Wearable Snow Sled Attachments

These Wearable Snow Sleds Attachments will give you the same joy as a traditional sled but with much more comfort and portability.

Why would you waste your breath dragging bulky sleds up the hill over and over again? Because going down the hill on the sleds is worth it, yes.

But what if you could simply wear the sleds on your legs and all that was required of you was to run and slide? Yeah, that would be great and now you can actually try it.

This item might look simple, but it has actually been designed to provide you with as much as comfortable as possible while both walking and sledding. 

Wearable Snow Sled Attachments

The sleds manage to keep your toes elevated while sledding so they don’t get dragged through the snow. Additionally, the inner cushioned side hugs you envelops the front part of your legs to keep you stable.

Wearable Snow Sled Attachments

Only keep in mind that the rider must be taller than 5′, lighter than 250 lbs and older than 13. Apart from that, what are you waiting for? Go, enjoy the winter and completely reinvent your sledding experience! 

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