28 Modern Japan Bedroom Designs For Your Room Makeover

Your bedroom is your refuge, the place where you go to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. So, having a cozy bedroom design is important. If you are planning a bedroom makeover, then Japan style bedroom design is the perfect idea. A Japanese bedroom design is known for its simplicity and elegance. The simplicity of the design, combined with the beautiful textures and patterns that many Japanese rooms embrace, create a very peaceful living environment that is inviting to all who enter it. 

Let’s take a deep dive into Japanese design to see what makes it so appealing. It’s not just a matter of taste; Japanese design is all about order, harmony, and appropriateness. From modern and minimalist Japanese themed bedrooms to smart Japanese rooms with small space, you will gain more insights in the article below. Let’s jump to the list!

What Is A Japanese Style Bedroom?

The majority of Japanese bedroom themes and designs are fairly straightforward and basic in nature. They incorporate different features based on the available space. For instance, if your room is small, use a low bed and white walls; if your walls are enormous and bare, use wallpaper and murals.

How Do You Make Your Room Japanese Style?

Well, it depends on your room size and preference. If you have a small room, you can have a drawer bed to save more space. Meanwhile, you can have a low platform bed with some wooden tables and chairs in your large bedroom. Don’t forget to add wooden elements in your furniture, wall, floor, or even the decoration.

Modern Japanese Bedroom Design

Today’s younger generation loves a more natural, organic look for their bedroom. The modern Japan bedroom design is the perfect blend of both old and new. Here are some modern bedroom ideas designed with Japanese inspiration you can apply on your next bedroom makeover.

1. Functional Japanese Style Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@home-designing.com)

Less is more. When it comes to a functional Japanese bedroom set, you may get inspired by this modern Japanese bedroom design. All you need is a platform bed, one table, one chair, and one cupboard in neutral wooden color. Use wooden material for your wall and ceiling. You don’t need wall decor, just put functional furniture in your modern Japanese bedroom.

2. Japanese Style Bedroom In Nature

Source: Pinterest (@vhomez.com)

Feel the peace and comfort with this Japanese bedroom decor. Inspired by the beauty of nature, floral elements are great decor for modern Japanese bedrooms. Apply a bamboo wall on one side of the room. Put a large cherry blossom picture and Japanese fans on the wall. To make nature feel, add bonsai in the corner of the room.

3. Romantic Japanese Bedroom

Romantic Japanese Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@hoompimpa.com)

For extra romantic vibes, design a bedroom with warm tones such as yellow and red. Use red or orange pillowcases and blankets, giving passion and warmth around the room. You can also put bonsai tree curtains on the window. Bonsai trees are believed to bring harmony, balance, and even good luck.

4. Industrial-Japanese Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@zyhomy.com)

This bright and spacious bedroom is a great option for your Japanese bedroom makeover. Combining industrial style with high ceiling and abundance of light sources, this modern bedroom is a perfect sanctuary. The gray bedding is set on a low-height wooden bed. The design also incorporates additional wooden furniture, such as a desk and a side table. Don’t forget to put some plants and flowers on your concrete floor to light up the bedroom.

5. Black and White Japanese Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@futuristarchitecture.com)

For those who love modern bedrooms with a bit of Japanese culture, consider choosing this idea. Create an artistic wooden wall and window to give the Japanese feel. Paint the wooden frames in black, making your bedroom look cool and elegant. Choose a black bed platform with a white bed on top. Decorate the wall behind the headboard with authentic Japanese painting or artwork.

6. Modern Japanese Bedroom In Apartment

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

What a perfect sanctuary for youngsters! Bring simplicity and functionality in apartments. Inspired by a modern Japanese bedroom, create a drawer bed that you may place in the apartment’s corner. When choosing colors for your walls and bed, go with neutral hues like gray and black. Invest in automatic window coverings to improve your contemporary Japanese bedroom.

7. Modern Minimalist Japanese Bedroom

When you think about a modern and classic bedroom to create a clean, simple look, this idea is just perfect. It features all the customary Japanese features, like tatami mats and screen doors. However, for more comfort, choose a contemporary lower bed rather than a tatami bed. A contemporary vase and classic lighting can also be added to the space. Think about using neutral color schemes like gray and brown.

8. Modern Warm Japanese Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@architecturedecor.com)

Imagine yourself slumbering under moonlight. You might get a cozy, secure feeling similar to sleeping in this gorgeous bedroom. Choose white and orange color combination for the bed sheets. This room is made cozier and warmer by the wooden furnishings and decorations. To complete the effect, you can add plants like bamboo.

