30 Chiropractic Gifts for Chiropractors

For the chiropractor who has your back, pun intended, a thoughtful gift could go a long way in expressing your gratitude. After all, someone who makes your joints stop aching and relaxes your muscles deserves the very best, don’t they? But where do you start in choosing perfect gifts for chiropractors?

Keep calm, as your chiropractor told you because we have you covered. Whether you are looking to crack them up just like they do you, or get something functional to add value to their life, you have come to the right place.


We have curated the ultimate collection of chiropractor gift ideas for every occasion, from graduation to retirement and everything in between. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your chiropractor, there is something here for you to make them smile.

Best Gift Ideas For Chiropractors:

Read on and make your pick from our comprehensive chiropractor gift collection!

#1 Chiropractor Desktop Business Card Holder

Chiropractor Desktop Business Card Holder

Nothing could ever beat a functional gift choice with a touch of creativity. With one of these fancy spine cardholders, your chiropractor gets double the benefits. On one hand, it is the perfect reflection of what she does thanks to the innovative spine design.

This turns it into the ideal focal point for her desktop. Furthermore, thanks to its high visual appeal, no one will ever leave the office without a business card.

#2 Spine Whisperer T-Shirt

The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic T-shirt

No one has quite as much mastery over the human spine as the chiropractor does. That’s what makes the spine whisperer t-shirt super special.

It is simple, yet fun, capturing the essence of their work in the most perfect way. The spinal artwork surrounding the text takes it all to the next level. What a remarkable choice for that spine specialist.

#3 Chiropractor Gift – Custom Portrait as Cartoon Character

Chiropractor Gift – Custom Portrait as Cartoon Character

If you are looking for a chiropractic gift to brighten up someone’s life, you just found it! A custom cartoon portrait can make even the most uptight recipient smile.

It is full of creativity and will introduce good cheer to any space. Most importantly, its personalization aspect reflects the fact that some thought went into the gift choice.

#4 Human Vertebra Keychain in Pewter

Human Vertebra Keychain in Pewter

How about giving your favorite chiropractor a piece of the human vertebrae to showcase their love for the job? Not just any piece will do.

This particular piece shows great attention to detail and is as close to the real thing as it can ever be.

In addition to reflecting on their beloved career, it also adds tons of functionality to their lives. Maybe this way, your recipient will never lose their keys again.

#5 Big Personality Desk Signs

No One Gets Hurt Desk Sign Small

The No One Gets Hurt Desk Sign is a great way to bring some everyday fun to your workspace or office.

Anyone coming to their office will have reason to smile and relax, even before the chiropractor gets started. What a way to keep things exciting!

#6 Personalized Human Spine Cutting Board

Personalized Human Spine Cutting Board

Does the chiropractor in your life also possess admirable culinary skills? Or do they need a gentle nudge in that direction? Regardless of the situation, this cutting board has you covered.

It is an elegant wooden piece with vintage spinal cord art engravings on the surface. The old-world charm in the artwork makes the piece super special and ideal for your recipient.

#7 Don’t Mess With Me I Snap Necks for a Living, Funny Chiropractor Mug

Don't Mess With Me I Snap Necks for a Living, Funny Chiropractor Mug

You can never go wrong with a funny mug for your chiropractor. Especially if he tries to put on a tough guy façade, the text on this mug defines him. At least with this in hand, they will not have to try so hard.

The mug says it all on his behalf. And equally important is the fact that it will keep them well-caffeinated for the toughest of days.

#8 Chiropractor Definition Cushion Gifts for Chiropractors

Chiropractor - definition Throw Pillow

What exactly does a chiropractor do? Your chiropractor may not know this yet but what they do is a lot more complex than it sounds. Let them know just how special they are with this hilarious chiropractors gift.

The cheeky message will keep them smiling. But more importantly, the pillow will fill a real functional need in their lives.

#9 The Chiropractor Puzzle – Challenging and Artistic

The Chiropractor Puzzle – Challenging and Artistic

Are you having a hard time figuring out what these are and where every piece goes? That’s because it’s not for you but for that special chiropractor. So stop cracking your head over it and give it to someone who needs it.

The puzzle is not only challenging, it is also an attractive art piece to make a statement in any space. It also offers a fun way to kill time after work.

