25 Amazingly Useful Gifts for Poets 

Poetry or poem is more than just words in a beautiful order. In reality, it is an influential art form that can sway people’s emotions. Furthermore, not everyone can be a poet because it requires a deep understanding about the meaning of words and how they can be something so beautiful. If you have a friend of family who writes poetry, we believe they will appreciate the following items of the best gifts for poets. These items will provide them with fresh inspirations to write a new poetry!

Ideally, a poet can find ideas through anything around them. However, sometimes they may get stuck because of writer’s block. Fortunately, you can help them to regain their creativity through the following gifts. So, if you are looking for gifts suitable for poets, this is the right article that you need to read!

Below we have compiled a list of 25 products useful for your poet friends, partners, or perhaps even yourself! Let’s check this list out!

BEST and Useful Gifts for Poets

1. Soy Wax Candle

Author Soy Wax Candle

Poets are creative writers, so they often have to deal with writer’s block once in a while. Hence, we have included this relaxing wax candle in the list of 25 gifts for poets because the calming scents will help your friends to focus on their writing!

The candle uses a 100% natural soy wax blend and a cotton wick and it also comes in reusable glass jar packaging. Moreover, the candle will last up to 60 hours, and the scent will stimulate your friend’s creativity.

2. Personalized Notebook

Vintage Style Personalized Notebook

This vintage-style personalized notebook can be a practical yet sweet gift for poets. After all, journaling is one of the poem-writing steps. Being one of the ideas of gifts for poets, you can also customize it by adding the owner’s name and birth flower illustration on the cover.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also order a custom paper type, too. Being such a wonderful gift, we believe that this item is a lovely gift to celebrate birthdays.

3. Fountain Pen

Rosewood Fountain Pen

A pen is a writer’s weapon, and there’s no doubt about it! Some poets may prefer to pour their ideas directly into their notebooks instead of laptops or tablets. So, for such writer in your life, we highly recommend this Rosewood fountain pen as a gift for poets!

It gives off intelligent and old-school vibes. It is also refillable and will provide your poet friends with beautiful handwriting. In addition, the pen comes with a customizable sleeve!

4. Classic Mug

Classic Poets Mug

Sometimes, creative writers have no idea what to write about. And most often, drinking a cup of coffee might help them restore their creativity! So, we recommend this classic poets mug as a gift for your poet-loving friends. Plus, because there is a funny quote printed on it!

Furthermore, there are 9 colors available and two sizes you can choose from. The glossy-finish look makes the mug look elegant and valuable. Since it is made from the best high-quality ceramic, it is microwave and dishwasher-safe, too.

5. The Writer’s Manifesto Wall Decor 

Writing Manifesto Print Wall Decor

Sometimes, poets need motivation from the people closest to them. Hence, you should check this writer’s manifesto print décor as a gift for poets. The motivational words cloud include quotes such as “You are a writer”, “Writing is a calling”, and many more.

We believe without a doubt, this is one of the best gifts for poets that will boost your writer friend’s confidence in writing new poetry.

6. Booklover Tea as a Gift for Poets

Booklover Tea as a Gift for Poets

This pack of tea bags is listed in Oprah’s 2019 holiday list, and we believe it will be suitable as a gift for poets. The Booklover Ladies Tea Bag contains 25 packs made with the finest English Breakfast tea.

Each bag has literary quotes from the world’s best creative writers. In our opinion, your poet friend and partner would love to spend time with CS Lewis, Alice Hoffman, and more while enjoying a cup of relaxing tea.

7. The 150 Famous Poems 

The 150 Famous Poems 

The 150 Most Famous Poems is an anthology book published by Poetry House that compiles the most influential poetry! Thanks to this book, your poet friend can read poems by William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, and many more in one book. 

The book features 352 pages and will fit your shelf perfectly, making it an amazing gift for poets! We hope that this book will inspire a new generation of poets that can create new influential masterpieces!

8. Colorful Fountain Pen


Just one fountain pen is clearly not enough for creative writers! Therefore, why not add more pens for your lovely poet friend? If you ask us, we believe these stylish and colorful fountain pens deserve to be listed as one of the most useful gifts for poets.

These fountain pens have 8 colors in one set with a soft matte finish, so now your poetry friend can add colors to their beautiful poetry!

9. C-Shape Metal End Table

C-Shape Metal End Table

This unique C-shape table is definitely one of the most practical gifts for poets. It will help your friend write poetry in a more comfortable and space-saving way. Every poet needs to have a comfy spot to write, and this is definitely one of the best piece of furniture to complete the space.

Since the table uses metal as the primary material, it is durable! Furthermore, we think the design will allow your poet friend to move it around without much difficulty.

10. Poetry Writing Guidebook

The Poet_s Companion A Guide to the Pleasure of Writing Poetry

Do you want to start writing poetry? If so, then we recommend you to read The Poet’s Companion, which is a guidebook that will help you write beautiful poems. The book will help you find the joy of writing poetry, teach you new techniques, and provide fresh ideas.

Furthermore, This book offers numerous examples of contemporary poetry that will help aspiring writers. After all, you deserve to have a gift for yourself once in a while, don’t you think?

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11. The Poets and Writers Complete Guidebook

gifts for poets

Written by Poets & Writers Magazine editors, we think this guidebook will be an ideal gift for poets who want to pursue their creative writing careers. Writers’ career is often underrated by others, but it does not mean that it is unimportant.

