Mermaid Scale Jewelry

For centuries people were fascinated by the possibility of mermaids living in the darkest places of the ocean.  For our generation, the love and fascination for mermaids stemmed out of fairy tales and movie, most notable being ‘The Little Mermaid’.

The mermaid look inspired a lot of items of clothing and houseware, like in this line of Disney princess’ bikinis or these amazing mermaid tail blankets*. But no look is complete without matching accessories so here’s some Mermaid Scale Jewelry for you.

Although this company makes tons of jewelry in various styles, they have a full line of jewelry dedicated to mermaids. You can find virtually anything for your tastes from earrings to bobby pins. 


Some of the bobby pins sets, for example, come with one scale attachment and another with a water-themed one like a seashell or starfish. Earring sets also offer you some variety featuring both scales as well as gems in matching colors.


You can also adorn your hands with mermaid scale rings that look brilliant merged with silver metal. Additionally, the seller offers both longer necklaces as well as chokers with mermaid scale pendants.

What makes this jewelry stand out are beautiful scale cabochons, that can glisten in the sun displaying a variety of colors. The cabochons come in multiple hues, from bright orange to so-called ‘oil spill’. 


Just imagine inserting a shining mermaid scale bobby pin into your drying hair after a good swim in the ocean. Nobody would deny that you actually do look like a beautiful mermaid.


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