25 Cool Security Gadgets That Protect Your Home and Family

Security gadgets are very important as the primary protection for your home and family. Many cool security gadgets provide protection and safety by using advanced technology. It provides comfort and makes you not have to worry about the safety of your home, even when you leave it for a long time. Therefore, we recommend you have at least one security gadget to provide extra security for your home. It’s no exaggeration if you want to be careful. It means you don’t want bad situations to happen.

In this list, we have prepared various cool security gadgets to increase the security of your home. Each of them is useful and applicable for you to use. Let’s check the list below! Who knows, you might find one that’s right for you.

1. Keysafe Push Button Combination

Keysafe Push Button Combination

For you and your family to have a cool security gadget, the first on our list is this Keysafe. As a place for you to store keys that attach to any flat surface. With a push-button combination as access by your whole family. Provide convenience for your child when they come from school, access for the elderly, or a situation where you are locked outside.

2. Hendun Security Alarm

Hendun Security Alarm

This cool security gadget functions as an alarm for your doors and windows. Hendun Security Alarm uses a magnetic sensor that will sound to warn you that you have an intruder opening your door or window. Easily switch on/off for user convenience so you don’t have to worry about it beeping when you don’t want it…

Reolink Indoor Camera

With the quality of the 4 MP camera, this cool security gadget is a complement to your home security. Reolink security cameras are easy to install and connect with your home WiFi device. With access from your mobile phone, this gadget can rotate to monitor the surroundings. Perfect and easy support for 24/7 extra security in your home.

4. Circle View Security Camera

Circle View Security Camera

Circle View is a security camera based on motion detection that focuses on a movement in the image produced by it. This cool security gadget can be placed either indoors or outdoors because it is weatherproof. It has a wide dynamic range lens for good video quality. Easy to install and can provide privacy for your indoor camera because of the adjustable camera head.

5. Ring Sting Up Cam

Ring Sting Up Cam

If you own an Echo product, a home service powered by Amazon, we recommend you to get a Ring Sting Up Cam. You can use this cool security gadget as a surveillance camera on a flat surface or hang it for monitoring. Placed on the door of your house to check who will enter the house, equipped with a two-way microphone to communicate with that person.

6. Level Bolt Smart Lock

Level Bolt Smart Lock

This Level Bolt Smart Lock is not an ordinary door lock. One of the cool security gadgets that can replace your old key. Make your home security a keyless smart system and manage it via your mobile phone. Enter command input using voice or simple touch via the mobile app for convenience.

7. Ultraloq Lever

Ultraloq Lever

Replace your doorknob with a cool security gadget that is safe and keyless. Ultraloq Lever has a 5-in-1 keyless system that makes it easy for you to enter the house, such as a mobile app, fingerprint, and keypad. Strong and sturdy to ensure its quality made of zinc alloy material. It comes with a guide for self-installation at home.

8. Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth Tracker

Don’t let you lose your keys, luggage, or other items using this bluetooth tracker. A cool security gadget that is connected to your mobile phone to find your belongings with the sound it emits. This item works in two directions where you can use it to find your mobile phone by making a sound. Very practical for your security.

9. Wireless Alarm

Wireless Alarm

Simple to use, this wireless alarm is extra protection for your home security. This cool security gadget works with a magnetic sensor that will sound with a loud 120 dB sound, making intruders think twice about entering your home. With the combination pin to open, it makes you feel more secure.

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Convenience makes you feel comfortable. Just like this Blink Outdoor. A cool security gadget for your home that works with Alexa home service and sees the video result by your smartphone. A Wi-Fi connection can make this device detect any movement in your home yard. Easy to install using only AA batteries and withstands all weather conditions.

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11. Door Stop Alarm

Door Stop Alarm

Available in three pieces, this door stop alarm can provide additional security for your home. Works in an easy and hassle-free way for installation. Simply placing this cool security gadget behind your door will sound when an intruder opens your door.

12. SimpliSafe 9 Piece Security System

SimpliSafe 9 Piece Security System

With this nine-item SimpliSafe device, you are ready to provide total security for your home. Consists of sensors and cameras ready to provide 24/7 surveillance of your home. Connected to your smartphone to always be able to monitor from anywhere. One of the cool security gadgets that we recommend for you.

13. Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras

Small does not mean limited ability. With this hidden security camera, you can monitor the conditions in your home when you are not there. Simply by connecting it to a WiFi network, you can live stream the state of your home from anywhere. A cool security gadget with good results 1080 p video quality.

