25 Meaningful New Beginning Tattoo Ideas for The Most Amazing Life Survivors

There are many reasons for us to have new beginnings. A new beginning is like a second chance in life that makes us determined to become a better version of ourselves. A tattoo can be a perfect symbol of a new beginning, which will be a permanent reminder of your new life.

Meaningful New Beginning Tattoo Ideas
Meaningful New Beginning Tattoo Ideas

Below we have a list of the most beautiful and meaningful new beginning tattoo ideas for you to consider having. From amazing new beginning tattoos for men to beautiful ones for women, we have them all below.

So, sit back and relax, and start scrolling to discover the ideas!

New Beginnings Tattoo for Male

For men out there who have been through a rough time in life, there’s nothing better than the decision to start a new beginning.

Having a meaningful new beginning tattoo will become a permanent symbol of your struggle, and here are some of the most recommended new beginning tattoo ideas to become that symbol.

1. Phoenix Tattoo

Source: Instagram (@tattoosbymegha)

The Phoenix is a symbol of immortality, resurrection and also life after death. As the first new beginning tattoo idea, we have this amazing Phoenix tattoo which we think makes a perfect tattoo for a man who just survived an accident or a severe illness like Cancer.

2. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoodaze.com)

The Lotus is in general a symbol of purity, spiritual enlightenment and also rebirth, which makes it one of the most meaningful new beginning tattoo ideas for those who decided to rebirth as a new individual.

You can have this tattoo on the arm, so it will be visible when you wear short sleeve’s Lotus shirts

3. The Amazing Survivor Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Outsons)

This tattoo is also a great tattoo idea for men who need a meaningful work of art as a reminder to start a new beginning. It comes as a beautiful symbol with graphics that look like a Mandala, creating a unique look. 

4. Solid Lotus

Source: Pinterest (@Next Luxury)

A new beginning should be loud and bold, and that’s what this Solid Lotus tattoo is all about. It consists of two symbols; Lotus and Zibu, which both symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. You can wear your leather Lotus bracelet to complete your look, too!

5. Red Lotus Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@bodyartguru.com)

If you think that adding a color to your new beginning tattoo is a great idea, we second that.

Here we have one of the best new beginning tattoo ideas that combines black and red. The Lotus comes in red which makes it the focal point of the tattoo. Meaningful and adorable at the same time!

6. The Open Door Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Hawk Tattoo Delhi)

If one door closes on you, it’s time to open a new door. The sayings are perfect to mark a new beginning in life.

If you feel like you are about to open a new door to a new story in your life, this ‘Open Door’ tattoo is a perfect tattoo idea to consider. It is truly one of the best fresh start tattoo designs to pick.

7. The Sun and Moon Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Danish Tattooz House)

The sun and the moon tattoo is also one of the most meaningful new beginning tattoo ideas that marks the power of rebirth. Take this idea for example. It comes as a small tattoo but despite its small size, it actually holds a deep meaning.

Create this tattoo on the arm near the elbow and wear an ethnic sleeveless shirt to make sure it’s visible. 

8. A New Beginning Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@New Beginnings tattoo studio)

What symbol of a new beginning is better than this next tattoo idea? This tattoo comes as an artwork graphic on your hand. You can be sure that this tattoo will always be visible, making it a meaningful reminder of a new beginning in life.

Our advice, wear a ring with a gemstone to make a perfect new beginning companion. 

9. Abstract Phoenix Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Tattoos 1960)

If you are a fan of abstract tattoo design, make sure you consider this abstract Phoenix tattoo as a new artwork in your body. It looks amazing on the inner part of your hand, and it includes thin lines that will create an artistic look on your skin.

10. The ‘Hahaha’ Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@New Life Tattoo)

Sometimes we just need to stop taking life seriously because no one gets out alive anyway. There are moments that we just need to laugh them off, and perhaps create symbols of those moments in the form of a tattoo like this one.

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11. ‘Everyday is a New Beginning’ Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Chun Hack Tattoo)

Living our life everyday means that realizing that everyday is a new beginning, right? Well, why not make a reminder of that by having this adorable and cute ‘Everyday is a New Beginning’ tattoo?

This tattoo comes in black and white, which will look its best when you wear your red sleeveless shirt

12. The Zibu Symbol Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Focused Tattoos Lee road)

Zibu is obviously one of the most favorite symbols when it comes to new beginning tattoo ideas. It means “Begin Anew” and it will look even more adorable if you have it as a colored tattoo on your inner wrist.

Also, since the symbol is associated with Rose Quartz gemstone, you can wear a Rose Quartz ring to match the tattoo.

New Beginnings Tattoo for Female

For women overcoming life’s challenges, such as divorce or loss, a new beginning tattoo can serve as a powerful symbol of resilience and hope. It acts as a permanent testament to their strength and a motivator for moving forward.

Explore these inspiring tattoo ideas crafted for the incredible women ready to embrace a fresh start.

13. Keys to New Beginnings

Source: Instagram (@sudetast)

Just like doors, keys also hold a meaningful representative of a new beginning. Based on that reason, we think this tattoo is one of the greatest “begin again” tattoos for a woman who dreams of starting a new life.

Wear a necklace with a key as the pendant to match the tattoo. 

