21 Best Floating Desk Ideas for Space-Saving Solutions

If you’re in search of a creative and functional way to maximize your workspace, look no further than floating desk ideas! These space-saving solutions are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow you to create a dedicated work area without taking up valuable floor space. Floating desks provide an innovative and stylish way to maximize the small spaces in your home or office. Whether you have a small apartment or a home office with limited room, a floating desk can be the perfect solution to help you stay organized and productive.

So, let’s take a look at this article if you need more tips and inspiration for floating desk designs! We have compiled the best floating desk ideas to the ever-changing requirement for storage and organizing. Check this out!

DIY Floating Desk Ideas

Are you looking for some modern and stylish ways to spruce up your home office? If so, then you should consider trying some DIY floating desk ideas. Read on to discover some of the best DIY floating desk designs to help you create the perfect workspace.

1. DIY Wooden Pallet Wall-Mounted Desk

Source: Pinterest (@homedit.com)

If you are looking for a floating desk with shelves, why don’t you create it from an old wood pallet? You can easily make a great shelf desk from a wooden pallet. Create the wooden pallet shelves and floating desk part. Simply secure the pallet pieces together using the screws and nails. It will be one of the most creative DIY floating wood shelves for those who love upcycling.

2. DIY Wall-to-Wall Desk

Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

Maximize your  floating desk organization! This DIY wall-to-wall desk would be the ideal wall-mounted desk to match this space if you have a little corner in a room in your house that is broad enough for your new workstation. This floating computer desk produces a contemporary and fashionable design that you may paint or embellish in any style to match your home. You may even add more shelves and storage above or underneath the desk for displaying and storing items.

3. DIY Floating Desk for Low Ceiling Room

Source: Pinterest (@recoverie.com)

Who says you can’t have a spacious study room in a low ceiling room? With this idea, you can transform an attic room into a cool working station. You can build a straightforward but useful custom floating desk and have a rustic feel, though you could paint it any color to complement your  home decor. It is the ideal floating desk organization to add to your kids’ bedrooms because it is simple to paint or modify in the future.

4. DIY Bedroom Floating Desk and Shelves

Source: Pinterest (@tatertotsandjello.com)

You’re in luck if you want to give your bedroom a not-super yet stylish makeover. This is one of the best ideas about floating desks for bedrooms or any small corner or spaces. You can try to optimize small corners in your bedroom with this idea. The modern floating desk design includes identical floating shelves that complement it well. Moreover, you can add a mirror in this floating study desk design to give a spacious feel.

5. DIY L-Shaped Corner Computer Floating Desk

Source: Pinterest (@chalkingupsuccess.com)

When installing a floating desk, you may think of its efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, making a DIY L-shaped computer floating desk will be great. One of the easiest floating desks to construct is this one. All you have to do is use your wooden boards to cut out a L shape, and then use hooks to connect it to a corner of the room. This layout is great for preventing clutter in your workspace. It also utilizes the seemingly empty areas of the space, giving it a wholesome and distinctive finish.

6. All White DIY Minimalist Floating Desk

Source: Pinterest (@lucieslist.com)

All white design is the new modern floating desk idea you can try. The stylish white floating desk would work nicely if you’re striving for an ultra-modern DIY appearance. It adds brightness to a dark workspace and is inexpensive and basic. You can either add the home decor or design it whatever you like. Depending on the style of design you employ, it can be modified for either feminine or masculine application.

7. DIY Floating Desk with Secret Compartment

What a creative and stylish desk! For those who are looking for a cool DIY floating desk with minimal design but hing functionality, consider using this concept. It has a secret compartment for keeping your belongings and saves a lot of room. The minimalist floating desk has a clean and attractive look thanks to how the pull-out drawer fits into it. You won’t have to be concerned about cluttered desktops any more with this design.

Floating Shelf Desk Ideas

Floating shelves are an attractive and functional way to create space-saving storage solutions in any room. With a floating shelf desk, you can create a unique look and feel to any space, while making use of all the available wall space. Our shelf desk ideas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits the style and size of your space.

8. Dreamy Floating Desk with Shelves

Source: Pinterest (@shelterness.com)

Here’s another good-looking desk that will boost your productivity while working or studying! This stylish desk is made of hardwood with 2 plywood shelves. You can keep the original wood color for the floating desk to give a rustic and natural feel. For the floating wood shelves, paint them in matching color with the wall. Don’t forget to add home decor and plants on the shelves for aesthetic purposes.