#10 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer


Show your chiropractor that you care about their health too by getting her the phone sanitizer. As a health practitioner, she most likely has to wash her hands countless times on any given day.

But that might not be possible every time she touches the phone. And since the phone is one of the dirtiest gadgets ever, this would make an indispensable choice for anyone who cares about their health.

#11 Its Going Tibia Okay Shirt Chiropractor Shirt

Shinbone Its Going Tibia Okay Medical Chiropractor

Chiropractors, like any other medical practitioners, have a way with words for times when we need reassurance. With that in mind, this t-shirt will both reassure patients and tickle them out of their pain.

In fact, wherever your recipient walks, they will spread good cheer. And as we all know, laughter is the best medicine, right?

#12 Chiropractic Wall Art

Drawing Chiropractic

Your chiropractor might already have spine-inspired wall art. But this is one of the most unique chiropractic art gifts yet! It combines the timeless spine concept with a bit of inspiration from nature.

Lots of minute details go into making it a comprehensive nature-inspired piece. That brings the piece to life and makes it an amazing addition for any space, in the office or at home.

#13 Chiropractor Travel Mug

Funny Chiropractor's Thoughts Travel Mug

For the graduating chiropractor in your life, one of these mugs would make the perfect gift. You too may never have imagined that they would end up on this career path. Yet here you all are!

#14 Silver Spine Cord Anatomy Ring

Silver Spine Cord Anatomy Ring - Gifts for Chiropractors

What better way to let a chiropractor know how much you love him or her than with one of these rings? It is a creative work of wearable art featuring the backbone vertebrae.

Thanks to its great craftsmanship, the piece shows great attention to detail and will wow anyone in the spine business. Its flexible design offers a comfortable fit to top it all up.

#15 Chiropractor Perpetual Calendar and Tabletop Clock

Peter Pepper Products Wall Clock With Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

Your recipient would really appreciate one of these timeless gifts for chiropractors. It is not only full of functional appeal but it also makes a great statement piece.

Combining a perpetual calendar and clock, this is one gift that will never go out of style. What makes it particularly special for recipients in this career is the chiropractic emblem.

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#16 Chiropractor Custom Street Sign

Chiropractor Custom Street Sign

Complete a back doctor’s home décor with an elegant custom street sign. You could, in fact, match their existing décor pretty well by choosing from the wide range of colors.

The fact that it is an aluminium piece means that it will probably outlive most other décor pieces. And whether you choose to place it indoors or out, it will stand the test of time.

#17 Watercolor Spine Anatomy Art

Jacaranda Spine Tree

Is there a chiropractor in your life who really appreciates art? Well, this is one of the appropriate pieces, to sum up their two passions. This tree consists of a vertebrae column as the tree trunk.

Bringing it to life, the foliage in the branches comes in beautiful pink hues and little flowers sit at the base. Blue and white clouds float in the background to complete the serene concept.

#18 Yoda Best Chiropractor Coffee Mug

Yoda Best Chiropractor Coffee Mug - Funny Gifts for Chiropractors

If your favorite spine doctor is as passionate about their career as she is about Star Wars, here is the gift you seek. The whimsical design features Yoda and the words “Yoda best chiropractor.”

With this amusing concept, you will melt your recipient’s heart. With this gift you get to combine the two things they love best, making it a sure hit.

#19 Today It Hurts Tomorrow It Works Unisex Shirt

Today It Hurts Tomorrow It Works Unisex Shirt

Anyone who has ever experienced the magical hands of a chiropractor knows this. They can completely change your life from one day to the next.

With just the right touch, whatever hurts today can work perfectly well tomorrow, without the slightest ache. Celebrate them in style with this unisex shirt. It has a significant dose of humour through what it conveys is actually true.

#20 5-in-1 Tool Pen

5-in-1 Tool Pen

Part of being a medical practitioner is knowing how to wield tools correctly. Though this tool pen has nothing to do with the chiropractic career, it still holds tons of value for that specialist.

No matter where he finds himself, this tool can get him out of tight situations. It has a screwdriver, ruler, bubble level, touch stylus and of course, a pen.

Davinci Anatomical Cufflinks

There will be times when he needs to dress up, maybe for his graduation or retirement party. These anatomical cufflinks will keep him in the best frame of mind as they capture his main passion.

Not only are they creative and unique, but they also serve a highly functional role. And the anatomical design makes them hard to miss, a great statement piece to complete any formal look.

