25 Awesome Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend That Makes Maximum Fun

Finding a gift to express your love for your boyfriend, who is a PC gamer, can be confusing if you are not tech-savvy. You do not want to buy him something that he does not use! Fortunately, we have collected various items related to PC gaming that will help you choose the best gift for him.

This list includes gaming gear, computer peripherals, and other PC equipment that can support his hobby. You can find a mouse, keyboard, headset, controller, games, and other stuff; we have it all! So, let’s check out our awesome gift recommendation for a PC gamer boyfriend that will surely provide him with countless hours of maximum fun!

Best Practical Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Practical items can help your boyfriend to improve his skills and experience in playing PC games. You will get smiles and hugs from your boyfriend if you choose the right hardwares. Here are our recommendations:

1. Razer Huntsman V2 Optical Gaming Keyboard

Razer Huntsman V2 Optical Gaming Keyboard

Let’s win all gaming competitions by using this keyboard from Razer! This gift for a PC gamer boyfriend comes in the form of a very consistent and responsive keyboard with very low input latency. Your boyfriend will be able to move in-game quickly without any delay. Moreover, the RGB lights will provide extra fun for your boyfriend while he plays PC games.

2. Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse

Is your boyfriend a PC gamer who likes first-person shooter (FPS) games? If so, help him win every game by buying this gaming mouse from Logitech. This cool item features a 25K hero sensor that has optimum sensitivity with amazing acceleration! Equipped with a metal spring tightening system and pivot hinges attached to the left and right buttons, this gaming mouse can provide a clear click sensation and fast feedback.

3. B-Shaped Gamer Workstation

B Shaped Gamer Workstation

Every gamer needs a spacious and accommodating gaming station. So, this gaming desk designed for an epic and fun battles games will make an excellent gift for your boyfriend who is a PC gamer!

The front of the table is curved to provide close-up comfort and enough space for all of your boyfriend’s gaming gear. A smooth surface with sturdy construction makes this cool item very practical and reliable.

4. Corsair Void RGB Wireless


Did you know that sound in a PC game can affect the course of the play? If your boyfriend uses a gaming headset from Corsair, he will be able to enjoy clear sound without any annoying delays or echoes.

This cool hardware is constructed from microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam ear cushions that provide long-lasting comfort. Equipped with an omnidirectional microphone with an LED mute indicator, your boyfriend can communicate through voice clearly with his teammate.

5. Leather Chair for Gamers

5. Leather Computer Desk Chair

Are you confused about choosing the most ideal gaming chair for your boyfriend? This model will perfectly answer that you need. This cool gaming chair features 360° swivel wheels with amazing mobility. This cool item is also equipped with a soft headrest and foot so that your PC gamer boyfriend doesn’t get tired easily. He can still feel comfortable playing PC games even for hours!

6. Forty4 Wireless PC Gaming Controller

Forty4 Wireless PC Gaming Controller

Some gamers prefer to use a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. If your boyfriend is this type of gamer, then choose a controller with this fantastic and reliable wireless technology. This cool hardware features a two-way transmission that allows the system to coexist and has useful anti-interference for better control and responsiveness.

7. Acer Curved Full HD 165Hz Monitor

Acer Curved Full HD 165Hz Monitor

The refresh rate on the monitor will greatly affect the responsiveness of movement when playing games. So, this hardware will make a good gift for your PC gamer boyfriend! Itoffers a smooth 165Hz refresh rate technology with crystal clear Full-HD resolution.

PC games will look more real and dramatic if your boyfriend has this cool gaming monitor. The Zero Frame design lets you place multiple monitors together for a seamless, nearly uninterrupted display.

8. Retro Vaporwave City RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Retro Vaporwave City RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

This gaming mouse pad is the perfect functional gift for your boyfriend, who loves PC games. Mouse movements will be stable and responsive when using this LED gaming mouse pad. This cool item features an RGB backlit effect with 12 amazing lighting modes! This extraordinary product is designed with a finely woven textile for ultra-precise mouse control and a smooth glide.

9. HORUS X Gaming Glasses

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Staring at the monitor for hours will make the eyes tired. Don’t let this happen! This gift for your PC gamer boyfriend comes in the form of gaming glasses that have a blue light filter built into the lens.

This cool item features an anti-reflective coating that can increase contrast and visual acuity by reducing reflections on the lens surface. These functional glasses produce less glare so they focus the eyes for faster reaction times.

10. Professional Gaming Peripherals for SIM Racing Games

Professional Gaming Peripherals for SIM Racing Games

Whoosh! Be the first racer to touch the finish line in this car racing simulation game! This PC gaming steering wheel is constructed of safe and reliable steel. These cool items feature a 14bit plus non-touch switch with a more precise Hall sensor for extended life. All your boyfriend has to do is plug it into his PC and start the racing game! What a cool yet practical item perfect for your boyfriend!

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11. PIMAX Vision 8K VR Headset

PIMAX Vision 8K X VR Headset

Here come the immersion! Give your boyfriend an immersive PC gaming experience with this VR Headset. This cool item features a 200° ultra-wide field of view for real-world viewing. This feature allows him to experience natural Virtual Reality (VR) with stunning 4K display sharpness. He can connect it to your PC with its incredible compatibility with Nvidia’s RTX GPUs.

12. WD BLACK 5TB P10 Game Drive

WD BLACK 5TB P10 Game Drive

Don’t let the game progress not be saved properly. All achievements will be lost if an error occurs on the PC. So, a backup drive would make a useful gift for a PC gamer boyfriend!