9. Stylish Laptop Desk Which Hides Your Cables

Source: Pinterest (@hayneedle.com)

Another creative idea you can try when installing a floating desk is utilizing shelves to conceal cables from your laptop. To create this idea, you have to build a large custom floating desk that is connected with shelves and drawers. Therefore, you can create a space behind them to conceal your laptop cables. Moreover, the desk features useful shelves as well for keeping paperwork, books, CDs, and even the printer.

10. Hidden Floating Desk Cupboard

Source: Pinterest (@dunhamfittedfurniture.co.uk)

One of the best floating study desk ideas for kids, this cupboard adds fun and surprise elements to their room. When you open the cupboard you’ll have a desk with drawers and shelves on the wall. This foldable desk is a smart choice for home improvement. Because of its streamlined and fashionable design, you won’t even notice it hanging on your wall. As you can simply fold it up once work is finished and then set up your office again in seconds the next morning, this would be ideal for a smaller apartment or home when you are very short on room.

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11. Floating Desk with Bookcases

Source: Pinterest (@Casa Kids Design by Roberto Gil)

If you are book lovers and collectors, we also have a fantastic idea for displaying and storing items. Place the wall-mounted desk and bookcases close to a window so that the room will be brightened by the natural light. By showcasing your book collection, you may add comfort to a tiny area. You can admire your books while working and quickly open one during lunch if you have floating desks with bookcase storage space. Beautiful bookends will offer a touch of fashionable elegance.

12. Rustic Floating Shelf Desk

Source: Pinterest (@littleyellowwheelbarrow.com)

Create a cozy and appealing work environment with the help of this wooden floating desk design. The material is robust, enduring, and simple to clean. Also, because of the range of tones that wood has to provide, it is highly adaptable. Since solid wood has a distinct grain, color, and finish, no two pieces are ever exactly alike. If you want your home office to have a more rustic vibe, distressed wood in a contrasting color can stand out in a tiny area.

13. Floating Desk with Shelves on The Chalkboard Wall

Floating Desk with Shelves on The Chalkboard Wall
Source: Pinterest (@quoteschristian.com)

Having a dark wall in a small space and want to make it look bright and stand out? We’ve got you covered! Turn your dark wall into a chalkboard styled nook. After that, attach a floating desk with drawers and shelves to optimize the vertical space. We suggest you choose white desk and shelves to create a contrast with the wall, making your room appear bright and stylish.

14. Aesthetic Modern Home Office 

Aesthetic Modern Home Office 
Source: Pinterest (@stocksy.com)

Build an aesthetic home office full of plants to lift up your mood. You only have to install a floating desk with minimal design and arrange some shelves above it. Don’t forget to put green plants on the shelves, creating a natural and refreshing atmosphere around you while working. Choose a fun chair that matches the wall color. This simple design will be a great home improvement for your small home office!

Wall Mounted Floating Desk Ideas

If you’re in search of a workspace that won’t take up valuable floor space, a wall-mounted floating desk could be the perfect solution. These clever creations can be attached to the wall, providing a sturdy and functional workspace while freeing up the area below for other uses. Explore the various wall-mounted floating desk ideas here! We are sure you will find the perfect wall mounted floating desk to make the most of your space.

15. Wall-Mounted Desk from Wood and Aluminum Pipes

Wall-Mounted Desk from Wood and Aluminum Pipes
Source: Pinterest (@housefulofhandmade.com)

When it comes to an industrial wall mounted desk for a kitchen or office, a combination of wood and aluminum pipes in this idea would be fantastic. You can use wood materials for the desktop and some aluminum pipes. The angled supports, which were fastened to the desktop, give it a stylishly industrial appearance. Moreover, the aluminum trim draws attention to the design.

16. Simple and Futuristic Wall Mounted Desk

Simple and Futuristic Wall Mounted Desk
Source: Pinterest (@contemporist.com)

The following wall-mounted desk we’ll show you is an extremely intriguing and futuristic style and would look great in a modern room. It has a top made of genuine oak wood and a frame made of lacquered stainless steel. It is ideal for minimalist interior designs because of its condensed proportions and useful design. The design will create a stunning look to your small space.