#22 Ask Me Why I’m So Well Adjusted Hoodie – Funny Gifts for Chiropractors

Ask Me Why I’m So Well Adjusted Hoodie - Funny Gifts for Chiropractors

A chiropractor’s life is all about adjusting people to eliminate misalignments. You can imagine how well adjusted they are, with all the knowledge they have!

Give them an opportunity to celebrate this fact with this humorous hoodie. One cannot help but smile at the comical text. And you can be sure it will have the same effect on the doc and everyone around them.

#23 Personalized Chiropractic Keyring

Chiropractic Gifts - Chiropractor - Chiropractic - Graduation Gift - Gift For Doctor - Gifts for Chiropractors - Thank You Gifts

Keyrings make ideal gift ideas for chiropractors and everyone else. Aside from keeping their keys secure, this piece will also showcase your love for them.

A circular gold disc holds the message “best chiropractor ever.” On one side is a hand charm and a heart charm on the other, adding symbolic value to the piece.

#24 Personalized Cutting Board Gifts for Chiropractors

Personalized Cutting Board, Custom Cutting Board, Personalized Wedding Gift, Engraved Board, Housewarming Gift, Anniversary Gift, Engagement

Here is a gift that will keep giving, both you and your recipient. It features your family name at the top, adding a personal touch to meal preparation.

If your chiropractor partner needs some motivation to help out in the kitchen, this is your best bet. No one can resist such an elegant personalized piece. And when it’s not in use, it will serve as a beautiful accent piece.

#25 Bangle Chiropractor Graduation Gift

Chiropractor Gift, Chiropractor Graduation Bracelet, Chiropractor Jewelry, College Graduation Gift for Her, Personalized Grad Gift

With this remarkable graduation gift for doctors of chiropractic, you can welcome the new back doctor into the career in style!

Every aspect of its design spells elegance and will make your recipient proud of her achievement.

The bangle features four charms with charming messages to melt her heart. You can change make it more personal with a custom message.

#26 This Awesome Comfy and Stylish Chiropractor Hoodie

Chiropractor Design - Funny Chiropractic Gifts Hoodie

What would we do without the miraculous powers of adjustment in our chiropractor’s hands? If you have had this experience, the least you can do is express your appreciation using this funny hoodie.

After all, your back doctor gave you back your well-being. Giving them a reason to smile is a great way to return the favor, wouldn’t you agree?

#27 Chiropractic Purpose Statement Artwork

Chiropractic artwork

How about a gift that gives their space a major facelift? This purpose statement artwork will do that and so much more. Its design is captivating and unique and will transform any space.

And the words are touching enough to keep people coming back. Most importantly, it captures the true essence of their career and will touch a chiropractor’s heart.

#28 Bone Shape Ballpoint

MagicW Novelty Bone Shape Ballpoint Pens Finger Skull

Create a fun and memorable gift for your long time chiropractor with this bone shaped pen set. There are 5 pens and all is black ink, so it is pretty useful for them to write on. Simply put it on the gift box for a special gift. It can be given as a Christmas gift, Valentine’s day or Thanksgiving. Or you can just give it to show how grateful you are having them as your chiropractor.

#29 White Coat Wine Bag

4 Pieces White Coat Wine Bag Felt Doctors White Wine Bottle Cover with Tie White Beer

Planning to give a bottle of wine to your favorite chiropractor? But it seems too ordinary if you just send the bottle away. Make it more special and personal with this white coat wine bag. The bag is a doctor coat shaped. It gives a more fun and joyous feeling for the receiver. Moreover, the wine will look outstanding and ready to be a special party companion. Since the wine is already dressed up, then the party should be turned up.

#30 Chiropractic Humor Booklet

Perfect Chiropractor Gifts - Great Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Spine Specialist or Massage Therapist

Let’s make your chiropractor laugh out loud by giving this humor booklet. The cute and adorable design, we guarantee he/she will love it. It not only contains humorous jokes, but also funny stickers and a small card as special wishes for him/her.

Is the chiropractor in your life a spouse, a son/daughter or your doctor? Well, with the innovative options highlighted above, you have more than enough gifts for chiropractors to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Go on, spread the love and good cheer and help a chiropractor keep up the good work they do in adjusting people and cracking them up!

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