25 Awesome Beetlejuice Cosplay Ideas That Are Wonderful for Halloween

Who does not know the Beetlejuice or Betelgeuse movie that was released in 1988? It has been a favorite American comedy fantasy movie distributed by Warner Bros Picture. Beetlejuice is a delinquent ghost who likes to cheat. He is the main antagonist of this movie and is presented as rude, selfish, and womanizing. In the movie, he attempts to assault Barbara sexually at any times. Though Beetlejuice often carry out nasty things, the movie is hilariously comedic and enjoyable. Besides the movie, Beetlejuice was also made into a musical performance. Because it is a fantasy movie, it has unique character appearances that would be great to be in a costume play on Halloween.

Are you a fan of musical cosplay? Or are you planning to be a costume family or couple for a Halloween party? Well, you have found the right page because we compiled awesome Beetlejuice cosplay ideas for your wonderful Halloween. Be ready and let’s jump into the list!

1. Beetlejuice Cosplay

Source: Instagram (@og_imx)

Beetlejuice or Betelgeuse is the main antagonist character of this Beetlejuice movie. If you are looking for Beetlejuice cosplay ideas, the first thing that comes to mind might be the “Beetlejuice” himself. Its appearance of white hair, greenish head, pale skin, dark eyes, and also black white striped Beetlejuice suit can be the basic costume you can play with. Your Halloween costumes collection would be awesome when you have this black and white striped Beetlejuice suits!

2. Beetlejuice in the Red Suit

A red Beetlejuice suit will be an awesome costume variation of the Beetlejuice cosplay ideas besides the black and white striped suit. With the iconic hair and pale skin makeup, you can become the guest with the best male costume at a Halloween party. Red necktie, suit and pants look good with a white shirt in it. Be sure to add some appropriate attitude of Beetlejuice in real life and do a couple costume play with your gorgeous Lydia. 

3. Female Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is a male ghost in the movie, but have you ever wanted to do a female Beetlejuice cosplay? Have you ever thought about being a cosplay girl of Beetlejuice wearing a skirt? It must be cool but somehow beautiful, isn’t it? Yes! You can make your own Halloween costumes that are fashionable but still suit the character of Beetlejuice. The white hair, pale skin and also dark eye makeup will be the must have items in your Beetlejuice cosplay.

4. Boy Beetlejuice

Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

“Trick or Treat” can be a fun phrase your toddlers can learn to say. How fun it is for them to get candies when they say it. Your toddler boy also can contribute to a Halloween party and wear the Beetlejuice costume. You can put on some toddler-safe makeup and dress him into the party. Enjoy the party together and have the best night ever!

5. Girl Beetlejuice

Source: Pinterest (@thesupermomlife.com)

A girl Beetlejuice costume is another cute Beetlejuice cosplay idea that can be played with. With the messy iconic hair and white and black striped dress, your little girl can walk into a Halloween party carrying the cuteness of her cosplay. Combine the suit with a black high boots and some dark eye makeup, and she’s perfect and ready for Halloween.

6. Gorgeous Beetlejuice

Source: Instagram (@giannacosplay_)

Have you ever imagined Beetlejuice as an attractive woman? Well, here you can be a cosplay girl who wears a beautiful white and black dress Beetlejuice costume idea. This idea will definitely become the perfect one to show your charm on Halloween. The dress comes with a green corset and also high heels to show the elegance side of this character. With your iconic messy greenish hair, it will surely show your attractiveness. 

7. Fluffy Beetlejuice

Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

Do you have a cute fluffy best friend who would enjoy being at a Halloween party? Turn him into a fluffy Beetlejuice by providing him with the costumes he would be comfortable in. This fluffy Beetlejuice is an awesome Beetlejuice cosplay idea for your fluffy best friend on Halloween. Moreover, complete it with the iconic hair and maybe some eye makeup as well. And voila! You are ready to walk into the party with your fluffy Beetlejuice buddy.

8. Cat Beetlejuice

Source: Instagram (@petcostumecenter)

Humans and dogs are not the only ones who can contribute to Halloween, because cats can be a guest, too. The same costume of black and white striped shirt and messy white hair can be used both for dogs and cats. Just look how cute the cats can look in the Beetlejuice costume. It is the most extraordinary Beetlejuice cosplay idea ever!

9. Lydia in Beetlejuice Musical

Source: Instagram (@starbuck.cosplay)

This is the look of Lydia Deetz in the Beetlejuice Musical performance. Her character is one of the awesome Beetlejuice cosplay ideas on Halloween. The innocent Lydia Deetz comes with short black wavy hair, beautiful pale skin, and also a black dress. In the movie, she is the dream girl that Beetlejuice wanted to marry. However, you can choose black dress Halloween costumes that may suit Lydia’s character. Put some detail on your hair, bangs, and natural makeup look, you might meet the Beetlejuice on your way.

