25 Charming Stoner Gifts for Her Who Love Smoking

When things get complicated, smoking weed can be a simple solution for stoner girls. A stoner girl is a girl who smokes weed and lives her life in a way that she doesn’t care what others think. A stoner girl can be as beautiful, smart or even productive as any other person. Moreover, she uses her free time to relax and refresh her mind, gaining some inspiration before starting her work or study. Therefore, she always has the best way to reduce her stress and anxiety, which will increase her productivity.  

If you have a stoner girl in your life, you may wonder what will be the best stoner gifts for her. Therefore, we have compiled some hot items for your inspiration. Whether you are looking for funny stoner gifts for her, or want to buy a romantic gift for your stoner girlfriend, you will find various options in this article. Without any further ado, let’s dive in! 

1. Joint Weed Funny Scented Candle

Joint Weed Funny Scented Candle

Turn your stoner girl’s room into their favorite scent with this joint weed funny scented candle. The right aroma from this soy wax scented candle will enhance the chill vibes when she is getting high. Not to mention, the funny caption at the jar is attractive and hilarious, making it one of the best stoner gifts for her to relax.

2. Queen of Green Mug

Queen of Green Mug

A queen needs to be treated well, so does your stoner girl. As she is the queen of green weed in your life, you can surprise her with this charming mug. The clear and vibrant design is beautifully printed on this mug, making a strong statement for her favorite thing in her life: cannabis. While drinking with this mug, she will remember you in every sip.

3. Let’s Get A High Makeup Bag

Let’s Get A High Makeup Bag

The makeup bag is an essential item for any girl, including your stoner girl. Beside its function to store makeup, she can hide some weed inside them, perfect stoner gifts for her. Made from 100% flax, the wise and unique quote is printed on this material very well. It will be the perfect gift for your friends, mother, or even girlfriend on Valentines day. 

4. Lipstick and Cannabis Socks

Lipstick and Cannabis Socks

In case you want to buy Christmas stoner gifts for her, then these lovely socks are a brilliant idea. It features charming patterns of pink lipstick and cannabis, 2 favorite things of stoner girls. Your stoner girl will surely be happy receiving this gift. She can wear it to get warmth while adding charms to her fabulous fashion.

5. Marijuana Mama Travel Mug

Marijuana Mama Travel Mug

Get your stoner mother this cool  mug to accompany her while traveling. With the cool design at the front, she can show her pride to be a stoner. Made from stainless steel with an easy-grip handle, the size is perfect for a standard cup holder. She can bring it anywhere, perfect stoner gifts for her on Mother’s day.

6. Weed Culture Marijuana Ladies Vest

Weed Culture Marijuana Ladies Vest

Who says stoner girls don’t think about their fashion? Well, this amazing ladies vest will be one of the most fashionable stoner gifts for her. It features a weed culture marijuana logo at the chest part, making her look stand out. Because it is composed from cotton material, it will match any casual style your stoner girls like.

7. Pink Smoking Set

Pink Smoking Set

A package from heaven, this pink smoking set will be everything she needs to enter her fantastic world. With those smoking goodies and accessories in this box, rolling her own cigarette will be simple and easy. All items inside this box are designed in pink colors, the ideal stoner gifts for her who is also a pink lover.

8. Cute Stash Kit

Cute Stash Kit

Get your marijuana on the go with this cute stash kit. The tiny size with adorable color is one of the best stoner gifts for her who loves traveling. In the stash kit, you will get some mini rolling papers, pre rolled cones, as well as an assorted lighter. Whenever your stoner girl wants to chill, this cute stash kit will be a lifesafer. 

9. Lipstick Lighter Accessories

Lipstick Lighter Accessories

Surprise your stoner girl with this charming lipstick lighter for smoking weed. It will be one of the best stoner gifts for her to smoke in style. Inspired by real red lipstick, you can slide down the red part to light it. Made from plastic and metal, this item is quite light, making it ideal and comfortable to bring everywhere.

10. Resin Marijuana Leaf Ashtray

Resin Marijuana Leaf Ashtray

In case your stoner girl is also an art enthusiast, then she may fall in love with this gift. This artistic ashtray comes with marijuana leaf shape which is made from resin, giving a clear glass like visual. The real flowers are trapped inside the ashtray, adding an artistic and stunning appearance. It will be one of the most unique stoner gifts for her as a smoking company. 

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11. Powerpuff Girls Pink Grinder

Powerpuff Girls Pink Grinder

Let your stoner girl get high like these Powerpuff girls on this cute grinder. The cute Powerpuff girls designs are appealing and charming, giving a nostalgic vibe to her old favorite cartoon. It’s made of aluminum and comes in a nice pink color. The great structure makes this grinder durable and very light as well.. 

12. Mean Girls Themed Joint Kit

Mean Girls Themed Joint Kit

If your stoner girl is going to have fun with her friends, this joint kit will be one of the most precious stoner gifts in her life. Inspired by the famous book “Mean Girls”, this kit is specifically designed for those stoner girls out there. There is a mini grinder, mini handmade clay ashtray, rolling papers and a mini lighter in the Mean Girls theme inside, so she can roll the perfect joint everywhere.

13. Stoner Rock Figurine

Stoner Rock Figurine

Give your stoner girl a little buddy at her work desk in case she feels bored or stuck. Made from ceramic with acrylic paint, these figurines portray a funny and entertaining tipsy face. Whenever she needs inspiration, Stoner rock figurines are the best stoner gifts for her, a terrific way to bring a touch of whimsy and sweetness to her room.

