Hooded Wool Cloak Capes

Stay cozy and keep the cold at bay with one of these luxurious cashmere Hooded Wool Cloak Capes. Apart from being a stylish addition to any outfit, the coat also boasts amazing multitasking capability.

Whether you are looking to keep warm as you travel in wintertime or simply want to stay snug in a freezing office, these stylish capes are the way to go. 

Made from 100% cashmere wool, this piece is the ultimate choice for fashion-conscious females.

In addition to classic styling and durability, the fabric is also unbelievably lightweight and amazingly soft and comfortable, feeling lush against the skin. 

Hooded Wool Cloak Cape

Another outstanding benefit is that by virtue of its high moisture content, the fabric easily adapts to temperature. While it keeps you insulated against the cold in winter, it will also offer a cooling effect in summer.

Hooded Wool Cloak Cape

Breathtaking color options make this coat the ideal everyday accessory to keep you ahead of the trend (as well as the weather) at all times. Inspired by Andersen‚Äôs Fairy Tales, this hooded cape is truly a page right out of a fantasy. 

Hooded Wool Cloak Cape

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