10. Little Lydia

Source: Pinterest (@livelovesara.com)

Lydia is a beautiful young lady who is full of curiosity and happened to be born with a supernatural ability. She has an ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Her pale skin and black hair appeal to be naturally beautiful. It attracts Beetlejuice to have a desire to make Lydia his lady. Her casual look of black shirts, black overshirt and black hat while holding a camera and her favorite book. It can be a great cosplay idea for Halloween. 

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11. Lydia at the wedding

Source: Pinterest (@glamourmagazine.co.uk)

Lydia in a red wedding dress is another awesome Beetlejuice cosplay idea where you can wear a red dress, with a pair of black high heels, and hold a bucket of roses. Lydia’s iconic bangs should be well presented because it is the detail that shows her character. Lydia in a red wedding dress can be one of your halloween costumes that will be even more awesome if you combine them with pale skin and reddish eye bag makeup. Without a doubt, with this costume idea you can be the best cosplay girl at the coolest Halloween party in town!

12. Little Lydia in Red Dress

Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

The best couple for toddler Beetlejuice is another toddler, Lydia. If you have a daughter who would like to contribute to a Halloween party, Lydia’s red wedding dress can be a great idea of Halloween costumes for her. Prepare the rose bucket and appropriate makeup for her costume play. Then, she is ready for her treats.

13. Fluffy Lydia

Source: Pinterest (@Ruby Stone)

Make your fluffy Beetlejuice’s wife Lydia Deetz with a beautiful red wedding dress. This cute couple will be the cutest cosplay idea ever. The black hair wig and a red veil will be the best costume for your fluffy Lydia Deetz. Let them walk down the street and do a cosplay walk with you!

14. Barbara & Adam

The main protagonist couple in the story is Barbara and Adam who were turned into ghosts after they accidentally jumped into the river with their car. The most iconic costumes of them are these iconic weird head forms. Adam has a long nose while the eyes move into all of the tips of fingers. He wears a red T-shirt and a black and white plaid shirt. He also wears a pair of light brown long pants and black shoes. Meanwhile, Barbara’s mouth is opened wide with eyes in it. She wears a long flower dress and a pair of sandals. The head costumes look terrifying in real life, but they are extremely iconic. Adam and Barbara is an awesome Beetlejuice cosplay idea for couples out there.

15. Female Adam Maitland

Source: Instagram (@kingbedheadcosplay)

Are you looking for anti mainstream Beetlejuice cosplay ideas? Here is a unique improvisation you can do for your Halloween cosplay. A red bralette in a black and white plaid shirt combined with a light brown short skirt may be a cute yet wonderful Halloween costume. The cute eyeballs on the tip of her fingers are so different from the original. But she is keeping a weird head in character.

16. Barbara Maitland

Source: Instagram (@nightingale.cosplay)

Being a Barbara Maitland cosplay girl does not force you to wear the weird head, which is a head with an opened mouth and her eyes in it. You can be the normal Barbara Maitland who wears a beautiful floral dress, a pair of favorite shoes, and also a wavy long hair. Her natural look is an awesome Beetlejuice cosplay idea on Halloween that you can pick for the party.

17. Magician’s Assistant

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

If you know the Magician’s Assistant in Beetlejuice, she is the most fancy cosplay you can do for Halloween. Her costume includes a couch and half the bottom of the body sitting on the couch. It is an awesome yet endearing Halloween costume of Beetlejuice. The Magician’s Assistant has blue skin, black hair and is wearing a red costume. This character can be another Beetlejuice cosplay idea for you.

18. Adult Miss Argentina

Source: Pinterest (@i.imgur.com)

Who does not know Miss Argentina in the movie Beetlejuice? She has an iconic look with green skin, red hair, and red fairy dress. It is a contrasting combination that attracts the eyes of everyone. She is also known as a receptionist of the Neitherworld. It was because she committed suicide and assigned as a receptionist afterlife. However, her contrasting appearance is an awesome Beetlejuice cosplay idea you can choose for Halloween. Her red fairy dress would show your afterlife pageant charm at the party.

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19. Miss Argentina Cosplay Girl

Source: Pinterest (@AJennifer Koval)

If there is an adult Miss Argentina, there must be a young one. Does your girl want to be in a Halloween party with a contrasting and appealing beautiful look? Then, Miss Argentina’s red fairy dress as well as her green skin could be a great Beetlejuice cosplay idea for your girl. The details of this costume includes the incision on her wrist, Miss Argentina sash, and also her red lips. Provide the best dress, pair of green socks, and red hair wig for her best Halloween!

