source: Pinterest (@B I N (ノ◕ヮ◕) √)

Sesshomaru in a suit is something that we believe many girls just can’t keep their eyes off of. This cosplay idea comes with something that you can easily find in your closet, or your brother’s closet maybe, because you only need a black suit with black ties and vest to own this look. However, do make sure that you put on the perfect Sesshomaru makeup and hair style, because without those elements you will only look like a man in a suit.

23. Sexy Female Inuyasha

Sexy Female Inuyasha
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Looking for a simple Inuyasha cosplay idea? We have the answer for you. This one is Inuyasha cosplay that comes in a casual yet sexy design. As you can see in the picture, this costume is very easy to wear, because it comes in red pants and a crop top so you can just wear them like wearing your daily attire. The key lies on it’s hair style, so make sure you do the hair before you leave for the costume party,

24. Cute Moroha

Cute Moroha
Source: Pinterest (@senpai.com.mx)

This one is just too cute to handle! If you agree on this, then you can totally choose this Cute Moroha cosplay for the next cosplay events or gatherings. Prepare a mini red dress, red boots, red gloves, red cape, and also artificial red ears that will become the accessories for the hair. 

25. Inuyasha in Mini Dress

Inuyasha in Mini Dress
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayidol.otakuhouse.com)

Little girls would definitely love to wear this Inuyasha Mini dress to a costume party. It comes in a mini dress and long sleeves, making anyone in this costume look a lot younger than they really are. Since the most unique look about Inuyasha is definitely the hair style. Therefore, always make sure that you have your hairstyle right for the cosplay event before you leave the house.

Latest Post:

How do you cosplay as Inuyasha?

To cosplay as Inuyasha, you can use a silver wig, cat ear headband, and red kimono. A cosplay idea as the main character from Inuyasha anime who is a half-demon and half-human who adventures and falls in love with Kagome.

How do you cosplay Kagome?

To cosplay as Kagome, the woman lead character in Inuyasha anime, you can use a white-green uniform like her. Describes Kagome who is a junior high school girl who accidentally returns to the past and adventures with Inuyasha.

Who is the famous villain in Inuyasha anime?

Naraku is the famous villain in Inuyasha anime. He is a half-demon like Inuyasha but has ambitions to gather Shakon Jewell to abuse its powers to become more powerful to rule the world.

How do you cosplay Sango?

To cosplay as Sango, you can use properties like a big boomerang to dress like her. A demon slayer who joins the group from Inuyasha and wants to take revenge on Naraku, who has massacred her clan

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