25 Fuss-Free Indian Wedding Gifts For Guests

Have you ever been into an Indian wedding before? If you’ve ever been into one, you will agree that Indians surely know how to celebrate weddings. They have one of the most extravagant wedding traditions you could ever find. It is not a one-day business, but it could mean days of unending celebration. Expect to see lots of colors, food, music, and dance. However, when you live abroad, you might not get the full Indian experience. You might need to do some modification to the weddings and adopt some of the wedding traditions from the play they are currently living at.

Wedding gifts for guests or what we call wedding favors is an integral part of the wedding. It is a way for the couple to show their wedding guests their gratitude for celebrating their special day with them. This is why we come up with this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests. Items on this list are all Indian inspired gifts so you can still keep your true identity as Indian close to you and let your wedding guests have a little part of it to bring home.

1. Indian Embroidered Drawstring Bag

Indian Embroidered Drawstring Bag

Starting this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests with a simple Indian embroidered drawstring bag. The bag itself comes in vibrant colors and full flower embroidery made from silk material. You can also put in a customized wedding favors inside it for some more personal touch. Putting an Indian snack inside with a thank you card inside would also be a great idea. However, the bag by  itself would be a wonderful wedding favor to give out. It is practical and reusable. 

2. Sangeet Mehndi Ganey Ganaas

Sangeet Mehndi Ganey Ganaas

Sangeet means music and Mehndi is body art and temporary skin decoration. You can see these two things as part of every Indian Hindu wedding. Getting these Sangeet Mehndi bracelets as your wedding favors will be a great way to share the tradition with all your guests. These bracelets are made from thread with decorative patterns resembling that the bride will have on her hands during her wedding day. Comes in tons of color variations, the perfect item to show your gratitude toward the guest while keeping your culture close to heart. 

3. Meenakari Earrings

Meenakari Earrings

We are moving to another simple jewelry piece: Meenakari earrings. Their design is as fun as the bracelets mentioned before. It is made from brass with a very artsy design. A unique and cheap favors you can get for your wedding guests. These earrings are the traditional Indian earrings that many Indian women wear. With its fun and artsy design, this earring would add a fun element to their overall outfit.  They will totally love it. 

4. Sindoor Box

Sindoor Box

In a Hindu wedding, a Sindoor box is used by the bride and groom to hold the sindoor or red vermilion which is used to symbolize their union. With some design modifications, it will be a unique wedding favors to give out. It will be a practical gift. Your guests could make good use of it for some mini storage. 

5. Indian Sweet Box

Indian Sweet Box

You can always go for an Indian sweet box if you are looking for some cheap favors. You can put in some Indian sweet treats for your guests to try. For a more unique look, you can put it inside colorful fabric boxes. It will be an eye-pleasing wedding favors to give out. 

6. Customize Fridge Magnet

Customize Fridge Magnet

If you are looking for more modern ideas, you can consider getting this customized fridge magnet. Each fridge magnet comes with a customizable picture on it. It is a personalized wedding favors that is fuss free and easy to have. Your guest could also use it as a coaster too if they want. 

7. Elephant Tealight Candle Holder

Elephant Tealight Candle Holder

Elephants are considered as sacred animals in Indian and Hindu culture. Thus, getting an elephant related item is one of the ideas you can go with for an Indian wedding gift for guests. The elephant tealight candle holder is a cute home decoration piece. Each piece is handmade and comes in bright and vibrant colors. It could store a small candle wax, so you can replace the wax every time you want to light it up. 

8. Elephant Soap

Elephant Soap

A unique wedding favors ideas that combine the modern and traditional favors of an India or Hindu wedding. These elephant soaps are good personalized wedding favors too. You can personalize the color, fragrance, and the label of each soap. It is a homemade honey soap combined with water soluble glitters that comes with natural antibacterial properties. 

9. Ceramic Elephant Statues

Ceramic Elephant Statues

The ceramic elephant statues are always the easiest wedding favors idea you can go to. Each piece comes with an Indian inspired design that represents the Indian craftsmanship super well. It is made from metal enamel so it will be a durable piece.The combination of blue color with colorful patterns make this statue looks very festive which is similar to a typical Indian wedding. 

10. Mehndi Candle

Mehndi Candle

Aside from the elephants, this Mehndi candle would also make a great Indian inspired wedding favors to give out. The design is super unique and would make a beautiful piece of home decoration. If you are looking for more traditional favors to give out to your wedding quests, you can consider getting this one. 

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11. Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles

Another unique Indian candle piece would make a great Indian party favors. These pillar candles are unscented candles that come in a petite size perfect as wedding favors. Each candle is personally decorated with a fun Indian bollywood design. It is colorful and will be a great home decoration item to share with your wedding guests. It is a cheap favor that you can personalize with your initials too. 

12. Indian Jewel Hennal Glass

Indian Jewel Hennal Glass

Glasses are one of the go-to wedding favor ideas out there. The Indian Jewel Henna Glass will be the food proof Indian party favor you can always go to. These glasses are already packaged individually with a gold ribbon and tag so you don’t have to put in some extra effort for it. The design and the glittery detail is the easiest Indian party favor you can go with. 

13. Silver Resin Elephant Statues

Silver Resin Elephant Statues

Elephant related items is always a go-to wedding favors idea that could never go wrong. You can find it easily even if you live abroad and elephants hold a good meaning. The silver resin elephant statues are made from environmentally friendly resin. It comes in a classy silver color with a small size. Your wedding guest would love having this at their own home as decoration. 

14. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Unlike any other scented candles, this comes with a container that has an Indian inspired pattern. It comes with a variety of scents and colorful patterns. Packaged super nicely and appropriate as a gift, these scented candles would be a fuss free wedding favors. Its Indian inspired container will also make it look like traditional favors. These soy wax candles are slow burning candles so they can be used for a longer period of time. 

15. Gold Elephant Frame

Gold Elephant Frame

One of the most practical choices on this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests is the gold elephant frame. The elephant design in gold color depicts Indian culture nicely. You can put in your thank you note on the frame and your guest can replace it with their own picture to frame. The details on the gold frame are also super beautiful. Your guest would definitely love this. 

16. Indian Potli Bag

Indian Potli Bag

The Indian potli bag is a cute little bag that would make a great Indian wedding favors. If you want to make customized wedding favors, you can start with this bag. Then, you can put in a thank you note and other things inside the bag. The kind of goodie bag that will make great Indian party favors. Each bag is made from good quality silk fabric in different colors with the combination of traditional and modern embroidery. 

17. Silver Gold Bowl Set

 Silver Gold Bowl Set

Indians believe in the superiority of silver and gold. They believe that these two special metals could attract positive energy. Thus, getting a silver gold bowl set would make  a great wedding favor idea. You are saying thank you to your guest by sharing some good energy from silver and gold. The bowl set is packaged with a velvet red box which will require no extra time and effort to find the appropriate packaging to give it out to the guests. The bowl and spoon comes in a size that might be too small to actually use for dining. However, it will make a beautiful decoration piece. 

18. Retro Indian Elephant Cushion Cover

Retro Indian Elephant Cushion Cover

One of the cheap favors on this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests that is useful and practical: elephant cushion cover. Comes with a retro design, it will add some Indian touch to their homes. The delicate pattern on the elephant and the color will give a pop of color to any room. The cushion cover also comes with a calm and subtle color so it easily blends in with the rest of the room. 

19. Lehriya Dupatta

Lehriya Dupatta

Lehriya Dupatta is a traditional Indian fabric that comes in vibrant color and patterns. It will be a beautiful traditional favors to your wedding guests. It is made from art silk with some beads detailing on the edges. They can use it as a scarf to elevate their outfit or they can hang them on a wall as a home decoration piece. 

20. Indian Women’s Pouch

 Indian Women’s Pouch

The Indian women’s pouch is made of good quality fabric. The Indian inspired embroidery detail makes this pouch extra special. Comes in various bright colors, it will be a fun wedding favor to give out. Also, your guest could make good use of the pouch as a wallet, pencil case, and many more. One of the cheap favors ideas you need to consider from this list of Indian wedding gifts. 

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21. Colorful Tile Bowl

Colorful Tile Bowl

Bright and fun is a very typical Indian wedding vibe. It would be best if your wedding favors could also take on this vibe. The colorful tile bowl would be the easy and safe way to go. Indian crafts and arts always come in a super vibrant and loud pattern, thus it will be a great choice for wedding favors. This tile bowl is an Indian inspired modern wedding favor gift that you guests would love. Also, it comes with an individual box and sticker so you can have meaningful personalized wedding favors to give out. 

22. Tea Jars

Tea Jars

If you are looking for customized wedding favors to give out, you can go with these tea jars. You can fully customize the type of tea inside it and also the tag that comes with it. It comes in a test tube-like jar with a cork. For the tea selection, you can choose some Indian tea blends for it. Perfect wedding favor if you have a rustic theme wedding. 

23. Coffee Blend Bag 

Coffee Blend Bag

We also should include a coffee blend bag on this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests. India is known for its less acidic and sweet character. Thus, it will be a great idea to share some with your guests. It is one of the customized wedding favors ideas you can consider getting. You can simply personalize the coffee bag to make it more personal to your wedding. 

24. Mini Sari Notebooks

Mini Sari Notebooks

One of the most unique choices on this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests: mini sari notebooks. A small 30 page notebook that comes with a cover made from sari. The sari fabric comes in several different vibrant colors and delicate patterns. Your guest will be able to feel the Indian culture when they receive this wedding favor. It is also going to be a useful item for your guest. 

25. Elephant Silk Saree

Elephant Silk Saree

Ending this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests with another elephant-related item. The Elephant Silk Saree is made from pure silk in India. Saree is a traditional Indian fabric that could be used to make many things. It will be a meaningful wedding favor to give out to your wedding guests. 

Latest Post:

What are wedding gifts for guests called?

Wedding gifts given to guests are called party favors or wedding favors. It is the form of thank you for the guests who have come to celebrate their special day. This tradition has been part of weddings in many countries around the world. 

What are traditional Indian wedding favors?

From this list of Indian wedding gifts for guests, you can consider getting the Lehriya Dupatta which is the traditional Indian fabric. Also, you can consider getting the Mehndi candle which is a candle that comes with a holder that is inspired by India’s traditional crafts. 

Is it rude to not have wedding favors?

No, it is not rude at all. Realistically, most wedding favors don’t actually make it to your guests’ homes and some gifts are not going to be useful for them. Thus, if you are thinking of not giving it out, feel free to do so. With that, you can focus more on throwing a memorable party for both you and your guests. 

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