14. 90s Princess Stoner Gift Basket

90s Princess Stoner Gift Basket

Bring back the 90’s childhood memories with Princess themed stoner gift baskets. From the small ashtray to the large stoner coloring book, all of these items feature Disney Princess designs. Your stoner girl will surely jump into joy and excitement as she can enjoy her favorite weed while reminiscing about the good old time.

15. Glitter Rolling Tray Set

Glitter Rolling Tray Set

Let your stoner girl chills in glam with this glitter rolling tray set. Made from resin and glitter, this is one of the most unique handmade stoner gifts for her. This set features a large rolling tray, a large stash jar, grinder, cannabis leaf ashtray, and lighter in glamorous glittery black and purple colors with cannabis design on them. 

16. Her Royal Highness Roast and Toast Mug

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Enjoy the weed smoke like royals with this amazing ceramic roast and toast mug. The creative design at the front side gives a clear statement to your stoner girl as Her Royal Highness to have a great time with this mug. She can pack her weed in the pipe part and light it to get the best chilling smoke sensation. 

17. A Woman’s Guide To Cannabis

A Woman’s Guide To Cannabis

Explore the world of Cannabis with this unique book. Specifically made for women, it will be one of the best stoner gifts for her to fulfill her curiosity. Especially for those beginners who want to know the benefit of becoming stoner girls, they will get a lot of insights and knowledge with this book.

18. Marijuana Leaf Night Light

Marijuana Leaf Night Light

Wish your stoner girl a good night with this unique marijuana leaf night light. Made from acrylic, this lamp shows a beautiful 3D illusion of marijuana leaf. The lamp base is composed of high-quality pine wood that is both light and strong. It is an ideal and heartwarming gift for stoner girls who adore the beauty of marijuana leaf.

19. Pink Rolling Paper Bundle

Pink Rolling Paper Bundle

Get your stoner girl some rolling papers for spare in high quality material. These pre-rolled cones are manufactured from wood pulp and have no taste or odor. They burn slowly and evenly, producing a lovely white ash.The pink color is made from food-safe, GMO-free dye. It lets your stoner girl have a better and more colorful smoking experience. 

20. Rainbow Beaded Pot Leaf Bracelet

Rainbow Beaded Pot Leaf Bracelet

Protect your stoner girl with her favorite charm: pot leaf. This bracelet comes with a beautiful pot leaf pendant, along with colorful rainbow glass beads, making your girl look charming. It features an adjustable drawstring, so this bracelet will fit her arm well. Inspired by the Bohemian style, it can be a fantastic and romantic gift for Valentines day.

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21. Weed Emoji Plush Pillow

Weed Emoji Plush Pillow

This lovely emoji plush pillow can describe your stoner girl very well. The funny face of this pillow with weed eyes is incredibly hilarious and appealing. Therefore, she deserves to get this gift as her little company in the bedroom. Made from high quality plush material, it will be one of the funny stoner gifts for her. 

22. Handstamp Vintage Smoker Keyring

Handstamp Vintage Smoker Keyring

Give your stoner girls this motivational keyring to cheer her up while facing problems. This hand stamped quote in this vintage keyring resembles her weed smoking habit very well, which puts a smile on her face. This keyring will be a perfect reminder that all she has to do is just inhale the good shit and exhale the bulshit around.

23. Ice Cream Pipes

Ice Cream Pipes

Smoke in a cute way? Why not? The cherry on top of your stoner girl’s lit smoke sesh will be this cute ice-cream pipe. This delicious ice cream is served on a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles, making it look appealing and tasty. The silicone pipe is unbreakable, heat-resistant, and comes with a tempered glass bowl. She will be excited to receive this adorable gift.

24. 420 Weed Totebag

420 Weed Totebag

For stoner girls, traveling will not be complete without this cool 420 weed tote bag. Made from white canvas with a clear and simple black print design, it makes an amazing fashionable bag for your stoner girl. With this gift, she can express her pride as a stoner girl in an elegant and stylish way. 

25. Cannabis Cookie Cutter

Cannabis Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter makes a great gift for a stoner girl who also loves baking. WIth this unique cannabis shaped cookie cutter, she can design her own cannabis munchies easity. Made from plastic in an attractive green color, it is suitable for dough or candy mold. She can make a cannabis shape pattern or just simply give a cannabis mark on the top of her cookie.

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What should I get my stoner girlfriend?

You can surprise her with thoughtful stoner gifts for her to support her smoking hobby. A gift set such as the pink smoking set will be a thoughtful gift for your stoner girlfriend, especially if she loves the color pink. If you need more ideas of stoner gifts or her, you can read in the article above.

What do you get a stoner friend?

A useful gift that expresses their love of cannabis will be the best gift for stoner friends. If your friend is a boy, try to get him cool tools to support his hobby. Meanwhile, if your stoner friend is a girl, you can get her cute and useful accessories like the lipstick lighter accessories to make her smoke in style.

Why are stoners chill?

Because marijuana gives relaxing effects to their brain, making them less stressed and anxious. In some cases, the higher dosage will make them feel high and relax. It can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes for the effects to appear, depending on the dose. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive component of cannabis that binds to cannabinoid receptors directly.

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