15 Awesome Fun Facts About Alabama You Must Know

Alabama is a state of the United States located in the Southeastern region, bordered by Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi. Alabama has a nickname as the Yellowhammer State, Heart of Dixie, and Cotton State Alabama has Montgomery as the capital city, with Birmingham as the biggest metro. But those are not all! We shall discuss more fun facts about Alabama in this article.

Alabama in 1540 was originally home to local Native Americans who then got sidelined by the colonists. In 1819, Alabama then join the Union as the 22nd state. Alabama has experienced various events and histories, which led them to be the Alabama State we know in this era.

Here we have compiled more fun facts about Alabama that will amaze you and bring you deeper into Alabama. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list!

1. Named Over The Native Tribe In The Area

Fun Facts about Alabama

Alabama State took its name after the Native American tribe people, the Alabamas or Alibamons. Later on, they gave the same name to a river which then became the name of the state. Even though Alabamas are local native tribes who live in Alabama, they live with some other tribes and bands in Alabama in harmony. 

Fun Facts about Alabama

Alabama in the Choctaw language has a meaning of “thicket clearer” or “vegetation-gatherers,” which live from nature. Native tribes and bands gathered their foods and other needs from nature and lived in harmony.

Today, the Mowa band of Choctaw and the Poarch band of Creek Indians live and maintain their traditions in Alabama state. It is one of the forgotten fun facts about Alabama that it was the land of the Natives.

2. Cotton Was A Dominating Commodity At The 19th And Early 20th Centuries 

Fun Facts about Alabama

Cotton was the main commodity of old America. The colonist forced the natives to work on the plantation. They also drove away the tribes’ from the land to open new farms. This beginning of cotton farming was then leading Alabama into a well-known “Cotton State,” with cotton dominating Alabama’s economic side. Cotton used to be the most valuable commodity as the main material for pants, shirts, fabrics, and other things.

Fun Facts about Alabama

Today, cotton is not the most important commodity in Alabamians. However, there are still families that grow cotton as their primary source of income. Alabamian cotton once was the king of cotton that filled in the hearts of its fans.

Cotton also has become a part of the community and traditionally lived together with the people of Alabama. Thus, these families maintain their cotton farming and live their life with cotton.

3. Camellia Is Alabama State Flower

Fun Facts about Alabama

Camellia produces a beautiful bright flower among its dark green shrubs. That condition allows Camellia to stand out in its environment. Camellia flowers originate from China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Even though it is not native to America, the state chooses it as its official flower. It is so interesting, but do you know why Camellia become Alabama’s state flower?

Fun Facts about Alabama

In 1927, the Alabama state flower was the goldenrod. However, in 1959, John Patterson changed it to Camellia. Alabamians believe that Camellia symbolizes different things depending on the colors.

Red represents passion, pink represents longing, white represents purity, and love between mom and child. Different colors of Camellia will represent different things, but the main thing is that Camellia represents the natural beauty of Alabama.

It is one of the strangest fun facts about Alabama, that its official flower is not native to the land!

4. Southern Longleaf Pine Is The State Tree

Fun Facts about Alabama

The southern pine became the Alabama state tree in 1949, which was then specified in 1997 to be the southern longleaf pine tree. This southern longleaf pine tree is also well-known as long straw, southern yellow, swamp, pitch, and Georgia pine.

The southern longleaf pine tree has 8-18 inches long and feathery evergreen leaves, monoecious flowers, 6-10 inches long fruits, and a straight trunk.

Fun Facts about Alabama

The southern longleaf pine tree or Pinus palustris Miller is a hard and straight growing tree that dominates other tree species in the South. It grows slowly at an early age, but then can grow for more than 40 meters and could live for more than 300 years.

The state tree was put in the law of Alabama and written in the Code of Alabama 1975, Title 1, Chapter 2, Section 1-2-12 that any specimen of the southern pine tree has to be deposited in the Auburn University Herbarium. 

5. Yellowhammer Woodpecker Is Alabama State Bird

Fun Facts about Alabama

The yellowhammer woodpecker is the state bird of Alabama since 1927. Based on the history of Alabama, the state has a nickname, “Yellowhammer State”, far before the bird became the official state bird. It is because a company of young cavalry from Huntsville wore fine yellow cloth as their uniforms. They were then referred to as “the yellowhammers”.

