World’s First Motion Measurement Tool

The World’s First Motion Measurement Tool uses the same technology you can find in rocket guidance systems to make measuring stuff infinitely easier.

Moasure ONE is a small device that can measure distances up to 1000 ft long, surfaces, volume, angles, and even irregular shapes.

The measuring happens simply by carrying or shifting Moasure from one point and another. Combined with a handy app, this tool makes measuring a walk in the park.

Since Moasure doesn’t rely on cameras or laser it gives you an unparalleled level of precision. This is what makes it a must-have gadget when calculating angles or figuring out the inclines on your path. 

World’s First Motion Measurement Tool

In what situations can you use it? Well, you can instantly find out if the couch you’ve found online would fit in your living room. Know exactly what type of containers your car would be able to handle.

World’s First Motion Measurement Tool

Measure cable runs even through obstacles and uneven surfaces. Save time while putting up photos while still keeping them evenly spaced.

When a tool brings space rocket guidance-level of tech into your house, you know it means business. 

World’s First Motion Measurement Tool

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