25 Unique Minion Gifts for Secret Santa Game

It’s always fun to receive a gift. The excitement from unboxing the present leads you to the happiness of seeing the item. It will be more exciting if you don’t know who the sender is. So, you can play the secret Santa game with all of your family members, your college friends, or your company colleague on an outing.  Consequently, unique minion gifts will be appropriate for fans of animated movies.

And as everyone enjoys Despicable Me, you can use Minion to be the theme and the keyword for the gift of the Secret Santa. You can expect all yellow surprises during the gift exchange later. To avoid bringing the same present with others, we will let you know 25 unique Minion gifts as choices. Find a suitable gift for your target recipient with our recommendation list of Minion gifts below.

BEST and Unique Minion Gifts for Minion Lovers

1. Unique Minion Cameras

Minion Fujifilm Instax

The special edition Minion instant camera is a yellow Instax camera with a cute design on the lens, the logo, and the back cover. It comes with a camera cover with minion body-shaped and a lazy eye lens cover. This gift will be perfect for your friend who likes taking pictures as their hobby. It will be great to add a pack of films to use right after opening their present.

2. Minion Smartphone Photo Printer

Minion Mobile Smartphone Photo Printer

Unique Minion gifts will cheer anyone up. Just for you, we found an easy way to print photos for everyone. This smartphone photo printer will be an excellent gift for any family member. It’s effortless to carry because of its compact folded form. Get a 20 Instax Mini film box within the purchase so your gift receiver can try it out as soon as they get the Minion photo printer.

3. Despicable Me Minion Tablet Cover

Despicable Me Minion Tablet Cover

Compared to a notebook, a tablet is hassle-free to bring along. This Despicable Me Minion Tablet Cover will protect the gadget from bumps and scratches. Your office colleague will appreciate the unique yellow tablet cover as a gift even though they don’t know who the sender is. 

4. Minion Portable Juice Blender

Minion Portable Juice Blender

Suppose your gift receiver has a healthy diet lifestyle. In that case, this Minion Portable Juice Blender is an excellent gift for your loved ones. The portable juicer can be used at the home, office, or everywhere they want since it doesn’t need a power outlet to operate. It doesn’t take a long time to refill the battery because it has a fast-charging function. The juicer can make 8 cups of juice continuously from one charging time.  These devices are genuinely the most unique Minion gifts.

5. Minion Digital Wrist Watch

Minion Digital Wrist Watch

Your little cousin will love this Minion Digital Wrist Watch as a gift because this digital wristwatch can also project 24 Minion images. The images on the watch can entertain them or even be their new bragging topic while playing with their friends.

6. Minion Oven Mitt

Minion Oven Mitt

Are you looking for small but helpful Minion gifts? The answer will be the Minion embroidered oven mitts. It’s a handmade fingertips mitt, perfect for taking off the hot pans from the oven. You can also use them as a hot potholder or a kitchen decoration.

7. Minion Flower Pot

Minion Flower Pot

The unique Minion flower pot is ready to wow your friend! The Minion will have new and different hairstyles following what is planted inside the adorable pot. With small and large size pots as an option, you can choose which model is suitable for your friend’s mini garden.

8. Minions Shoe Charms

Bod, Kevin, and Stuart Shoe Charms

We believe the Minion shoe charms are the unique gift in the secret Santa game. You can buy the shoe charm individually based on the receiver’s preference or as a set. The accessory is easy to put on and off the shoe so it’s suitable for anyone!

9. Minion Cup Coaster

Minion Cup Coaster

The funny-looking Minion design on the Minion cup coaster as a gift can brighten your colleague’s day. To make it more memorable, you can personalize the rounded-edge square coaster with your friend’s name. This item is also available in different shapes.

10. Minion Surprise Bath Bomb

Minion Surprise Toy Bath Bomb

This yellow bath bomb offers double surprises for your secret Santa gift receiver. The Banana scent bath bomb hides a secret that your children will love. After a long relaxing bath, they will have a new Minion toy to add to their collection.

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11. Creative Minion Airpod Case

unique minion gifts

The unique and detailed design of this Minion Airpod case will definitely catch everyone’s attention. People will find this Airpod case easily if the owner forgets where they placed the accessory last time. It comes with a yellow round keyring tag for extra cuteness.

unique minion gifts

If your family loves baking, this Minion cookie cutter will be the best gift for them. It’s a 3D printed cutter that can shape a cookie into a small minion with precise lines. It uses food-safe PLA plastic, so it is safe. However, it should be only hand-washed to clean it. Thanks to these items, you can send various cookie cutter sizes as a gift.

13. Marvin Birdhouse

unique minion gifts

Have you seen a birdhouse like this? Marvin Birdhouse will be a rare and exquisite gift, especially on the secret Santa game. The signature colors yellow and blue will dominate the gift receiver’s front yard or backyard. The birdhouse will be the center of attention for every guest.

14. Minion Sneaker Light

Sneaker Light

Try this unique Minion Sneaker Light for your secret Santa game gift. It will be an excellent present for the receiver! You can leave a clue inside the shoes so the receiver can guess the sender. You can also place the sneaker on your friend’s table in the living room with a note inside the gift box. It will be a fantastic gift!

