RFID Card Activated Hidden Shelves

These RFID Card-Activated Hidden Shelves allow you to hide your valuables in plain sight. Instead of trying to stash something you value in the deepest corner of a closet, hide it right under the noses of intruders.

These safe shelves might seem like a familiar concept to you. This is because we’ve previously covered their “cousins” – the hidden vent safes.

These look like ordinary, and quite sophisticated, shelves. But there is a hidden compartment inside that you can access in three ways. 

You can either swipe your unique RFID card at it, use an RFID keychain, or a token you can keep near the shelf. 

RFID Card Activated Hidden Shelves

The sheld safe is easy to open when you have the means to. It doesn’t require any code input or voice commands. In case you are put in a dangerous situation and need to open the safe as fast as possible, the easy access feature can be a lifesaver.

RFID Card Activated Hidden Shelves

Use these inconspicuous safes to hide money, jewelry, or means of self-defense. Also, use them to spruce up the place by putting some pictures and plants on them. 

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