14. Long Range Driveway Alarm

Long Range Driveway Alarm

Cover your perimeter using this long range driveway alarm. What makes this a cool security gadget is that it is equipped with a solar-powered system which makes it eco-friendly. With a sensor range of 1500 FT, it is ready to detect anything, be it humans, vehicles, or large animals that enter your yard.

15. Spotlight Camera

Spotlight Camera

There’s nothing better to keep an eye on your home than using a camera with the 4K resolution spotlight camera. This cool security gadget can connect to Alexa, which means it is a smart device that you can easily manage. It provides perfect surveillance with a 180-degree ultra-wide view for better home security.

16. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

Don’t let you lose your belongings by using this GPS tracker. Its small and light shape makes it one of the cool security gadgets. Connect it to your smartphone, wherever your belongings are left behind or stolen, it is still tracked. With a low monthly fee, you can get a tracker with unlimited distance.

17. U-Bolt Pro

U-Bolt Pro

Security without comfort means you are bothering yourself. Leave your old door lock and replace it with the U-Bolt Pro. As a cool security gadget that provides convenience, there are several safe ways to open this lock. To enter, you can use a fingerprint, keypad, smartphone, auto-unlock, shake to open, and mechanical key for backing up.

18. Wyze Indoor Camera

Wyze Indoor Camera

The Wyze camera is a type of indoor camera that works with Alexa. By connecting it via WiFi, record your home view with motion tagging capabilities that you can see again via your smartphone. This cool security gadget is also equipped with an adjustable metal plate so you get a better angle of view.

19. Door Handle Alarm

Door Handle Alarm

One of the cool security gadgets that you can take anywhere. This door handle alarm is suitable for your security, whether at home or while traveling. If you put it on the doorknob, it will sound loud enough for your neighbors to hear if someone touches your doorknob from outside.

20. Outdoor Security Camera

Outdoor Security Camera

Smart homes must be equipped with smart and cool security gadgets to increase their security. Works with Alexa, this outdoor security camera is practical because it does not use cables and is eco-friendly by using solar power. With a 4 MP camera and equipped with night vision, it provides clear surveillance. Just mounted, and it is ready to monitor your home perimeter.

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21. Alarm Kit

Alarm Kit

Another smart device to enhance your home security. This alarm kit is a cool security gadget consisting of eight alarm units that can be placed throughout your home. Working with Alexa provides security as well as convenience because you can manage it via your smartphone.

22. Video Doorbell Camera

Video Doorbell Camera

It must be a brilliant thing if you have a doorbell that is equipped with security features for your home. As is the case with this Towsen doorbell, a cool security gadget with a 1080p full HD camera. Connect with your mobile phone to monitor who is at your door, and have a two-way talk system to communicate with them.

23. Lockly Pro Deadbolt

Lockly Pro Deadbolt

Another smart lock to replace your old door lock, which is easy to break into. Lockly is a cool security gadget that implements a keyless system that is safer for the security of your residence. Enter using biometrics in the form of a fingerprint or security code so that not just anyone can enter. Or, for convenience, you can set a lock or unlock it from anywhere using your mobile phone.

24. WiFi Door Alarm

WiFi Door Alarm

A good door alarm is one that is easy to operate and works well. You can place this WiFi alarm door throughout your home, such as on doors or windows that are prone to intruders. If the door or window is open, it will notify you via your device and sound an alarm as a sign of danger.

25. Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

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A hidden camera may not really be hidden if you do a self-installation. But that’s different if you use this hidden camera smoke detector. A normal detector equipped with a hidden camera and can be connected to your smartphone is the perfect camouflage for your home security. The cool security gadget with double protection for your home.

latest post:

What is security gadget?

A security gadget is a tool that can provide additional security in your residence. It can be cameras, sensors, alarms, and other related equipment. The cool security gadget can give you security and also comfort because of the latest supporting features such as hidden camera smoke detector, outdoor security camera, and long range driveway alarm.

What is modern security equipment?

Modern security equipment is a security support tool that has advanced features in the form of technology. Such as being able to connect to your smartphone. With this convenience, you can monitor the condition of your home anytime and anywhere.

Recent popular security devices are smart devices that can connect to your smart home service. Some of the products above are happening because they can work with Alexa, the smart home services powered by Amazon, such as spotlight camera, outdoor security camera, and Wyze camera that can provide convenience for your home security.

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