25 Best Gifts For Security Guards

For all they do to protect us in their line of work, the security guard you know deserves a great gift that celebrates them and shows just how much you appreciate their efforts.

Luckily, we have found 21 of the best gifts for security guards, all of which have been specially chosen for their relation to their occupation and their ability to be personalized for an extra special touch, Check them out!

Best Gift Ideas For Security Guards

#1 Funny Security Guard Candle 

Funny Security Guard Candle - Gifts For Security Guards

After a long day on their feet, security guards need a chance to relax, unwind, and melt the stresses of the day away. Happily, this slogan candle is the perfect way to make that happen. Hand-poured and vanilla-scented, it’ll fill their home with a dreamy aroma and a warm glow. Not to mention, the slogan printed on the front is sure to make them smile each time they go to light it.

#2 Customized Unisex Security Guard Staff T-Shirts 

Customized Unisex Security Guard Staff T-Shirts

What better way to show you care than with a personalized gift like this security guard t-shirt. With their profession written across the front for all to see, you can then add your own text beneath it and on the back. Personalize it with their name, the company they work for, or even something humorous if they’ll be wearing it on off-duty days.

#3 Security Guard Travel Mug 

Security Guard Travel Mug

If you’re looking for genuinely funny gifts for security guards, you call off the search. This slogan travel coffee mug is guaranteed to make them laugh. What’s more, the print is of great quality and will look amazing on their desk. Not to mention, since it holds such a large amount of coffee it’s perfect for any security guard working the night shift.

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#4 Yoda Best Security Guard Mug 

Yoda Best Security Guard Mug - Gifts For Security Guards

Need gift ideas for security guards who also love their science fiction? This ‘Yoda Best Security Guard’ mug is perfect! It’s available in two different sizes, is made from high-quality ceramic, and comes printed on both sides. What’s more, it’ll make them (and everyone else who sees it) chuckle when they see it displayed on their desk. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

#5 Utility Bracelet 

Utility Bracelet

We can think of few more genuinely handy gifts for security guards than this multi-tool utility bracelet. It’s light, compact, and, dare we say, stylish. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use. One swift click gives the wearer access to a multi-functional knife with a flat head screwdriver. Perfect for opening packages, fixing small gadgets and appliances, or even slicing up an apple on their lunch break.

#6 Don’t Make Me Use My Security Guard Voice T-Shirt 

Don't Make Me Use My Security Guard Voice T-Shirt - Gifts For Security Guards

We love finding clothing gifts for security guards that they’ll actually wear. Like this hilarious ‘Don’t Make Me Use My Security Guard Voice’ t-shirt that’ll go perfectly with their favorite pair of jeans on days off. The t-shirt comes in six different shades, black, navy, grey, white, purple, and green, and is made from ringspun cotton for a soft and comfortable wear.

#7 Personalized Security Guard Mug 

Personalized Security Guard Mug - Gifts For Security Guards

Though they might not have too much time for coffee breaks, this personalized mug is guaranteed to brighten up their day when they do. Not only will it house their favorite hot beverage on those late nights and early mornings, but it’ll also look great on their desk. That’s all thanks to its awesome security guard animation print which can be made all the more special with their name printed beneath.

#8 Security Guard Sarcastic Quote Tee 

Security Guard Sarcastic Quote Tee - Gifts For Security Guards

Gifts for security offers don’t get funnier than this! It’s ideal for the security guard you know with a dry sense of humor, not to mention, they’ll love to relax wearing it and proudly show off their profession during time off from the job. You can even add your own personal touch, and order the shirt in one of seven different colors, whichever is their favorite!

#9 Thin Yellow Line Security Paracord Bracelet 

Thin Yellow Line Security Paracord Bracelet - Gifts For Security Guards

Those in search of thoughtful gifts for security guards will love this security paracord bracelet. This special item is handmade using 100% military grade paracord for a comfortable, quality fit, and thanks to the thin yellow line design and printed ’Security Lives Matter’ charm at the front, it’ll be a constant reminder of how grateful you are to them for all that they do.

#10 Insecure Security Guard Tee – Funny Gifts For Security Guards

Insecure Security Guard Tee - Funny Gifts For Security Guards

Need a gift idea for a security guard who’s just starting out? Relieve them of those first-day nerves with this funny ‘Insecurity’ tee. They’ll soon have all the experience they need and feel confident in their new profession, until then, they can happily wear this shirt on days off for a chuckle each time they look in the mirror.

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#11 personalized wallet 

personalized wallet - Gifts For Security Guards

Not all gifts for security guards need to be funny ones. Sometimes, we need something a little more thoughtful to show them just how much we care. Thankfully, presents like this personalized leather wallet exist and will help you do just that.

This beautifully made custom gift is crafted with ten handy card slots and a classic fold-out design. What makes it truly special, however, is your choice of engravings available on the front and inside of the gift. Choose their name, a special date, or even a funny joke you share to make it all the more unique for them.

#12 Thin Yellow Line USA flag Unisex Hoodie 

#Thin Yellow Line USA flag Unisex Hoodie 

Another of our favorite clothing gifts for security guards is this super-cozy thin yellow line hoodie. Not only will it keep them warm in style for fall and winter, but it’s also been designed to celebrate and honor all of those that work to protect us. They’ll love wearing this thoughtful gift with pride from the moment they receive it.

