25 Adorable Pet Tattoo Ideas for the Proud Pet Owners

Our pet is one of the most loyal friends and companions we know. So, why not have a permanent symbol of the bond between you and your pets in the form of a tattoo? Whether it’s a dog, cat, or horse, having a tattoo of them on your body will always be a reminder of how precious they are.

Here are some cool pet tattoo ideas that might be an inspiration.

Pet Tattoo Ideas
Pet Tattoo Ideas

Artistic Pet Tattoos

Your pet has a special place in your heart, which means that if you want to keep them forever in the form of a tattoo, you need to make sure the tattoo comes as an artistic artwork to cherish forever. Here are some ideas of artistic pet tattoos.

1. Black Dog’s Face Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Facebook (@The Jewelled Bird Tattoo Carnforth)

If you have a black dog, then we believe you can create a wonderful tattoo of your dog because the color will give an artistic contrast with the skin. Be more artistic by adding some colors by having some flowers to frame the cute face of your dog. 

2. Dynamic Duo Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Facebook (@Adikt Ink Tattoo Studios)

If you have both a loyal dog and a cute cat, then you would want to have a tattoo of them together. You can have a tattoo of their faces, and make it more colorful and artistic by adding some colorful graphics of bones and decorative graphics. 

3. Dog’s Face and Name Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Facebook (@Mama Tried – Tattoo Smith)

If you love to see your dog’s face with a Greece-themed crown, then make sure you create a tattoo that describes that. It will be a creative tattoo, especially if your dog’s name was inspired by the ancient Greece God’s name, like Zeus.

Have the name tattoo-ed as well, right below the face of the mighty Zeus.

4. Flowers and Name

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Facebook (@Anniem_tattoo)

If you have a dog with hair that combines black and white, this next idea can be a great inspiration. You can have the tattoo on your arm and include the name of the dog on the bottom of your dog’s face.

To make it look artistic, add some graphics of flowers.

5. Happy Doggy’s Face

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@tallsarahtattoos)

Take a look at this super cute colorful tattoo of your puppy! If your puppy is a happy and cheerful friend, then make sure you capture the happy expression on your tattoo. It comes as a full color artwork that combines several tattoo inks such as orange, black, blue and pink.

6. Your Cute Furry King

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@zami_theislandchic)

If your dog is demanding but adorable, we think this is one of the most perfect pet tattoo ideas for you. It comes as a full color tattoo of your pet’s face, along with the crown and the additional accessories.

Let your pet be the king forever on your tattoo, which will last a lifetime.

7. The Amazing Trio

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@bansheebotpete)

If you have not one, not two, but three pets, then make sure you have a tattoo that is dedicated to all of them! Take this example for instance.

This tattoo includes the graphic of a horse, cat, and dog in the form of an artistic tattoo. Simply use black tattoo ink only, and add some abstract graphics to make it look more artistic. 

Simple Meaningful Pet Tattoos

Simple doesn’t always mean less. Sometimes, simple can actually mean more. In terms of simple pet tattoo ideas, simple means more meaningful and adorable. If you are a pet owner who loves simple but sweet tattoo designs, check out below for some cool ideas of them.

8. Cute Kitten Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@tinybaki)

Your little kitten might be naughty at times, but most of the time, we believe that the cutie is sweet and cuddly, right? Well, we think that is exactly what this tattoo is all about.

Have this tattoo of your cute kitten on your ankle, and wear a sweet-designed anklet to match with it. 

9. Besties Forever

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@tinybaki and littlepondstudio)

Being together for so long, we believe that your dog and cat have become inseparable. These besties need to have a special place in your body through a wonderful and meaningful tattoo.

You can wear one-colored tattoo ink and create a tattoo of them while sleeping next to each other. Too cute!

10. Face ID Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@ilhan_bilir)

This next idea is without a doubt one of the most hilarious pet tattoo ideas on the list.

It comes as simple as tattoos of both of your furry friends. Not with their happy expressions, but in their ‘bad mood’ expressions instead, and that is what makes this tattoo unique and worth to be considered.

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11. Peek a Boo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@keepitgtattoo)

Having a tattoo of your cat peeking is truly a wonderful idea. It will be a sweet reminder of how the cat can be so curious and cute at the same time. You can have this tattoo and perhaps wear a custom bracelet with a cat’s face and name as the charm.

12. Four Cute Furry Friends

Source: Instagram (@tinybaki and littlepondstudio)

How about having a tattoo that includes four faces of your cats? Yes, please! This tattoo looks very simple but adorable, and it comes in the precise colors of all the cats. In our opinion, it’s one of the best small pet tattoo ideas.

Pair with a custom t-shirt that has the same image as the tattoo, and you are confirmed to be a happy cats’ owner.

13. Innocent Dog’s Face

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Instagram (@inkloretattoos2021)

If you want to have a tattoo of your dog that reminds you of their innocent expression, you might want to create a tattoo like this one. It is simple but very precise. Have it on your upper hand and make sure you wear short sleeve shirts to make it visible to others. 

