Neozoon, A Must-Have Multi Purpose Lamp That Sucks, Literally!

After two years of living in the world of a pandemic that forces us to stay at home, I think we deserve a nice outing in the great outdoors, don’t you think? Therefore, from several months ago, my family and I have been planning a camping trip in one of the most recommended camping grounds in the state.

I have to admit that we are so excited and we’ve been planning everything carefully to make sure we have all we need for the trip.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that we should have prepared better, and it’s the portable lamp! Yes, I know that it’s one of the most crucial camping tools, and we do have one at home. But luck is not on our side.

The lamp is now broken, and I think it’s because it has been sitting on our storage shelf for too long, so it just stopped functioning.

multi purpose lamp
A Must-Have Multi Purpose Lamp

Since camping is just days away, I decided to browse online for the fastest portable lamp I can find. And to my surprise, I found Neozoon, which I think is one of my best discoveries on the online market so far.

In short, I have found the best portable lamp that literally sucks, if you know what I mean.

In fact, Neozoon turns out to be one of the best tools we have for the trip!

My First Impression

Neozoon is a small, portable, and versatile stick-on lamp. I think these are three words that can precisely describe this cool portable lamp. Not to mention that it’s a great multi purpose lamp, too!

multi purpose lamp
My First Impression

To be honest I was not expecting the lamp to be this cool. But when I had it on my doorstep, it really surprised me!

Unlike other portable lamps, this one is made of premium material that makes it so light and easy to place anywhere. It’s a wall-mounted lighting, and it can be mounted on any flat surface and you can mount it in seconds.

What Does It Look Like?

I think it looks aesthetic. Unlike most portable lamps, Neozoon has an attractive look and innovative design that will make any room become more engaging. In fact, Neozon won the Design Plus Award 2022.

In my opinion, it has the perfect size that gives me flexible placement options. I tried to use it in my bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even in the car while I was driving at night. I have to say that this multi purpose lamp comes pretty handy, pretty and useful.

Physically, the lamp has a size of 15cm wide by 9.5 cm tall (5.9 by 3.7 inches), and it only weighs about 200 g (7 oz).

NEOZOON Key Features

As long as it is placed on a flat surface, I think Neozoon will stay there for a long time. Due to the shape, it can easily mount on anything such as glass, wall, ceramic, furniture, wood, and many more!

Personally, I really love the suction cup because it makes Neozoon the best portable lamp that sucks, like literally. It sucks the air that makes it able to stand for several weeks on a flat surface.

portable lamp
NEOZOON Key Features

The silicon material also comes as a great medium to emit the light perfectly.

However, I can’t underestimate the light either, because after I used it several times, I was able to come to a conclusion that this lamp is more than just an emergency lighting solution, but it also comes with great features, including the fact that the light is steplessly dimmable.

You can adjust the level of light simply by keeping my finger placed on the “On” and “Off” button and it will continually grow brighter and dimmer. Then, I just need to remove my finger and the light will stay at the current brightness level.

Very simple and easy!

Two Main Part of NEOZOON

The Neozoon consists of two main parts, which are the silicon and the lamp that is protected by Aerospace Grade Aluminium and 3D Printed Polyamide. The silicon guarantees non-yellowing quality and promises a long lasting use.

Honestly, I can see that this product offers great quality.

Aside from being a product made in Germany, it also looks very convincing. Oh and there is one other thing that I love about Neozoon. I love the touch sensitive controls that make it very easy to operate.

As for the light bulb, it uses a high power LED bulb with the highest dimming light output of around 180 lumens. The bulb offers a golden warm color with a temperature of 2,500 Kelvin.

How NEOZOON Works?

When it comes to how the Neozoon works, in my opinion it’s super simple and easy. In fact, I think that it is a multi purpose lamp that makes a great portable lamp for traveling, including camping.

Before we can start using it, the first thing to do is to make sure that it is fully charged. This small tool already has a fast charging feature using USB-C cable, which only needs 3 hours to fully charge it.

Once it’s charged you can start using it anywhere you like from 6-12 hours, depending on the brightness level.


Interestingly, it also comes with an energy-efficient lighting feature, and I can also turn on the lamp while it’s charging, so it’s pretty convenient. I also think that the inventor of this lamp provides a thoughtful package since it includes an extra long charging cable.

It is pretty convenient especially if you need a lamp in a place that is nowhere near a charging station or plug. Once you’re all set, you can simply use it anywhere you like, which means that you can mount it on any flat surface.

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My Experience with NEOZOON

Mounting it will only take a second, but trust me, it can stay there for a very long time, which means that it sticks for several weeks! How cool is that? At home, I was using it to provide some light to my kid’s reading room, and she was very happy about it.

I also used it in the car while me and my family were on our way to the camping ground. And at the camping ground, we were able to easily mount it on any flat surface such as the first aid kit box or on top of the portable table.