17. Modern Floating Vanity with Pull Out Drawer

Modern Floating Vanity with Pull Out Drawer
Source: Pinterest (@saphronlondon.com)

If you prefer a simpler and more modern design, you could make a floating vanity that looks like this. Whether you want to create a beauty room or study room, this floating desk serves various purposes. Addition, this elegant design has practical storage space for your files or makeup collection. This small, modern wall mounted floating desk is ideal for space-saving and fits in any room of the house easily.

18. Minimalist Wall Mounted Floating Computer Desk

Minimalist Wall Mounted Floating Computer Desk
Source: Pinterest (@ikeahackers.net)

This is a sleek wall mounted desk with a simple design to match the minimalist computer. The keyboard and mouse are kept on a shelf that was positioned behind a wall cabinet that serves as a computer stand. The storage space conceals all of the cables, hard drives, and other items. You can choose hardwood materials that are painted in white for the computer desk, creating a minimalist look.

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19. Wood Wall-Mounted Table Folding Desk

Wood Wall-Mounted Table Folding Desk
Source: Pinterest (@muemue.com)

If you are looking for a foldable desk for a small apartment, we are sure the idea won’t disappoint you. This floating desk features a sturdy table and shelves for displaying or storing your stuff. Because the desk has foldable legs, it creates a strong table for a laptop or even your food. You can use this floating desk for studying, working, and eating. After that, you can fold it up to save more space.

20. Minimalist Foldable Wall-Mounted Desk

Minimalist Foldable Wall-Mounted Desk
Source: Pinterest (@trendhunter.com)

Sometimes the wall mounted shelves make you distracted while working in the floating desk. Therefore, we have an awesome idea that will make you focus on your laptop all day. This idea features a simple foldable floating desk that only  can accommodate one laptop. You can add lighting around the table to help you focus. Once you’ve finished your work, you can fold it up again easily.

21. Industrial Ladder Wall Mounted Floating Desk

Industrial Ladder Wall Mounted Floating Desk
Source: Pinterest (@jane.com)

The industrial design on this wall mounted floating desk will effortlessly make a statement to highlight your small corner. The idea of creating a ladder styled floating desk gives a homey and calm feel, perfect for a study area. Simply connect your floating desk and shelves with long wood pieces, making a ladder shape. Make sure to arrange the same size of desk and shelves symmetrically.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a floating desk?

A floating desk is a desk that is mounted to the wall and does not have legs or any other support structure. This type of desk is often used when floor space is at a premium, as it eliminates the need for a traditional desk that takes up a lot of space. Additionally, floating desks are often used to make a room look larger and more open.

Are floating desks a good idea?

Yes, floating desks can be a great idea for some people, especially those with small spaces. They can help to maximize the use of  a room, while adding a modern and stylish look. Floating desks also allow for more flexibility in where you can place items, since they don’t require a traditional desk setup. It’s also helpful if you need to move your desk around easily or if you want to keep your desk out of the way when not in use.

Are floating desks sturdy?

Floating desks can be sturdy depending on the material they are made of and the quality of construction. A good quality floating desk should be made of a strong material such as wood or metal and should have a solid frame and strong mounting hardware. Sturdy construction will ensure that the desk will be able to handle the weight of items placed on top of it.

What kind of wood should you use for a floating desk?

The best type of wood to use for a floating desk is hardwood, such as oak or maple. Hardwoods are more durable and will last longer, and they also look nicer than softer woods. Additionally, hardwoods are better for withstanding weight, which is important for a desk that will be holding objects. If you are looking for ideas about floating desks, you can read the article above.

How much weight can a floating desk hold?

The amount of weight a floating desk can hold will vary depending on the construction and materials used in its design. Generally, floating desks are made of wood, metal, or laminate material and should be able to hold up to 30 to 40 pounds of weight. Meanwhile floating computer desks are only capable of lifting loads that weigh between 40 and 50 lbs.

How do you attach a floating desk to the wall?

To attach a floating desk to the wall, you will need to use a few pieces of hardware. First, you will need to find wall studs that line up with where you want to mount the desk. Next, use a drill to secure heavy-duty screws or bolts into the wall studs. Finally, use a drill to attach L-brackets or other mounting hardware to the back of the desk and use screws or bolts to secure it to the wall.

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