Solar Powered Weeding Robot

Gardening is a hard but also rewarding activity that you invest plenty of time in. It does pay off when the lawn is cut, the flowers are blooming and the weeds are taken care of.

But anyone who has had anything to do with gardening, in general, knows that dealing with weeds is a non-stopping battle. A battle that gives a sore back, hurting hands, and spoils the perfect look of your garden.

If only you had a helper that you didn’t need to bribe or nag at to take care of weeding. There is one. Meet Tertill, the solar powered weeding robot. 

Solar Powered Weeding Robot

If you were to describe Tertill in a completely colloquial way you’d call it a ‘gardening roomba’. Tertill is an adorable robot that will roam your garden every day cutting the weeds.

Of course, if you yourself taking care of weeds you’d just pull them out for the longer-lasting effect.

Solar Powered Weeding Robot

But since this robot is solar powered and doesn’t require any charging or maintenance it will freely drive around cutting those bastards at the base.

Tertill recognizes weeds by height following the logic of ‘high – weed, tall – something else’. But if you have recently planted small plants you can easily protect them from Tertill by placing protective collars around them. Don’t worry, the collars will be provided and Tertill will respectively avoid the plants ‘wearing them’.

Solar Powered Weeding Robot

Tertill stores the solar power it gathers in a battery and uses that power in a smart and responsible way. Meaning that on cloudy days it will save energy by roaming the garden less frequently.

On sunny days Tertill will go bonkers with power (kidding). It also possesses four-wheel drive so it won’t get stuck. The gardening robot is, additionally, waterproof so it can comfortably sit out in the rain. Basically, it can live in your garden, patrol the weeds and get rid of them with almost no input from you.

Solar Powered Weeding Robot

Frankly, Tertill is a cute garden helper that can comfortably cover a 100 square feet garden. Just make sure it will not get away from you, it is quite an adventurer. Your garden would look perfect, your back would thank you, and you’d have a new friend. All thanks to Tertill.

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