40+ Cool Floor Lamps That Are Unique

Cool floor lamps carry out an important lighting role. But they go a step further to add a touch of style to your interior or even outdoor space. These unique floor lamps allow you to express your individuality. They make remarkable accent pieces and provide appealing focal points.

They also set the right mood to suit various occasions. These decorative pieces come in all designs, colors and materials.

The Coolest Floor Lamps For a Unique Living Room:

We have searched the web to combine the ultimate list of floor lamps for every décor choice and taste. Read on to discover the coolest floor lamps that you can buy to turn your house into a home.

#1 Iris Modern Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp 

Iris Modern Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

Anyone who enjoys the allure of minimalistic designs will love these unique floor lamps. They feature a fabric top and wooden tripod base.

And the materials used are lightweight yet durable. The creative arrangement of the bottom segments turns the simple piece into a work of art. Find it Here.


#2 Bent Brass Floor Lamp with Opal Globe Shade 

Bent Brass Floor Lamp with Opal Globe Shade

Are you looking for a fun focal point for your living room space? The bent brass floor lamp offers that and much more.

It has a simplistic yet captivating design that melts the heart. It takes up little space and could grace your space from any corner. Find it Here.


#3 Turkish Floor Lamps 

Turkish Floor Lamps

Turkish designs rule the day when it comes to ornate detailing. This mosaic spiral floor lamp is all that you need to turn your home into a haven of beauty.

Small glass segments create the alluring mosaic patterns that grace each lamp. A mid-century metallic frame completes the masterpiece. Find it Here.


#4 Arquer Arched Floor Lamp 

Arquer Arched Floor Lamp

The bendable design of this lamp not only makes it an object of beauty. It also makes it easy to direct the light as need be.

The iron stand ensures durability while the silver case adds elegance to the concept. What a remarkable combo of beauty and functionality. Find it Here.


#5 Roza Maple Veneer Floor Lamp 

Roza Maple Veneer Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

The Roza veneer lamp sports a whimsical design for the whimsical homeowner. Its close connection with nature is evident from the use of wood and the root-like legs.

The circular wooden veneer plays with light and provides an interesting focal point. Find it Here.

#6 Flame Wooden Elegance Lamp 

Flame Wooden Elegance Lamp

The beauty of these modern floor lamps lies in the architectural allure of their base. The structure appears dainty yet holds up the top with grace.

It begs one to look closer and feel the texture. The pattern, as well as material choice, makes for a relaxing feel. Find it Here.


#7 Mid-Century Modern Tripod Floor Lamp 

Mid-Century Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

This understated mid-century design is sufficient proof that cool floor lamps do not have to be elaborate to impress.

It can easily blend with almost any interior décor while offering a touch of elegance. The build is durable as it uses high-quality hardwood that should last a lifetime. Find it Here.


#8 Contemporary LED Globe Linear Floor Lamp 

Contemporary LED Globe Linear Floor Lamp

Contemporary floor lamps are all the rage these days. This linear piece defies all odds to provide a fun addition to any room décor.

The silver stand makes it both appealing and durable. The linear light illuminates a vast area and has a dimmer for convenience. Find it Here.


#9 Oreol Handmade Industrial Floor Lamp 

Oreol Handmade Industrial Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

The symmetrical pattern on these column floor lamps makes them a beauty to behold. And when darkness sets in, that is when the fun begins.

The discs cast shadows in unpredictable patterns creating tons of visual interest. And the handmade design is a guarantee that every piece is one of a kind. Find it Here.


#10 Industrial Vintage Movie Style Lamp 

Industrial Vintage Movie Style Lamp

If you harbor a secret attraction for all things vintage, then this piece is ideal. It is a timeless work of art bound to stun every onlooker.

And it has a certain allure to it that will turn your house into a home in no time at all. Find it Here.


#11 Saturn Floor Lamp 

Saturn Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

The design of the Saturn floor lamp gets inspiration from the celestial world. The flexible top adds to the utility of the piece and makes it a must-have.

Neat-freaks will love the almost invisible cable that makes the lamp clutter-free.  Find it Here.


#12 Romanza Tripod Floor Lamp 

Romanza Tripod Floor Lamp

As the name suggests, the Romanza floor lamp is ideal for mood lighting to create a romantic ambience.

The color choice makes it the ultimate accent piece that adds aesthetic value day and night. The sturdy iron tripod makes it all the more appealing and durable. Find it Here.


#13 Turkish Mosaic Floor Lamp 

Turkish Mosaic Floor Lamp

Looking for the perfect blend between ornate detailing and simplicity? This Turkish lamp offers that and much more.

Everything from its stand to the actual lamp is artistic and enticing. It looks elegant in the day as a centerpiece and more so when the light comes on at night. Find it Here.


#14 Modernist Bent Plywood Floor Lamp 

Modernist Bent Plywood Floor Lamp

In the realm of cool floor lamps this piece takes the day. It is a single column made from bent plywood. The natural beauty of wood is enhanced using wood staining and oil.