#13 Funny Security Guard T-Shirt 

Funny Security Guard T-Shirt - Gifts For Security Guards

Is the security guard you know particularly cheeky? Then we have the perfect present idea! This hilarious tee shows off what they do for a living and also comes with an extra special (albeit raunchy) message for anyone reading it.

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#14 Funny Security Guard Nutrition Facts Coffee Cup 

Funny Security Guard Nutrition Facts Coffee Cup

Hard work? Check. Passion, talent, and dedication? Check. Laziness? Absolutely not! As the security guard in your life is well aware, doing what they do is no easy task and requires a lot of time and hard work. The fuel they need to make it through the day? Caffeine! Make sure they have a suitable receptacle for their favorite hot beverage with this super-fun mug complete with comic nutritional facts.

#15 Flint and Tinder 10-Year Quarter-Zip Hoodie

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Quarter-Zip Hoodie

If you’re looking for security officer appreciation gifts that don’t relate directly to their profession, this stylish 10-year quarter-zip pullover sweater is ideal. It has a structured fit, a cozy 23oz fleece to keep them warm, and is guaranteed to become softer and more comfortable with every wear. The sweater even comes in four amazing fall-inspired shades, rust, forest, navy, and medium heather grey. It’ll become an instant favorite in their closet and makes for the ideal fall/winter look on their off-duty days.

#16 Personalized Docking station

Personalized Docking station

Whether they’re rushing out the door for an early morning shift or getting home in the early hours and needing to go straight to bed, this undeniably chic docking station is all they need to stay organized. With spaces for their watch, keys, phone, sunglasses, headphones, wallet, and more, it has compartments for all the essentials and keeps them corraled in one handy area for easy access. Not to mention, its flawless design will look incredible no matter where they choose to display it.

#17 Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Gift Box

Staying alert is an important part of being a security guard, so when they need a delicious morning pick me up, this coffee gift box set has them covered. It’s filled with eight assorted coffees and even includes a French press for a superior taste and pour. Why not gift it to them alongside one of the coffee mugs on our list if you really want to spoil them?!

#18 Security Guard Sweater 

Security Guard Sweater

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best gifts! That’s why we’re loving this hashtag Security Guard sweater. It’s stylish and simple to pair with the pants of their choice, plus, it also has a classic crew neckline and is soft and smooth for comfortable weekend wear.

#19 The Hard Day’s Work Kit 

The Hard Day's Work Kit

This Hard Day’s Work kit proves that security guard gifts can be both thoughtful and practical. It’s filled with luxury grooming gifts such as muscle soak, a shampoo bar, hand and body cream, and more, that’ll give them all they need to feel refreshed and renewed after quitting time.

#20 Funny Badass security guard Travel Mug 

Funny Badass security guard Travel Mug

On a busy morning, there’s no time to stop for coffee but that doesn’t mean they won’t still need it! Make sure they’re able to take theirs on the road with this hilarious slogan mug which you can even personalize with their name.

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#21 Custom security Officer Street Sign 

Custom security Officer Street Sign

Few security officer appreciation gifts are as unique as this custom street sign. Have it personalized with the street name of your choice (we recommend their name or occupation) and watch them smile with joy as they open it up, then promptly look for the perfect place to display it with pride!

#22 Powerful L2 LED Handheld Flashlight

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Security officers should have a high quality flashlight when they stand by all night long and check all parts of the building. This handy flashlight comes with high lumens up to 2,000 lumens, so it can light up to 300 meters. The flashlight comes with a pouch that can be worn on the belt to be carried all around. It will be the best gift for security guards on this holiday.

#23 Arm Protection Sleeves

Arm Protection Sleeves

 Give the security guards double protection from these arm protection sleeves. It is easy to wear, cut-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and heat-protect. A meaningful yet still useful gift idea for the security guard. It prevents them from getting hurt if there are thieves that come to the building. The material is made from TenActiv yarn, five times stronger than stainless steel for full protection.

#24 Funny Lined Blank Notebook Journal

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Being security guards not only patrol and monitor the building and ensure the people around are safe, but also report daily condition after working. Sometimes, they forget to write the condition, that’s why giving a notebook journal will help them. They can write down the condition when they take a break for a while, since the book is handy and easy to carry. Writing down also helps them to stay alert when they feel sleepy at night. Give it to your favorite security officer to make their work easier,

#25 Anti Theft Slim Wallet

Anti Theft Slim Wallet

It is time to give the security guards a gift that can protect their stuff as well. Surprise them by giving this anti-theft slim wallet. The design is slim although there are many cards inside, to prevent a bulky look on the trouser’s pocket. The material is durable for a long lasting wallet to be used. And one important thing, there is RFID to prevent the cards inside the wallet being robbed by someone out there. It is pretty much practical and a must have one for security officers.

 Those are our best selection gift ideas for your favorite security guards. Whether they are your husband, father, brother, uncle or the kindest neighbor next door. Choose what fits them very well, surprise them in this season or at their birthday. Let them know that it is not only them who care to protect, but also you and the others. 

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