Fun Facts about Alabama

This bird, also known as the northern flicker, usually shows up during winter but is rarely seen in summer.

In winter, you will be able to see this bird in yards to forage for ants. Meanwhile, in the summer, they seldom come out because it is their mating or breeding season. You will easily recognize the male yellowhammer that has a mustache, while the female yellowhammer does not have it.

6. Alabama Language Is A Native American Language

Fun Facts about Alabama

Alabama language or Alibamu is the native language in America. It is the original language of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe who live in Texas until today. The Alabama language was once spoken in Oklahoma, but today there are no speakers of Alabama in Oklahoma.

The Alabama language is a Muskogean language which is also related to other languages like Chickasaw and Creek. 

Fun Facts about Alabama

Today, people who speak the Alabama language fluently are limited. Mostly elders who live in Texas. Meanwhile, the young generations of Alabama Indians are working to keep the Alabama language alive daily. Besides English, people in Alabama speak Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Korean.

It is one of the not-so-fun facts about Alabama, the once beautiful language is now becoming extinct.

7. Miss Alabama 2022 Is An Absolute Feminist

Fun Facts about Alabama

Lindsay Gaines Fincher is the new Miss University of Alabama! She was crowned at Samford University’s Wright Center in Birmingham on July 2. Competing with other 39 contestants, she successfully beat them and will represent Alabama at the Miss America pageant.

She was so grateful for being the new Miss Alabama and was excited to give back to the Miss Alabama organization. 

Fun Facts about Alabama

Two days after her coronation, Fincher sat in an interview with AL.com. In the interview, the host asked her about the movement of the Miss America organization, its sustainability in creating strong and empowered women, and whether Fincher thought of herself as a feminist. She answered the question confidently by saying, “Yes, I do.” And stated her belief in women’s power and value wherever women are occupied.  

8. The Alabama State Parks Division Takes Care Of 21 State Parks In Alabama

Fun Facts about Alabama

In 2022, the Alabama State Parks system reached its 83 years of service. With a mission to provide and maintain recreational facilities as well as increase the public’s knowledge about the natural environment of Alabama. They also designed some goals in taking care of the Alabama state parks.

The management aims to achieve an economically self-sustainable parks system, provide the best outdoor experiences for everyone, promote the use of parks facilities in Alabama, preserve unique natural features for future generations, and provide the most dedicated employees to show goodwill in the state parks. 

Fun Facts about Alabama

The Alabama state parks have been taking care of 21 state parks in Alabama, with approximately 48,000 acres of land and water. It includes 3 golf courses, 200 cabins & cottages, more than 700 lodge rooms, 2,600 campsites, and other cool facilities. Those are various facilities that are provided, managed, and maintained by the Alabama State Parks Division to reach their goals and accomplish their mission.

9. Dog-Friendly Alabama State Parks

Fun Facts about Alabama

The Alabama State Parks are not only able for humans but also your pet dogs. These state parks are dog-friendly and are suitable and enjoyable for everyone and every family member. In campgrounds, dog-friendly cabins, cottages, and rooms, dogs will cost you about $15/$29 per dog per night.

In Gulf State Park, they require a $150 non-refundable deposit should you visit with your dogs. But there is no additional charge for Service Dogs who assist the disabled.

Fun Facts about Alabama

Even though the Alabama State Parks are dog-friendly, the Park management still has the right to prohibit any dog that is intimidating, dangerous, or noisy from being in the park.

Dogs can go in the campgrounds and dog-friendly cabins, but they can be around at the beach or swimming pool and other non-dog-friendly buildings such as restaurants, country stores, and any food service areas. 

10. The Saturn V Rocket is from Alabama

Fun Facts about Alabama

The Saturn V Rocket is the heaviest, tallest, and most powerful rocket that has ever been operated and launched to carry humans beyond the Earth. It was built and designed in Alabama, specifically at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville.

13 Saturn V rockets were built and launched from the Kennedy Space Center between 1967 and 1972 to support the Apollo program to the moon. During the launching process, there was no loss of crew or payload recorded to reach the moon. 

Fun Facts about Alabama

The Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, even proposed the coin series state theme to be the moon rocket. It then makes Alabama’s dollar coin to be the third American Innovation series that has a space or astronomy theme in it. The coin came into circulation in 2019 and is still in progress to produce the Alabama coin honoring NASA’s Saturn V rocket in 2024.

