Sweet To Scary Stuffed Animals

We all have that one special trope in horror movies, that will make us shriek in panic and cover our eyes and ears and wish it all way.

If Chucky did not leave you indifferent to possessed scary toys, then maybe you should take a look at these Sweet To Scary Stuffed Animals.

They look like ordinary sweet and fluffy toys, and they can definitely serve that purpose, but one push of a button might make you rethink cuddling anything ever again.

This toy has built in buttons at the back of its head, that when pressed rearrange the toy’s features to look a lot more threatening.

So whether you want to face your fears of living vengeful toys or you just have no breaks and want to prank someone, then this weird toy is just for you. 

Sweet To Scary Stuffed Animals

Sweet To Scary Stuffed Animals

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