Minimalist Japanese Bedroom Design

The minimalist Japanese bedroom design is a soothing oasis in which to recharge. It features clean lines and neutral tones that draw the eye to a calming environment. Give your bedroom a soothing and relaxing touch with minimalist ideas about the Japanese bedroom below.

9. White Japanese Bedroom with Sliding Door

Call for fans of minimalism! Turn your white bedroom into a straightforward design incorporating genuine Japanese influences. The wooden sliding door gives your space a Japanese feel. A wooden pattern sticker in the same color as the sliding door should be used to cover your concrete floor. Your minimalist bedroom should have a white bed, pillows, and rug.

10. White and Blue Minimalist Japanese Bedroom

If you want a vibrant color that is also peaceful, try pairing white and blue in your minimalist space. The combination of blue and white is perfect for room interior and furniture. While leaving the other sides of the wall white, paint one side of the wall blue. On your bed platform, combine a blue bed and a white blanket. To balance the color scheme, go for a white wall decoration and a blue rug.

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11. Zen Japanese Empty Minimalist Bedroom

Find your inner peace everytime you wake up in this minimalist bedroom. All you need is just a low bed frame with a white bed and blanket, a chair, and a bonsai tree. Use tatami carpets in matching color with the wall and wooden frames. Let the empty area be your meditation space. Don’t forget to change your door with a sliding door.

12. Wood and White Minimalist Japanese Bedroom

Do you want to make a straightforward and minimalist Japanese bedroom? To create this concept, your wall should be painted white to match the bed and any little decorations. Use light-brown colored timber floors in the interim. Functional hardwood furniture that matches the floor color is a great option. For a minimalist room, a chair, coffee table, and a modest hanging display are excellent pieces of furniture.

13. Minimalist Japanese Bedroom With Shelf And Tabletop

Make your minimalist bedroom feel less empty with this idea. Especially if you have a large bedroom, we’ve got you the perfect solution! Simply set a Japanese style table and a pair of chairs in front of your bed. You can enjoy a morning tea and have meals in this area. Put shelves on the corner of the bedroom, so you can store your favorite books there.

14. Semi Outdoor Japanese Bedroom

Blend your indoor and outdoor with this unique sliding door. Add glass to your sliding door so that it can function as a window and a door. A beautiful scenery view outside will give you a feeling of being outdoors. For the floor and wall, use concrete. In addition, put practical furnishings in your Japanese minimalist bedroom, such as a lower bed, chairs, and lighting.

15. Wooden Floor And Ceiling For Minimalist Bedroom 

Wooden Floor And Ceiling For Minimalist Bedroom 
Source: Pinterest (@woodtec.co.jp)

What a gorgeous bedroom for all minimalist people! Try using this idea to make you have less furniture in your bedroom. Sleep in this room and only in this room. By altering the ceiling and wall, you can add wooden accents to create a Japanese-inspired bedroom. Set up a comfortable futon bed close to the window. The sun will shine through your window as you awaken after a restful night’s sleep.

16. Minimalist Traditional Japanese Bedroom

Minimalist Traditional Japanese Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@terrycralle.com)

Inspired by the monarch bedroom, this space is where modern and conventional Japanese bedroom designs meet. Your minimalist space looks amazing with concrete walls and wooden floors. Your bedroom should have a white bed, a little table, and famous Japanese wall art. Don’t forget to decorate your room with a bonsai tree next to the bed to give it a more natural vibe.

Japanese Bedroom Design for Small Space

A Japanese style small bedroom design is not impossible to create. It just requires some creativity and hard work to make better use of the area. Looking for a Japanese interior design that can maximize space? Here are some ideas to get you started.

17. Japanese Futon

Japanese Futon
Source: Pinterest (@terrycralle.com)

If you have a small and limited space for your bedroom, then futon or Japanese traditional bed is just a perfect solution. The ease and space-saving features of a futon were advantageous for smaller homes and apartments. Put tatami carpets before placing the futon. Place your futon in front of the window and let the sunshine wake you up. 

18. Smart Japanese Style Bedroom

Smart Japanese Style Bedroom

Do you want to make your small space look cozy and spacious? Try to optimize your space, then! To create a bedroom for your kids, the drawer bed will be the ideal answer to the problem of limited space. A bed and drawers can coexist in the same space. Use a Japanese low bed in a neutral hue. Enhance the study area and bookshelves in the bedroom’s corner to make the most of every space.