It is one of the most impressive fun facts about Alabama! Who would have thought that it is the home of the giant rockets.

11. Two Rare Mouse Species Of North America Live In Alabama

Fun Facts about Alabama

Alabama beach mouse and Perdido Key beach mouse are the rare mouse species of North America that live in Alabama. The Alabama beach mouse (Peromycus polinotus ammobates) is a rodent that was first discovered in 1968 in Alabama from the Fort Morgan Peninsula into Baldwin County. Its weight is around 12,5 grams, and its length is around 4,5 to 5,5 inches.   

Fun Facts about Alabama

Scientists then classified the Perdido Key beach mouse (Peromycus polinotus trissyllepsis) in the group of Oldfield mice in 1909. They were recognized by an American zoologist, William H. Osgood. In 1985, they became endangered species by the federal government, including the Alabama beach mouse. The Perdido Key beach mouse lives in a very dry sandy environment.  

12. Russell Cave Records Prehistoric Cultures Of Human Habitation  Thousands Of Years Ago

Russell Cave Records Prehistoric Cultures Of Human Habitation Thousands Of Years Ago

Russell cave is located near Bridgeport town in Jackson County, northeast Alabama. It has been a historic place since 1966, which provides a historical record of human life in the cave for thousands of years.

Russell cave came into being after an erosion process when groundwater, bit by bit, eroded the fissures in Mississippian limestone beds. The process approximately started 11.000 years ago, and in about 9.000 years ago humans could use the cave as a shelter from cold wind seasons.   

Fun Facts about Alabama

Russel Cave, as a National Monument, is under the management of the National Park Service (NPS). They discovered various archeological records in the cave, such as bone tools, jewelry, animal bones, arrowheads, and pottery fragments.

There are also some animal bones from animal species that are still around in the state, such as raccoon, American black bear, and white-tailed deer. Some of the animal bones were also from animal species that have gone extinct, such as cougars and giant armadillos.

13. Neviusia Alabamensis Was Found In Alabama

Neviusia Alabamensis Was Found In Alabama

Alabama Snow Wreath or Neviusia Alabamensis is a rose family flower that grows in rocky woods and around natural cracks in limestone woodlands. Alabama Snow Wreath is a native flower of Alabama, first discovered in 1858 on the cliff of Black Warrior River, Tuscaloosa.

It is a rare flower that was first found in Alabama, but it is also found to grow in Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and southern Missouri.

Fun Facts about Alabama

Alabama Snow Wreath is a colony-forming shrub with medium green leaves, white spiky soft flower petals, and brown barks. It grows well in a moist, well-drained, and shallow soil conditions. After blooming flowers, you will need to prune the stems to help the shrub blooms another bunch of flowers in their next blooming season.

14. You Can Buy Lost Luggage In Alabama

Fun Facts about Alabama

Have you ever wondered where lost luggage goes when the related officers cannot find the owner anywhere? If the luggage is left and is not taken by the owner, the airlines will try to find the owner and return it within 90 days. If the staff cannot return it for more than 90 days, the airlines can sell it to a third-party buyer. 

Fun Facts about Alabama

One of the third-party buyers is the Unclaimed Baggage Center, Scottsboro, Alabama. The store was first opened in 1970 by Doyle Owens who was an insurance salesman. One day, he and his wife bought a truckload of unclaimed baggage from his friend who worked in a bus company.

He started to put and sell the unclaimed baggage and developed the business until today. The Unclaimed Baggage Center is one of the major tourist destinations in Alabama, which sell items under retail value until 50-80 percent.

It truly is one of the most unique fun facts about Alabama that make the state feels more attractive.

15. Mails Delivery By Boat In Magnolia Springs

Fun Facts about Alabama

Magnolia Springs is located in the south Baldwin County, the Southern part of Alabama. Living in Magnolia Springs cannot be separated from water, including the daily standard services like mail delivery. This river mail delivery system was made in 1915 due to the road being muddy clay.

Fun Facts about Alabama

The river mail delivery service operates year-round, serving around 200 mailboxes on each family dock on the river. People in Magnolia Spring are heartwarming people. They would be happy to offer shelter on rainy days or a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day to Lipscomb, the delivery man. It is a unique postal route in America that uses a water route to deliver mail daily.

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