It’s a very useful tool, indeed.

Since the light can be adjusted, using it for camping is also a great idea since the light can be used based on requirement. For example, if we just need a little light at night without worrying our fellow campers might be disturbed by the light, this lamp can be adjusted to the lowest brightness level.

multi purpose lamp
My Experience with NEOZOON

When the camping season is over, Neozoon still comes as a multi purpose lamp that I can use at home.

For me personally, it is a perfect piece to become a great office lighting, kitchen lighting, bedroom lighting, bathroom lighting, well basically, it offers versatile placement options wherever you want it to be placed. It’s a multi purpose lamp for decorative lighting all-in-one. 

With a small size and high-quality lamp, Neozoon is definitely a wonderful item that will make any room look more attractive.

With so many features, this versatile lamp offers so many features like the strong suction power, rechargeable battery, easy installation, dimmable LED, and many more!

Should You Buy NEOZOON?

Definitely “YES” if you ask me. In fact, when I showed Neozoon to my family, some of them were interested in purchasing one for themselves, too.

multi purpose lamp
Should You Buy NEOZOON

This small portable lamp comes as a great lighting solution which is very useful and easy to carry anywhere you like. Plus, after I checked online, it also comes with some add-ons as well, which you can purchase separately.

If you check Kisckstarter, Neozoon offers some useful add-ons like a cable management clip, a travel bag, a power adapter, and also a cord sling that will make it easier to carry.

1. Price and Availability

You can make a purchase through Neozoon’s official website,, at a price of EUR 185,00. Since the product is made in Germany, the price will be displayed in Euro. At the website, you will also find add-ons that you can buy all together with the lamp, too.

Other than the official website, Neozoon lamp is available on for $157.00.

2. Performance

I have no doubt the lamp will make a good use for you.

Therefore, I am confident to say that this lamp is a multi purpose lamp that is small yet powerful. With so many features, Neozoon will avoid you from having a bulky and heavy portable lamp, and you can use it anywhere you like.

3. Pros

  • Small, portable and convenient.
  • Versatile design, making it a great home decor item.
  • Easy installation with a brilliant suction cup.

4. Cons

  • Limited color options.
  • Limited designs.
  • Battery lasts from 6-12 hours only (well, I do hope it can last longer).

NEOZOON Comparison To Similar Products

I have to admit that there are countless portable LED lamps on the market, and some are pretty good, too. But still, somehow portable lamps are still limited to each of its purposes. Take the Tubicen Portable LED lamp for example. It has a great design and it’s rechargeable, too.

Comparison To Similar Products
Comparison To Similar Products

But in terms of functions, although the price is a lot cheaper than Neozoon, it does not have the option to mount it and to be used as a home décor item, too.

Also, I have to admit that Neozoom seems like fresh air in the world of portable lamps. Because, who would have thought that you can have a small lamp with a wide reach of light that can be mounted on any flat surface?

Final Thoughts

All in all, I am very happy with the performance of Neozoon. It’s a modern lighting solution, and I highly recommend you grab a piece before it runs out! Being a multi purpose lamp, it answers your needs for a portable lamp that you can use for any purpose, really.

Doesn’t matter if it’s your kitchen, bathroom, car, bedroom, or living room, Neozoon fits all. In short, Neozoon is a wonderful suction lamp for your every lighting needs.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the suction cup on the Neozoon lamp strong enough to hold it securely?

Based on research, once you stick the lamp on a surface, it can stay there for weeks. It offers stable suction as the materials include high-tech suction cup technology. Moreover, you can remove it pretty easily too without leaving any residue behind.

Can the Neozoon suction cup lamp be used on different surfaces?

Due to its premium silicon material, you can stick Neozoon to almost any surface. Many people consider Neozoon as one of the most recommended portable lamps since you can simply use it anywhere you like.

Can the brightness level of the Neozoon lamp be adjusted?

Yes, Neozoom is steplessly dimmable and offers several color temperature options. You just need to keep your finger on the “On” or “Off” button and it will grow brighter and dimmer. With adjustable brightness levels, once you find the perfect brightness, just remove your finger and the light will stay at the current level of brightness. As simple as that!

Is the Neozoon suction cup lamp waterproof?

While it can stand some water drops or splashes, Neozoon is not waterproof. So it is recommended to use it indoors or if you must use it outdoors, make sure it is not exposed to water for too long, and don’t put it underwater.

Can multiple Neozoon lamps be connected or synchronized?

No, Neozoon is a stand alone portable lamp, and it is probably one of the highlights of the product. You can use multiple Neozoon at once and you can have the freedom to control each of them with a simple touch of your finger.

How do you clean and maintain the Neozoon lamp?

Since it is made of materials like silicon, you can easily clean it using a damp cloth. However, since it will likely be dusty due to some usage, it is recommended to clean it regularly to make sure you can enjoy the best of its features.

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