The textured surface and mysterious look all lend to its outstanding appeal. Find it Here.


#15 Zed Floor Lamp 

Zed Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

These contemporary floor lamps are simple yet unbeatable. The geometric base introduces and element of mystery and visual appeal into the understated design.

The brass pin supporting the top makes it seem dainty and elegant. And solid oak guarantees durability. Find it Here.


#16 Cortez Arched Floor Lamp 

Cortez Arched Floor Lamp

Arc floor lamps have a unique graceful flair to them. The Cortez is no exception. It is the ideal lamp for a small room.

Its minimalist build and generous lighting will create an illusion of space while adding visual interest. Find it Here.


#17 Surrey Woodsmiths Floor Lamp 

Surrey Woodsmiths Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

The interlocked wooden design and base light placement are the highlights of this piece. It stands as a unique sculpture during daytime and comes alive at night.

It will create a dazzling effect bound to stun every onlooker. Find it Here.


#18 Mid Century Modern Solid Brass Grasshopper Floor Lamp 

Mid Century Modern Solid Brass Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Aptly named the “Brasshopper”, this ensemble is as beautiful as it is functional. It gets inspiration from a mid-century design but offers a modern twist to the concept.

It makes a sleek accent piece for any room and every kind of décor. Find it Here.


#19 Wrap Floor Lamp 

Wrap Floor Lamp

This wooden architectural marvel will add a dash of elegance to your living room. The ornate placement of the wooden pieces is the glue that holds the concept together.

During the day, it stands as an attractive work of art while at night it plays with light for a unique shade effect. Find it Here.


#20 Utecht Tree Floor Lamp 

Utecht Tree Floor Lamp

Nature lovers will adore this tree-inspired lamp. It uses a minimalist design to provide effortless elegance to any home décor.

The three shades offer sufficient lighting and a unique lantern light effect. Yet it has an undeniable modern appeal that will make your home the talk of the town. Find it Here.


#21 Zoe Floor Lamp 

Zoe Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

The understated Zoe lamp design gives it an undeniable position on the list of cool lamps. It is ideal for the contemporary homeowner who values simplicity and utility.

But it also provides an unmatched aesthetic allure that will also add a bit of sophistication to your décor. Find it Here.


#22 Industrial Pulley Floor Lamp 

Industrial Pulley Floor Lamp

Surprise the geek in your life with one of these unique floor lamps and add some joy to their lives. The material used is high-quality metal making it adaptable for home and office use.

It makes a great conversation starter as it is fascinating and one-of-a-kind. Find it Here.


#23 Bentwood Floor Lamp 

Bentwood Floor Lamp

This is one of the coolest floor lamps for a variety of reasons. First, its beauty is unmatched making it an ideal focal point.

Second, the lighting is strong enough for reading yet cool enough to set the mood for a romantic evening. Most importantly, it is a unique masterpiece that will add joy to your existence. Find it Here.


#24 Adelina Arched Brushed Steel Floor Lamp 

Adelina Arched Brushed Steel Floor Lamp

The Artiva is a stylish piece from a line of modern arc floor lamps. It boasts an understated build that could work with any interior décor.

It is the kind of accent that offers an instant upgrade to any room of choice. Find it Here.


#25 Modern Knitted Floor Lamps 

Modern Knitted Floor Lamps

Modern Knitted Floor Lamps

Bring out your artistic side with one of these cool floor lamps. You might give your feline friend a healthy pastime chasing the lighted ball of fur.

You will also get to fascinate guests and add tons of visual appeal to give your space a facelift. Find it Here.


#26 Weathered Oak Branch Floor Lamps 

Weathered Oak Branch Floor Lamps - cool floor lamps

If you simply cannot say no to Mother Nature, then invite her in with one of these. The weathered oak branch lamp is both unique and highly engaging.

Its natural contours are a breath of fresh air that light up your space day and night. Find it Here.


#27 Mosaic Globe Lamp 

Mosaic Globe Lamp

The mosaic floor lamp is an exquisite Turkish masterpiece. It features tasteful patterns and vivid colors to capture attention.

It could make a perfect statement piece for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a Bohemian charm that is impossible to resist. Find it Here.


#28 Sade Tree Floor Lamp 

Sade Tree Floor Lamp

Create your own indoor oasis with one of these modern arc floor lamps. The stainless steel stand holds three lantern-like shades made using bamboo sticks.

Their barrel shapes scream originality and bring out a tropical appeal fit for a stylish home owner. Find it Here.


#29 Mid Century Modern Grasshopper Style Floor Lamp 

Mid Century Modern Grasshopper Style Floor Lamp

The bookworm in your life could certainly use one of these mid-century modern floor lamps. The design borrows from the best of Mother Nature.

It employs the timeless appeal of the grasshopper floor lamp to entice guests and residents alike Find it Here.