It offers a 5TB capacity that can accommodate up to 125 triple-A games with an average size of more than 30GB per game. Equipped with a USB Type-A to Micro-B cable, you can attach it to your favorite PC. Its file transfer speed is also amazing to provide optimum convenience.

13. Xbox Game Pass For PC

Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Valentine’s day is coming soon! Giving gifts to a PC gamer boyfriend is an activity you must do to express your feeling of love. Give him this cool PC game pass so he can play over 100 high-quality PC games. Some of the most popular games like Battlefield™ and STAR WARS™ can be played through this cool game pass.

14. Wi-Fi Range Extender Internet Booster

Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Playing online games requires fast and stable internet connectivity. This cool Wi-Fi range extender offers data rates of up to 300Mbps! The fast internet transmission will help your boyfriend get maximum pleasure while playing online games. The ease of connecting it to a PC makes this cool item worthy of consideration.

15. VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow

Playing games for long periods of time can be very tiring. Don’t let your boyfriend experience it. This powerful 3D rotating massage pillow can provide gentle heating to soothe sore muscles while playing PC games. Attach it to a gaming chair and experience the benefits of an impressive massage!

16. Razer Core X Aluminum External GPU Enclosure

Razer Core X Aluminum External GPU Enclosure

The gifts for the PC gamer boyfriend can be an amazing performance aid. This cool product will improve PC gaming performance with the support of the Thunderbolt 3 feature. You can pair an external NVIDIA or AMD GPU to get smooth and immersive graphics when playing PC games. Buy now before they run out!

17. Upgraded USB Condenser Microphone for PC

Upgraded U

If your boyfriend is a PC gaming streamer, then give him this functional microphone set. The microphone is designed to be plug and play for easy installation. The resulting sound is very clear with minimal noise. Your boyfriend’s audiences will love him even more!

18. Gaming Sleeve for PC Gamers

Gaming Sleeve for PC Gamers

Stiffness in the hands can interfere with the PC gaming experience. Don’t let this happen to your boyfriend. This cool gamer sleeve can improve reaction time, precision, and accuracy. This exceptional product is manufactured from super stretch fabric that features a ribbed forearm for lightweight compression support, provides muscle and joint support, and improves circulation.

The Most Unique Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Unique items will definitely make suitable gifts for your boyfriend who is a PC gamer. Give him unique products that represent his gaming hobby. Here are the best unique gifts for PC gamer boyfriend:

19. Guitar Hero PC Wireless Controller & Game

Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Come play the most famous music game on the PC! This Guitar Hero controller and game set will provide a unique and fun gaming experience! Your boyfriend will play like a famous musician or guitarist. He can just plug the cable into his PC and play his favorite songs. The iconic guitar design and color make this item unique.

20. Gaming PC Gift Gamer

Gaming PC Gift Gamer

A warm hoodie with a unique PC gaming design makes this cool item perfect for your boyfriend. His outfit will be more unique and interesting if he wear this gamer hoodie while playing PC games. The gamer’s heartbeat illustration that decorates the hoodie will elevate his style!

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21. Iron Man Headphone Stand

Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend an Iron Man fan as well as a PC gamer? This Iron Man helmet can accommodate both hobbies. Your boyfriend’s favorite Avenger superhero statue is now his gaming headphone mount. Made of strong armor, this cool item is also painted with an amazing glossy finish.

22. 3D Gaming Lamp

Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Give a unique and charming decoration to your boyfriend’s game room. This LED light with a PC gaming feel offers a stunning glow with 7 color options. You can choose various gaming designs to light up his room at night. The luminous 3D graphics make this item unique and attractive choice for a lovely present from a caring girlfriend!

23. PC Gamer Mug

Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

A PC gamer needs a cup of tea or coffee to start the day. So, make sure you give your PC gamer boyfriend a unique and fun gift like this mug. The keyboard design with vivid color prints makes this item unique. This product is also equipped with a coaster so the heat won’t damage his gaming table!

24. I’m Gaming Video Game Socks

I'm Gaming Video Game Socks

The gifts for PC gamer boyfriends can be in the form of warm and unique socks. Complete your boyfriend’s game experience with cool socks with unique computer button patterns. Carefully created to avoid sloppy knitting and rips. What a unique way to showcase your PC gaming hobby!

25. Custom Name Game Room Neon Sign

Gifts for PC Gamer Boyfriend

Give a unique light decoration into your boyfriend’s gaming room! This personalized shiny neon light can help you to write your boyfriend’s name with precision. Make a statement and set the mood in any room with these unique neon lights that are sure to create the atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of! You can choose various fonts according to your boyfriend’s preferences.

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Christmas is coming soon! Come celebrate this special day with your girlfriend who is a PC gamer. Give him amazing and unique gifts to celebrate Christmas and New Year. You can choose Guitar Hero PC Wireless Controller & Game or 3D Gaming Lamp. These gifts for PC gamer boyfriends provide a unique gaming experience and can be used as amazing decorations!

What are good things to ask for your birthday?

Gifts for PC gamer boyfriends can be given during birthday celebrations. Your boyfriend will feel happy when he buys items that have a gaming feel. Maximum fun can be generated from gifts that match your boyfriend’s hobbies. Therefore, don’t miss your boyfriend’s birthday and give him a cool gaming gift.

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