19. Japanese Small Bedroom In High Buildings

Japanese Small Bedroom In High Buildings
Source: Pinterest (@japaneseplatformbedroomsets.blogs…)

Make your small room feel comfortable to rest at night with the Japanese inspired bedroom vibe. Your small bedroom in a high building will be more comfortable and homey. Place a twin-sized low bed close to the window so you can enjoy the stunning nighttime cityscape. Use practical furnishings like baskets, a diffuser, and the multi-purpose shelf table. You can also hang adorable wall decor, like the lamp with a crescent moon.

20. Japanese Style Capsule Bedroom

Japanese Style Capsule Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@youtu.be)

When it comes to a super limited space, try to design a capsule bedroom then. The Japanese style bedroom is just ideal for a capsule bedroom. Design your capsule bedroom with a low bed and a lamp. Customize wall shelves to store your personal belongings. Use a railing door or sliding door to save more space in your capsule bedroom.

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21. Japanese Floral Bedroom

Japanese Floral Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@𝚈𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚖)

For green thumbs, this idea may be their favorite. Especially if your small room has a large window with enough light source, use this chance to grow plants as well! Decorate your Japanese bedroom with plants on each corner. These plants will produce more oxygen in your small bedroom, which is good for your health.

22. Space Saving Japanese Bedroom

Space Saving Japanese Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@feedinspiration.com)

Another fantastic idea for your children’s bedroom! For those children who have a lot of belongings, this Japanese style bedroom offers plenty of storage rooms. Design the bedroom with a high ceiling wardrobe. Place a bed next to the wardrobe. Customize the headboard as the tabe, floating desk, and cabinets. Use beige color for the furniture, wall, and floor. This is a great idea to save more space in your room.

23. Aesthetic Japanese Bedroom

Aesthetic Japanese Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Aesthetic and cozy bedrooms are becoming popular for girls these days. Therefore, consider using this aesthetic Japanese girl room design in your small space. Simply switch to a low platform bed from your current bed. Instead of concrete, use a wooden floor. Place a braided rug in a complementary color next to the long chair and small table. Greenery, a light, and wall hangings are further options you can apply.

Unique Japanese Bedroom Designs

Japanese interior design offers peaceful and minimalist ambience as it usually highlights zen decor. But who says we can’t have a zen Japanese bedroom with a unique design? Below we have a selection of unique Japanese bedroom ideas that will boost your bedroom appearance and enhance our sleeping experience.

24. Japanese Bedroom with Colorful Bedding Line

Japanese Bedroom with Colorful Bedding Line
Source: Pinterest (@jlifeinternational.com)

Although we know that Japanese design is dominated by soft and natural colors like white, broken white and natural wood color tones, let’s not limit our creativity by adding colorful tones into your bedroom. In our opinion, you can try by using colorful bedding lines like blue and orange for the bed, and perhaps add some colorful cushion, too. This way, your Japanese bedroom will have a peaceful ambience that allows you to have a wonderful bedtime every night.

25. Feminine Zen Bedroom

Feminine Zen Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@shannoneileenblog.typepad.com)

In general, Japanese style bedrooms are perfect for both men or women as they usually come in neutral colors and designs. However, if you happen to be a woman who wishes to have a sweet and feminine Japanese bedroom, you might want to check out this feminine zen bedroom. You can personalize the room by having feminine colors like peach or soft pink and add a sweet wallpaper like tree branches with sakura flowers around them. We can assure you that your bedroom will bring out the feminine side of you.

26. Harmonious Zen Bedroom 

Harmonious Zen Bedroom 
Source: Pinterest (@digsdigs.com)

This harmonious zen bedroom will make sure you sleep at night peacefully. Not only because you will enjoy the calming ambience, but also because you will feel like sleeping out in nature with a real tree inside the bedroom. Yes, it’s a real tree, and we can assure you that this is one of the best Japanese bedroom ideas for you who love nature and always tries to keep the balance of life.

27. Red Japanese Bedroom

Red Japanese Bedroom

Are you feeling like having a Japanese bedroom with a bold color? If you are, then you better make sure you check this one out. This one is called the Red Japanese Bedroom because as you can see, the bedroom is dominated with red including red bedding and red wallpapers. In our opinion, those of you who love bold colors and Japanese designs will fall in love with this idea immediately. Also, don’t forget to add a Japanese style lamp to complete the look.

28. Traditional Zen Japanese Bedroom

Traditional Zen Japanese Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@Espacio Tres)

We all love the traditional Japanese house design. If you love it as much as we do, then why not create a traditional Japanese bedroom design? You can pick a Japanese style bed and wall decor, and make sure you pick the ones with natural wooden colors and materials. As for the wall, just leave them in white or broken white to bring out the natural ambience, and use bedding lines in neutral colors. To add a little touch of color to the room, use a colorful bed cover. 

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