14. Free as a Bird

Source: Pinterest

There’s no better feeling than the feeling of freedom like a bird that just escaped the cage. If you just got out of a toxic relationship, then this is the perfect tattoo idea for you. It features the image of a bird that escapes from the cage.

Combine black and blue tattoo inks to create a more dramatic effect.

15. The ‘Renewal’ Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Rosi Rmg)

This small Zibu tattoo will also make a sweet and meaningful reminder of the moment you decided to have a new beginning in life. It’s small and made of thin lines, which is not too obvious, but somehow adorable and not to mention, very meaningful.

16. Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower
Source: Pinterest

Being the symbol of purity, spiritual enlightenment, and also rebirth, the Lotus flower will always be a perfect tattoo idea for women. Take this one for instance. It comes as a simple Lotus flower tattoo that will mark a new beginning for a true survivor. 

17. Colorful Lotus Flower

Colorful Lotus Flower
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoodo)

Truly one of the most beautiful new beginning tattoo ideas on this list! As you can see, this tattoo looks like a chandelier with a color combination of blue and black, plus a graphic of a diamond on top.

Have this colorful Lotus tattoo on your hand and put on your precious diamond ring to match the tattoo.

18. Small Lotus Tattoo

Small Lotus Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nayeli gomez)

A simple woman needs a simple tattoo to symbolize a new beginning in life. This small and tiny Lotus tattoo is a great example of that. You can have it on your leg and make sure you wear your black stilettos to make sure everyone sees it.

19. Free Birds

Free Birds
Source: Pinterest (@Bianca Spatafora)

We showed you a tattoo idea that features a bird escaping from its cage. Here we have seven birds escaping from their cage, which is perfect for a woman who just escaped a relationship that is abusive and toxic.

Have it on your legs and wear your cropped pair of jeans that don’t cover the amazing tattoo.

20. New Beginnings Tattoo

New Beginnings Tattoo
Source: Facebook (@1920 Tattooz Hub)

Moving on to the next tattoo idea, we have this simple “new beginnings” tattoo to be inked near your foot. It’s obviously not a tattoo that everyone can see, but it is definitely a wonderful form of a reminder for yourself.

Wear your adorable anklet to compliment the tattoo.

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21. Lotus with Zibu Symbol

Lotus with Zibu Symbol
Source: Pinterest (@Lori Gola)

Next up we have a meaningful Lotus tattoo to be inked in your back, just behind the shoulder. Being a pure tattoo that means rebirth, we think we need to recommend this tattoo to you.

If you wear your tank tops or tube tops, you can be sure everyone sees it.

22. Infinity Lotus Tattoo

Infinity Lotus Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@herway)

This is another back tattoo idea for a woman who had been through a rough time in life. This tattoo features the Lotus and also the infinity symbol, which translates how you wish that your happy new beginning lasts for an eternity.

An idea, wear a necklace with an infinity symbol as the pendant. You will look adorable for sure!

23. Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Lotus Mandala Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@SoularTattoo – Christchurch – NZ)

This Lotus that looks like a love chandelier is surely one of the most gorgeous new beginning tattoo ideas to consider. It looks like Mandala and if you plan on having this tattoo, make sure it is inked by a pro tattoo artist.

Wear your black tank top and black Lotus necklace to boost your appearance. 

24. ‘Let Them’ Tattoo

‘Let Them’ Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Note to Self.)

Sometimes, when you decide that you want to have a new beginning, it is best to just let them be. Them can refer to anything; people, moments, even bad memories. Basically the things that you can’t control just be as they are.

This tattoo is perfect to be paired with silver bangles, by the way. 

25. A Dandelion and the Dragonfly Tattoo 

A Dandelion and the Dragonfly Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Chicano Ink Tattoo Studio)

Dandelion symbolizes freedom and ability to let go. While a Dragonfly symbolizes positive energy and grace. If you combine the two together, you make a wonderful tattoo idea that helps you let go of negativity and embrace new beginnings.

Still need more reasons to pick this tattoo? Guess not. 

Final Thoughts

A tattoo is a permanent piece of art that most people have to become symbols of what matters in their life. For people who have new beginnings, having a tattoo will be a great way to mark the moment and also a reminder to embrace the fresh start. 

If you just had a rough time and plan on having a new beginning tattoo to start a new life, we believe our list of new beginning tattoo ideas will come useful for you. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I choose the right new beginnings tattoo for me?

Choose based on the most important symbols that represent you the most. Some of the most popular new beginning symbols include the phoenix, the butterfly, and the lotus flower. Each has a specific meaning that represents a different form of new beginnings. 

Where on my body should I get a new beginnings tattoo?

A new beginning tattoo comes as a symbol and also a reminder. Have it on your hand to make sure it is visible, or many people also choose to have a new beginning tattoo on the back or legs. 

How can I personalize my new beginnings tattoo to reflect my journey?

You can include some personalized elements into the tattoo. For example, you can put a certain date that is meaningful for you, or some quotes that help you in moving forward and starting a new beginning.

Can I use a quote for my new beginnings tattoo, and what are some suggestions?

Yes, you can include meaningful quotes that represent a new beginning, such as “Let Them Be” or “Start Fresh” in an artistic way. Make sure the quote comes along well with the tattoo design to create a meaningful piece of art on your body. 

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