20. Beetlejuice Family

Source: Pinterest (@Dunngotmeagain)

Turn your family into a costume family with most characters of Beetlejuice. You may decide the mother as Barbara, the father as Adam, the daughter as Lydia cosplay girl, the son as the Beetlejuice, and the baby can be the sandworm. Everyone can get their Halloween costumes and enjoy the Trick or Treat party. These are the combination of all awesome Beetlejuice cosplay ideas. What a cute family cosplay!

21. Female Beetlejuice in Mini Dress

Female Beetlejuice in Mini Dress

Go a little extra with your Beetlejuice costume with this one. It comes with a complete set of costumes that will make you stand out in the crowd. This costume was designed for girls who want to become a female Beetlejuice that looks stunning, both in a good and scary way, of course. It includes a mini striped black and white dress, an umbrella that comes in the same patterns, plus the essential accessories such as the book, green wig, black gloves, and the pieces of moss that you can stick all over your body. Perfecto! 

22. Casual Beetlejuice

Casual Beetlejuice
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

This Beetlejuice look is very easy to duplicate. All you need to prepare is a red shirt, a used pair of jeans, black shoes, a dirty overcoat, Beetlejuice’s iconic hat, and combine them with a great makeup and hair style. In our opinion, this costume is perfect for those who don’t have enough time to prepare a costume but still want to look awesome for the costume party. So if you are one of them, then we would recommend you to pick this costume, because you can easily find the costumes somewhere inside your closet. 

23. Sexy Beetlejuice

Sexy Beetlejuice

If you feel like becoming a sexy villain for the upcoming costume party, we would suggest that you choose to be a sexy Beetlejuice, just like the one shown in the picture above. All you have to wear is a sexy mini dress in a striped black and white pattern, which represents the iconic look of Beetlejuice. To add more soul to the costume, make sure you put on the perfect Beetlejuice makeup style and combine it with green hair. Lastly, wear your best and sexiest black stilettos, and you’re ready to rock! 

24. The Little Beetlejuice Girl

The Little Beetlejuice Girl
Source: Pinterest (@spirithalloween.com)

Let your little girl explore her creativity for the upcoming costume party with her friends by wearing this special Beetlejuice costume for little girls. It looks adorable and neat with a striped black and white blazer combined with black inner skirt, pants and also shoes. To create a Beetlejuice look on the hair area, use a long green wig and add a black ribbon to make her look like a sweet little Beetlejuice. 

25. Beetlejuice and His Carrousel

If your friends think that you’re the clown in the class, then you might be interested to wear this unique Beetlejuice costume for the next Halloween party. This costume offers more than just the iconic beetlejuice suit, which includes a striped black and white suit, but it also includes that carousel hat as an adorable yet crucial element of accessory.
Source: Pinterest (@insidethemagic.net)

If your friends think that you’re the clown in the class, then you might be interested to wear this unique Beetlejuice costume for the next Halloween party. This costume offers more than just the iconic beetlejuice suit, which includes a striped black and white suit, but it also includes that carousel hat as an adorable yet crucial element of accessory. 

Latest Post:

Why is Beetlejuice famous?

Beetlejuice is a subverts genre movie that include horror, comedy, life, afterlife, and images of good and evil in human perspectives. It allows the audiences to enjoy the movie in many ways, have fantasies and interpretations of the movie, as well as enjoy the appearance of each character. It is a unique masterpiece, which is still enjoyable in this era.

What is the best Beetlejuice cosplay for Halloween?

The best Beetlejuice cosplay for Halloween must be the most iconic character that you love. The details of the character’s appearance must be presented in a good way. But the most important thing is to wear the most comfortable Halloween costumes for you. 

How do I look like a female Beetlejuice costume?

Being a female Beetlejuice must show your charm and beauty. Even though Beetlejuice in the movie seems nasty, you should not show that nasty look on your female Beetlejuice costume. Instead, show your new fashionista style in your Beetlejuice inspired costume. Be the best version of female Beetlejuice and enjoy Halloween!

What is the best hairstyle for Beetlejuice cosplay?

The best hairstyle for Beetlejuice cosplay is the most iconic and close to the real Beetlejuice. It is the white messy hair that looks like an electrocuted person. A wig can be the best choice for your costume and you do not need to risk your own hair. Choose the most comfortable and breathable wig and walk to a Halloween party confidently.

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