28 Aesthetic Purple Bedroom Ideas for Your Favorite Sanctuary 

If your bedroom is lacking in color and style, then it’s time to change things up! If you’re thinking about Purple, then we are on your team. Purple is an aesthetic and great go-to shade for bedrooms. Not only will it brighten up the space, it can also work with nearly any other color palette. Try purple bedding, rugs and throw pillows to give the room more color. Purple bedroom ideas are sure to make your heartbeat a little faster!

Decorating your room with aesthetic purple bedroom designs is also an easy way to create a positive and calming atmosphere. These designs can transform space into something more than just a place to sleep by adding color and personality, but also accents that add to the overall look and feel of your room. Check out these purple aesthetic bedroom decorating inspiration to create your dream bedroom space!

What makes a bedroom aesthetic?

Aesthetic bedrooms usually use a certain theme and color for the whole area. For example, usually they will apply pastel tones for all their bedroom furniture and decor. In addition, the perfect lighting also gives the aesthetic feel. You can use neon or fairy lights to make an aesthetic bedroom.

What does a purple bedroom mean?

Purple can range from light to dark and indicates elegance and inventiveness in the bedroom. Unlike the eye-straining brightness of colors that may make it difficult to fall asleep, purple gives the calming vibe. Even now, the purple room is a perfect place for meditation.

What do you call a person who loves purple?

Purpleologist is someone who is completely obsessed with all things purple. They have exchanged purple-themed items ranging from fashion to home decor, meals and desserts, to flowers and animals. They have even exchanged purple-themed music, poetry, and films.

Aesthetic Purple Bedroom For Girls

For girls, a purple bedroom is more than just another color. It’s a mood, a statement and an attitude. The perfect color for a girl’s room to build on all of her favorite things and make a statement, she has a space all her own. Let’s take a look at purple bedroom ideas for girls below if you need more fruitful insights!

1. Light Purple Aesthetic Bedroom

If you love a minimalist design, then light purple is a perfect room color you should try. Add light purple furniture in a similar tone with the purple wall. Combine the furniture color with white to add brightness in your room. Add more characters into the room by putting a high ceiling wardrobe, floating desk, and also chairs. Lastly, use purple bedding sheets and put aesthetic flowers, because it will create a cozy vibe around the room.

2. Purple Bedroom with Lightning Neon Lights

Source: Pinterest (@pin.it)

Bring the aesthetic vibe into your bedroom in the dark with some purple neon lights around. Put purple neon lights on the edge of the ceiling and bed area, and see how they can give a calming atmosphere into the room. Let the lightning neon light be the focal point of your gorgeous wall posters. Aside from being a cool Purple room, we must say that this idea is perfect for girls who are afraid of total darkness while sleeping.

3. Purple White Princess Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@homebunch.com)

When it comes to a perfect sanctuary for a princess, you can’t go wrong with this aesthetic bedroom. Inspired by the classic princess room, you can put white classic cupboards, drawers, and a bed frame in a light purple-painted room wall. Also, use light purple bedding sheets and decor in matching color with the wall. This is indeed a perfect bedroom idea for a girl who loves Purple!

4. Purple in Summer Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@amanda ellen)

For girls who need more warm tones, you can choose this purple bedroom idea. Paint the wall in light purple color, and don’t forget to put aesthetic purple wall art such as paintings and quotes. Style your bed with white, orange, and brown colors, which will add warmth to your room. Moreover, you can also choose a colorful rug and put flowers on both the bed sides.

5. Soft and Fluffy Lilac Bedding

Source: Pinterest (@tapestrygirls.com)

Instead of painting the whole room in Purple, you can also try this idea, which is one of the cutest Purple bedroom ideas for girls. Simply buy a fluffy and soft Lilac bed sheet for your queen size bed. The purple tone will be the focal point in your room, giving a comforting charm before you sleep. Then, pair this purple bed sheet with neutral furniture such as a white lamp and chair. In addition, you can also add a simple wall decor in white and gold.