14. Too Cute Too Handle

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest

This is without a doubt one of the cutest pet tattoo ideas on the list. It is a tattoo of a small puddle with a sweet and innocent expression! If you love your puddle so much then make sure you consider having this kind of tattoo to remember how precious he is.

This tattoo will look adorable if you wear a white shirt, by the way.

Unique Pet Tattoos

If you want to have a tattoo unlike others, then make sure you check out below a list of the most unique pet tattoo ideas to consider. 

15. Unique and Artistic Dog Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

This unique and artistic pet tattoo idea of a perfect choice for a pet owner whose pet just passed away. It comes in black and white plus images of meaningful symbols like the Sunflower, and the moon, which will remind you how solid your bond was.

Wearing an ethnic sunflower bracelet will make a great match for the tattoo.

16. Little Astronauts

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest

Well well, take a look at these little furry astronauts! Only in your tattoo can you see your furry friends become astronauts, right? Therefore, make sure you create a tattoo that makes them look adorable.

You can also have it in a polaroid photo frame plus some wordings of love to make it more meaningful. 

17. Super Furry Friend

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest (@PetPress)

We believe that your dog is special. So, how about having a unique pet tattoo that shows your pet as a Super Furry Friend? It can be a super dog as well, with the red cape and the letter “S” on the chest.

Wear your superman shirt, and you will both become a super dynamic duo!

18. The Whole Gang is in The House

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dave)

If you think having tattoos of five of your pets is too much, you might want to think again after seeing this pic. It is a tattoo that includes the faces of all your pets lining up on your hand.

Make sure you have each tattoo based on the real color of them, and add their names next to the faces. 

19. Dog Paws with Faces

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoo Me Now | Tattoo Designs and Ideas)

Who can stand the cuteness of your pets’ paws? Since paws are just too cute, then we also recommend you create a tattoo in the forms of the paws and the pets’ faces inside the paws.

You can have it on your arm, and perhaps wear a necklace with paws as the pendants to match the tattoo?

20. The Basketball Hero

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest

This tattoo is dedicated to a dog who loves basketball as much as you do. The tattoo does not include only your furry friend’s face, but also a basketball hoop and the dog’s name on it. Very unique and creative, indeed. 

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21. Colorful and Artistic Dog Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Facebook (@Human Canvas)

A happy dog’s face deserves to be documented in a wonderful and colorful tattoo on your shoulder. This tattoo will be a sweet reminder of how special your late dog was, and make sure you include his name, too!

22. Cute Little Shocked Face

Alexei Mikhailov Tattoo artist
Source: Facebook (@Alexei Mikhailov Tattoo artist)

If you have cats, we know for sure that you love how the cats can look surprised and shocked at many things, right? Well, since they look so cute with the expression, you can also create a tattoo with your cat’s face with the shocked expression. 

23. Realistic Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Facebook (@Jason Baker Tattoo)

Having a loyal friend is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and many times, your dog is the most loyal friend you had. So, we think the best way to remember that one friend is by creating a realistic animal tattoo of the dog’s face.

You can also create a bracelet with your pet’s face as the charm, too!

24. Square Tattoo

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Serhat Çatalcalı)

For fans of sleek and symmetrical tattoo designs out there, we have one of the coolest pet tattoo ideas for you. This tattoo comes in square shape, which will look neat on your skin. You can include an image of your pet’s face with the name under it. 

23. Huge Cat Face and Name

pet tattoos ideas
Source: Pinterest (@TattMag)

In order to feel like your pet is still around, how about having a tattoo in the form of a huge face of your pet, plus the name under it. You will cherish the tattoo as a reminder of how lovely your bonds were. 

Final Thoughts

Pet owners know that their pets are the most loyal friends in their life. So, we think it is necessary for you to have a tattoo of your pet as a reminder of that.

We hope our list of the coolest and most recommended pet tattoo ideas can give you some inspiration, and make sure you come to a professional and trusted tattoo artist for the best results. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I choose the right tattoo artist for a pet portrait?

First, make an appointment and check out the professional tattoo artist’s portfolio. We can assure you that almost every shop keeps books of photos or a portfolio section on their website that features their best work.

What are the best placements for a pet tattoo?

Your wrist, ankle, or shoulder are the best places to have a pet tattoo. It will add an extra touch of personalization and meaning to your ink. Our advice, choose the placement that resonates with you and bring your pet’s portrait to life.

What should I consider before getting a portrait tattoo of my pet?

Be sure to pick the best image of your pet and make sure the tattoo artist has a long list of experience, and is skilled enough to capture your pet’s semblance accurately. 

How can I incorporate my pet’s name into a tattoo design?

You can make a tattoo of your pet’s name under the face tattoo, and choose artistic or cute fonts to make it look artistic and meaningful.

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