#30 Retro Vintage Industrial Upcycled Bicycle Standing Floor Lamp

Retro Vintage Industrial Upcycled Bicycle Standing Floor Lamp  - cool floor lamps

Vintage lovers and bicycle enthusiasts will appreciate the ingenuity in this unique design. It features repurposed bicycle parts like chains and gears complete with handlebars and a pedal.

The unit’s headlight is the lamp, designed to provide adequate lighting inside and outdoors. Find it Here.


#31 Driftwood Floor Lamps 

Driftwood Floor Lamps

To invite a bit of the outdoors into your interior space look no further than this driftwood lamp. Its exquisite structure creates a theatrical lighting effect.

And handcrafting means every one of them is unique. And to top it all up, it fits with virtually every home décor. Find it Here.


#32 Maui Antique Bronze Arc Floor Lamp 

Maui Antique Bronze Arc Floor Lamp

The first thing that comes to mind with these antique lamps is their graceful allure. They have a slender build and a modern arc shape.

They would blend perfectly with both contemporary and vintage themes. And the bronze finish makes any room seem warmer and more stylish. Find it Here.


#33 Rustic Bamboo Floor Lamp 

Rustic Bamboo Floor Lamp

Your rustic home theme is not complete until you add one or more of these cool floor lamps. They come in different dimensions to suit different preferences.

Each one shows great attention to detail and ornate craftsmanship. They add a touch of elegance and give your space an exotic look. Find it Here.


#34 Big Ferm Industrial Floor Lamp 

Big Ferm Industrial Floor Lamp

Big Ferm Industrial Floor Lamp

If you think big is beautiful you have to try the big fern and you will never look back. She leans gracefully against your bedroom or home office wall.

She towers over all things showering you with her warm and glare-free light. and the rustic build adds to the delightful experience. Find it Here.


#35 Origami Copper Floor Lamp 

Origami Copper Floor Lamp

Origami art has graced homes globally for a while now and is yet to lose its charm. The origami copper lamp features an unfinished wooden pole and a delicate shade at the top.

The reinforced base gives the structure character and ensures long-serving performance. Find it Here.


#36 Bridgers 59″ Floor Lamp 

Bridgers 59" Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

The faux silk shade and steel frame on this lamp makes the perfect combo for your contemporary space. It optionally comes with a bronze finish for anyone who prefers a more vintage look.

Its hardback silk drum softens glare and adds warmth and style to your space. Find it Here.


#37 Bohemian Style Floor Lamp 

Bohemian Style Floor Lamp

Your search for the perfect housewarming gift for an eclectic friend ends here. This bohemian mosaic design uses a beautiful color pattern to appeal to the eye and heart.

It looks as amazing during the day as it does at night. It makes the ideal statement piece to accent any space of choice. Find it Here.


#38 Scandinavian Tripod Lamp 

Scandinavian Tripod Lamp - cool floor lamps

Anyone whose heart beats for Nordic art would love the craftsmanship on these cool floor lamps. The wooden shade is a particularly charming twist to the floor lamp norm.

It provides a remarkable canvas to sieve out glare and bathe your space in elegance. Find it Here.


#39 Crux Pendant Floor Lamp 

Crux Pendant Floor Lamp - cool floor lamps

The Crux wooden reading lamp offers the utmost convenience for every bookworm on the planet. Not only is it stylish and timeless, but also offers utmost utility.

An innovative clamping mechanism allows for a fully adjustable lighting angle and lamp direction. Find it Here.


#40 Lumiere LED Arched Floor Lamp 

Lumiere LED Arched Floor Lamp

The arc on these modern floor lamps softens the look to make your space seem cozy and warm. They come with a dimming option to allow you to set the mood accordingly.

The flexible stand allows for spotlighting, reading or lighting a centerpiece in your interior space. Find it Here.


#41 Vintage Industrial Steampunk Style Floor Lamp 

Vintage Industrial Steampunk Style Floor Lamp

The retro home could use a touch of style and this vintage lamp design is perfect for the job. It gets inspiration from the mid-century industrial style offering lots of functionality.

Ageing processes make every part of the ensemble uniquely vintage. The joints allow for a variety of uses. Find it Here.


#42 Eco-friendly Handmade Industrial Floor Lamps 

Eco-friendly Handmade Industrial Floor Lamps

Add some style to your home while saving the planet with these eco-friendly lamps. The shades come in vibrant colors and use recycled olive cans.

Their multipurpose stands allow for numerous utility options making this one of the coolest floor lamps. Find it Here.


#43 Handmade Tripod Floor Lamps 

Handmade Tripod Floor Lamps - cool floor lamps

The most appealing aspect of these tripod lamps is the variety of color options. They adorn your interior space, matching with the existing décor effortlessly.

They also soften bright lights and provide the perfect ambience for an inviting feel. Find it Here.

These cool floor lamps do so much more in your home than provide a source of light. They amplify your personal style and make an ordinary room seem more inviting. Choose the right piece from this comprehensive list and enjoy the remarkable transformation.

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