PLUS Guard Your ID Stamp

This PLUS Guard Your ID Stamp is a simpler and cheaper alternative to a shredder when it comes to concealing private information from prying eyes.

Sooner or later you have to dispose of countless newsletters, bank statements and redundant documents you’ve accumulated over time.

But when it comes to throwing away correspondence that contains your personal information on it, you can get get a little bit paranoid. Identity theft is no joke.

You could, of course, tire yourself with covering every bit of information with a sharpie. Or try to rip the newsletter into tiny pieces. 

Or you could just get yourself one of these stamps. They use a random selection of letters and signs to cover up everything you don’t want people to see.

PLUS Guard Your ID Stamp

Hide your bank account PIN number, social security number, prescription information, name, and address.

Everything is concealed safely with a flick of a wrist.

PLUS Guard Your ID Stamp

So if you want to save money on a shredder and rest assured that no one’s going to get their hands on your private information thanks to something you’ve carelessly thrown out, this stamp is for you. 

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