6. Purple Pastel Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@libragloww.tumblr.com)

This is a cozy and homey setting for teen girls, which is definitely an aesthetic concept that they’ve been dreaming of! A simple purple bed in white bed frame, pastel color wall decor, and some flowers are just enough to create the aesthetic feel. You may also put some sun flowers in a vase to add warmth into this calming purple bedroom. Don’t forget to put a bright lamp to light up this fabulous bedroom.

7. Gray and Purple Flower Wall Art

Source: Pinterest (@Destinee Murphy)

If you prefer a dark vibe in your bedroom, then you need to consider this idea, which is the combination of gray and purple that will definitely create the aesthetic room kind of feeling. You can start by painting your wall in light gray color. And then, put some Gray and Purple paper flowers decor on the wall, showing both your soft and mysterious persona. Don’t forget to style your bed in matching colors with the gray and purple wall art.

8. Purple Cherry Blossom Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

As a bright and positive purple bedroom concept, this is one of the most recommended Purple bedroom ideas for active and cheerful teen girls! The purple and pink cherry blossoms wall sticker is a fantastic way to radiate spring energy in the room. Especially if you have a dark purple wall room, it will light up your room. Use colorful bed sheets and purple pillows, adding extra joy every time you wake up from bed.

9. Mint and Purple Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@ariyonainterior.com)

In case you feel a bit confused in combining another color to make a bright and cozy purple bedroom, why don’t you use mint color? The color combination is quite popular among teen girls. Use mint color for the wall and purple rug on the floor. Style your bed with mint and purple pillows, bed sheets, and blankets. Furthermore, you can also put light purple wall decor for additional cuteness.

10. Tribal Purple Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@remodelaholic.com)

Tribal patterns for a purple bedroom? Why not? Give your purple bedroom the traditional feel in a cute way with this tribal motive. Use the similar purple tribal pattern for the blanket and curtain. You can also add a large lamp on the ceiling. Meanwhile, use a purple bed frame for the bed area and add the geometrical pattern curtain behind the headboard. 

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11. Bedroom with Purple LED Lights

Source: Pinterest (@pin.it)

Imagine you are in the purple fairy world. This purple bedroom concept may give you the magical vibe of a fairy world, perfect for dreamy girls. Simply use purple fairy lights on the wall and floor. Then, continue by spreading them randomly so they will beautifully shine in the dark, creating your dream purple room! Decorate the wall with aesthetic photos and wall art, and you can frame those photos with fairy lights as well.

12. Modern White and Dark Purple Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@blog.displate.com)

Show your elegance and luxury taste with this modern white and dark Purple bedroom idea. You don’t need to use all purple furniture and decor with this idea. Consider decorating with a Purple bed frame and fancy lamp only, while you can put broken white furniture to give a color contrast as well. We must say that this idea will make your bedroom looks extremely expensive and stunning, too!

Aesthetic Purple Bedroom For Boys

For those boys who like to keep things simple, a Purple room is the perfect solution. The purple color is the base of a calm bedroom you can pair with any bright or masculine tones. If you’re looking for an aesthetic Purple bedroom for boys, we’ve put together some ideas that will help you plan your space in the best way possible.

13. Dark Purple and Green Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@architectureartdesigns.com)

Purple and green are a fantastic color combination for active boys. Paint the whole room in dark purple, which will create a calming vibe when it comes to bed time. Meanwhile, the green bed sheet and pillows will give warmth and positive energy as the sun shines through the window. Your boy will feel energetic every time he wakes up in the morning. Set up a study area facing the window for a nice view. In addition, put the desk on the corner of the room.

14. Black and Purple Simple Bedroom

Black and Purple Simple Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@wayfair.com)

Being a cozy Purple bedroom idea for men, the Black and Purple color radiates the charming and masculine feel. Choose a Black and Violet bed sheet with motifs. A simple square motif is just enough for boys to light up the Purple bedroom. You can also find curtains in matching colors with the Black and Purple bed sheets. Place a night lamp next to the bed, and don’t forget to hang pictures on the wall for wall decoration.