15. Minion Lamp

unique minion gifts

The Minion Lamp can be an excellent wall accessory because of its unique design. Your secret Santa target will undoubtedly appreciate this item, especially if they are a big fan of the Despicable Me movies. The lamp produces a 3D Minion face effect and uses a micro-USB cable to power it. You can also use three AA batteries that you can purchase separately. It will be easy for your gift receiver to mount it and turn it on. 

16. Minion Lunch Kit

Despicable Me 3 Thermos Dual Lunch Kit

A colorful lunch kit will enhance your little brother’s excitement for a happy mealtime. The Minion lunch kit has two compartments that can accommodate his favorite food. The inside of the bag uses foam insulation, so it keeps the lunch warm longer. This lunch kit will be an excellent gift for him.

17. Minion-themed Halloween Candy Pail

Despicable Me Minion Children’s Halloween Candy Pail

Your friends will enjoy the Minion Candy Pail for their Halloween costume this year. The sturdy candy bag uses a lightweight plastic material, and the spacious container can carry many treats. It can also become a unique decoration for spooky Halloween night.

18. Minion Toothbrush Set

Colgate Kids Toothbrush Set Minion Gift

It’s fortunate if you draw your children’s names for the secret Santa event. This way, you can kill two birds with a stone by buying the Minion toothbrush set. The unique set will encourage your kid to clean their teeth regularly. Thanks to the Minion-themed items, They will get more excited to do the routine with their new toothbrush and toothpaste.

19. Minions Ball Pit

Minions 2 Kids Ball Pit

No one should be able to guess your gift before they open it. The inflatable Minion Ball Pit is the perfect gift for parents with active children. This item will keep them busy for a few hours and provide wholesome entertainment. It comes with twenty balls as a starter, and you can always add more balls for extra fun.

20. Hot Wheels Minion Bundle

Hot Wheels Minion Bundle

Toy collectors will like this Minion Hot Wheels set from you. The bundle pack consists of six miniature vehicles to complete the Minion collection. This gift will also be suitable for the children. It is an appropriate present for people of all ages. Not just the toys, but the accompanying box is also unique. It can act as storage for the small cars before it comes to your gift receiver.

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21. Minions Kids Sheet Set

Kids Sheet Set

The Minion Kids Sheet Set consists of a high-quality sheet, blanket, and pillowcase. The yellow character fans can purposely buy one, too, as a secret Santa present. It uses 100% microfiber that gives comfort to your children during sleep time. 

22. Minion Sing and Babble Otto 

unique minion gifts

This adorable interactive Minion figure can talk. It is a new fun toy that speaks and sings in the quirky Minion language. The toy has twenty-five Otto-specific sounds to be played. Through this figure, you can help your children learn by the sound that comes out from the speaker. Push the top of the figurine to get Otto talking.

23. Lego Minion

Lego Despicable Me

Your lego-addict colleague or family member will be happy to receive this Lego Minion as a gift. It consists of 119 pieces, so they can take their time to build it into a complete airplane set. The item also comes with Stuart and Bob figures, a toy suitcase, a banana, a hotdog, a peanut bag, and the iconic Minion fart blaster.

24. Imaginext Minions Gadget Playset

Imaginext  Gadget Playset

This Minion gadget playset is an exciting recreation of Gru’s Gadget Lair with Otto’s figure in it. The kids will like the toy as a gift from you so much. The elevator, rocket, trap door, and all the cool toys will fascinate them to play it over and over. 

25. Minion Women’s Socks

Women’s Socks

Here is another wearable and functional Minion item suitable as a secret Santa gift choice. The women’s no-show socks have six different Minion character designs. They are very lightweight and breathable, so your friends will be comfortable for daily wear. These socks will warm up your gift receiver’s cold feet.

Final Thoughts

Minions are everyone’s favorite characters. Kevin, Stuart, and we don’t know how many other Minions owned by Gru out there, are just too cute for us to ignore, right? Being everyone’s favorites, it would be a great idea to prepare some unique Minion gifts for our loved ones this Christmas. Since we won’t know who will receive our gifts, then the best way to pick the perfect ones would be to choose Minion gifts that are not only unique, but also able to be used by everyone, meaning men and women, young and old.

Thankfully, we have some recommendations for you already on the list above, which we hope can give you some inspirations and better ideas in choosing your gifts. It’s always exciting to pick Christmas gifts for our favorite people, don’t you think?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best minion gifts for her?

Women will appreciate gifts that look good while being practical at the same time. The oven mitt is a small item but a perfect gift for her kitchen. You can also consider giving her breathable socks to wear on cold days.

What are the best minion gift ideas for adults?

Adults often use electronics on the go. Accessories like the cute Airpod case or tablet sleeve might be the best Minion gift for them. A practical gift with a cute Minion design like the portable juicer is also preferable. It gives satisfaction to the inner child inside the adults.

What are the best-personalized minion gifts?

There are so many Minion gifts you can find online to be personalized, like t-shirts, tumblers, gift bags, and more. But the cup coaster might be the best of all. It’s a small gift but has an impressive presence to be displayed on the desk.

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