15. Cool Purple and Navy Bedroom

Cool Purple and Navy Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@secretlinenstore.com)

This is a room that will become the perfect sanctuary for boys to lay low after a long and tiring day. This cool Purple bedroom will send you to the dream island in no time. The dark purple color for the bed sheet will give the calming and soothing vibe. Pair with navy pillows and blanket to add the masculine atmosphere in the room. Put a golden lamp and decor in case you want a little bit of light.

16. Aesthetic Dark Purple and Light Gray Bedroom

Aesthetic Dark Purple and Light Gray Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@digsdigs.com)

Dark purple and light gray are just like a couple who complement each other. In case you want to create a two tone bedroom for your boys, these colors are a perfect combo. Paint one side of the wall in dark purple, while the other side in light gray. Also, put dark purple and light gray pillows in one bed. In addition, you can bring a dark purple rug too, especially if you want to apply light gray bed sheets as well.

17. Fancy Dark Purple and White Bedroom

Fancy Dark Purple and White Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@theeverygirl.com)

The charm of dark purple is just perfect for expensive boys. Create a luxurious bedroom with the combination of dark purple and white color. Let one side of the wall be painted in dark purple, while the rest in white. Use luxurious bed sheets in white with purple motifs. Don’t forget to add white and dark purple blankets. Complete the design with a fancy lamp, standing mirror, and flowers.

Aesthetic Purple For Small Bedrooms

Small bedroom ideas with a purple color palette is a good idea for your home. Small spaces can be used to create large and bright bedrooms with these marvelous small purple bedroom ideas in mind. The great bedroom makeover will give a calming and soothing vibe in your limited space.

18. Purple Dots and Stripes Bedroom

Purple Dots and Stripes Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@founterior.com)

Dots and stripes are the perfect patterns to make your small bedroom merrier. Put purple and pink dots wall stickers on 2 sides and the purple and white stripes on the other sides. These vibrant paint colors will make you feel less lonely. Use purple and white bed sheets on your multifunction bed. Customize the bed frame, which can also serve as drawers and cupboard inside your small bedroom.

19. Compact Purple Bedroom

Compact Purple Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@decorhomeideas.com)

A smart purple bedroom idea for teenagers who only have limited space, this concept allows you to optimize the room for maximum usage. Customize the bed frame into the first floor and second floor. Use the first floor as the purple bedroom area with a study room. Meanwhile, let the second floor be the play area with purple cushions and ornaments in matching tones with the first floor.

20. Small Purple Bedroom with Study Room

Small Purple Bedroom with Study Room
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

The source of light is the important aspect for the small bedroom. In case your small bedroom only has one window, use light purple wall paint and furniture to brighten up your room. Let the study area face the window, giving enough light while studying. Design your bed above the cupboard, so you still get enough light source to wake you up in the morning.

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21. Modern Small Purple White Bedroom for Siblings

Modern Small Purple White Bedroom For Siblings
Source: Pinterest (@paradiseofhomedesign.blogspot.com)

Make your children love to share bedrooms in small spaces with this concept. All you need is to customize the bunk bed with the cupboard and drawers. Put those compact furniture on one side of the bed, and use light purple and white tones to give a bright and spacious feel. Moreover, if you have extra space, put a study area near the window!

22. Luxurious Dark Purple Bunk Bed

Luxurious Dark Purple Bunk Bed
Source: Pinterest (@blog.mykukun.com)

Don’t let the small bedroom be the reason you can’t have a luxurious bedroom. Turn your basic bedroom concept with this brilliant idea. Inspired by the classic American furniture, make your own fancy bunk bed. Pair dark purple and black color for the bunk bed to give the expensive feel. Don’t forget to add a luxurious lamp, purple chair, and dark purple rug for the final touch.

23. Aesthetic White and Lilac Small Bedroom

Aesthetic White and Lilac Small Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@projectnursery.com)

When you don’t have a large space for a bedroom, white will make your room feel spacious. However, it may be flat and boring without additional colors. Therefore, let lilac tones be the one to light up your small bedroom. You can use these colors in your bed sheets, pillow cases, and even the ceiling wallpaper amidst the white room. To make it more aesthetic, you can have a hanging chair next to your bed.

24. Gothic Themed Purple Bedroom

Gothic Themed Purple Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@Margaret)

Anyone who adores gothic design will be happy to have this gothic themed purple room at home. This room is the perfect proof that shows that the combination of black and purple is truly stunning! To get a perfect bedroom look, make sure you don’t include other colors as part of the bedroom decoration, and just stick to black and purple only. And then, choose a gothic-style bed to make a great focal point of the room, and pick all black-purple elements for the decorations such as the bed sheet, curtain, wallpaper, floor, and also ceiling.

25. A Bedroom with Purple Marble Wallpaper

A Bedroom with Purple Marble Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you love purple and are currently thinking about redecorating your bedroom design, check out this one. This one is definitely a recommended idea for those who dream of having a modern and elegant bedroom design with purple as the dominating color theme. To create an elegant look, pick this purple marble wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. As for the bed, choose a modern and simple white bed, plus a soft purple bed sheet to match the wall. And lastly for the modern touch, you can pick two modern-looking bedside white table lamps with swirl design. 

26. Simple Purple Bedroom for Kids

Simple Purple Bedroom for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@macys.com)

This next bedroom idea would be a dream come true for a sweet pre-teen girl who loves the color purple. It includes all the necessary elements that need to be included inside a sweet pre-teen girl, including a cute table lamp, colorful cushions, and colorful wall hanging decorations. Paint the room wall in soft purple, and then pick a bed sheet with a similar color as the wall. 

27. Modern Purple and White Bedroom

Modern Purple and White Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@youtu.be)

Imagine sleeping inside this futuristic bedroom with the sweet color combination of purple and white. This purple bedroom features modern furniture in white that looks super modern with purple accents on the wallpaper, curtain, rug, and also a set of three wall decorations above the bed. Instead of having the darker shade of purple, go for a lighter shade to create a soft and calming ambience throughout the room. Since this bedroom will be the place for you to rest and relax after a long day, make sure you choose the color combination carefully. 

28. Purple Bedroom with Sakura Wallpaper

Purple Bedroom with Sakura Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This one is another option of a purple bedroom that you can choose for your little girl. It features a sweet bed with a classic design and shape, which comes with a purple quilt to keep her warm at night. The unique element of this bedroom idea is definitely the Sakura wallpaper that comes in purple and pink, plus some pretty birds flying around the tree. As for the wall, we would recommend that you paint the walls in basic purple, as it will build a unique ambience to the whole room area. 

Final Thoughts

As much as you love purple, when it comes to bedroom decoration you need to make sure all the elements of the bedroom can complement each other perfectly. If you want to mix purple with other colors, remember to make sure that the colors match with each other, and the combination can create a cozy ambience that will make you sleep well at night. Purple will goes well with peach, light pink, and also black.

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Is purple OK for a bedroom?

Yes, definitely! To create a cozy, dark bedroom, choose dark purple. Light purple, on the other hand, will be gentle and comforting. Both dark purple and light purple are perfect for a bedroom. If you need aesher purple bedroom ideas, you can check in the article above.

What color looks best with purple?

Navy blue is the best color with purple since both give a cool and calming vibe. Meanwhile, the mid century green and white make a brighter combination with purple. Purple also goes well with pastel tones such as pink and mint color.

What color does not go with purple?

Warm colors like bright yellow and orange usually tend to clash with purple. If you look at the color wheel, they’re opposite or not next to each other on the color wheel. To make those colors work well, you should add neutral colors such as white or black in the color combination.

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