The book will provide beginner poets with tips on how to jumpstart their creativity. It offers a comprehensive guide, from creating a draft to participating in a contest!

12. The Advanced Rhyming Dictionary

gifts for poets

Wordplay in aesthetic poetry will engage readers to keep reading. So poets will need to explore more new words and expand their vocabulary! Hence, we recommend The Advanced Rhyming Dictionary as a valuable gift for poets because it will help them create a masterpiece.

In terms of contents, the dictionary contains two and three multisyllabic rhymes, perfect for poems.

13. File Envelopes

gifts for poets

It may look like a simple gift, but we believe these colorful file envelopes will be perfect for poets.

Being one of the simplest yet most useful gifts for poets on the list, you can give this item to help your friends or partners who are poets to keep their writing safe. Moreover, they can also put their names in the label pocket to identify the envelopes.

14. Magnetic Poetry Kit

gifts for poets

First released in 1993, this kit includes elaborate and gorgeous magnetic words tiles that can be used to create beautiful poetry on your fridge doors.

The magnetic poetry kit can be used not only for poets but literature teachers and kids who love to arrange words into beautiful poems. Therefore, we think that this item deserves to have this item as one of the best gifts for poets.

15. Book About Performing Poetry

Take the Mic

Beautiful poetry is not complete until you recite it loudly! If you want to get into the art of performance poetry, this book, titled Take the Mic, will be an excellent title to read. It contains tips on overcoming stage fright, performing poetry confidently, writing techniques, backstage advice, and many more!

All in all, we think this is one of the best and most recommended gifts for a dear writer in your life.

16. Literary Scarf “Pride & Prejudice”

gifts for poets

Let the classic story of Pride and Prejudice wrapped up in your poet friends’ neck with this scarf. The unique scarf will definitely boost their confidence to show their love for literature and poetry.

As for the design, it features printed excerpts from the novel. Furthermore, the scarf is made from 100% cotton. So, we can guarantee that it will be comfy and warm, perfect for colder seasons.

17. Creative Thinking Journal

gifts for poets

This journal will support poets’ creative minds in producing beautiful poetry. Inside, it offers more than 50 challenges for writers to create one narrative poem, story, or art-making idea.

If you know someone who is currently practicing their writing skills to become a great poet, then we believe this item will be suitable gift. In our opinion, this is the kind of gift that will encourage new poets to create masterpieces.

18. Literary Socks

gifts for poets

For your poet ladies, we believe these cute Jane Austen-inspired socks will boost their confidence and motivate them to write more. With 18th century-style floral patterns and Jane’s silhouette, we hope the gift receiver will also receive some inspiration from Jane Austen.

After all, she is the most influential writer of all time! These socks are designed in South Korea and made from nylon, spandex, and cotton blends.

19. “I love Poetry” Mug

gifts for poets

Here is another lovely ceramic mug for your poet friend! It features a quote that says “I Love Poetry” in colorful fonts. We have no doubt, this mug will become your friend’s new favorite mug to use everyday.

Furthermore, it is available in 10 oz and 15 oz. Your friend can drink coffee or tea peacefully while finding some inspiration for a new poetry piece!

20. “Next Line, Please” Book for Poets

gifts for poets

When authors or writers are stuck in a moment, they usually need something to help them create new ideas. For that reason, this book is designed to expand the creative mind and imaginations of creative writers and poets by offering a lot of prompts.

In our opinion, this book will be something that any writer needs whenever they run out of ideas. Written by David Lehman, known as longtime series editor of the Best American Poetry, this book is the best gift to inspire your poet friends.

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21. “Poetry Mode On” Mug

gifts for poets

This funny, adorable mug will be a terrific gift for poets! It features a lovely design that says Poetry Mode ON! For a poet who enjoys a little bit of humor once in a while, we highly recommend you to pick this gift.

Furthermore, it is suitable for hot water, microwave, and oven safe. So, this mug can be used for relaxing hot coffee or tea while writing poetry. The black matte finish makes it look elegant and masculine!

22. Laptop Stand

gifts for poets

Earlier, we mentioned notebooks and vintage fountain pens. Still, we also recommend this Laptop stand as a practical gift for modern poets. If your friends are tired of writing manually, they can put their iPad or Laptop on the stand.

This equipment allows your friend to sit in a good yet relaxing posture. We bet they will be happy after receiving this kind of gift.

23. High Back Patio Chair Cushion

gifts for poets

Poets spend a lot of time sitting down. So, if you are looking for gifts for your poet friends, we think that you should consider this chair cushion with a high backrest! It will help them relax and get fresh ideas while writing their piece.

The chair cushion uses 100% recycled polyester fabric. Furthermore, it is available in 6 colors, and the neutral texture adds a little touch to the comfy cushion.

24. Noise Canceling Earbuds

gifts for poets

This noise-canceling earbud will be such a handy gift for poets. When writing, any poet needs to be focused on it, and sometimes the outside noise can be very distracting. It has a superior digital sound, a 50 inches cable and is compatible with iOS devices.

We have no doubt, your poet friend will enjoy writing a new poem without being distracted by noises from outside. More importantly, it is sweat and water-resistant. So, it is a piece of durable hardware!

25. Himalayan Salt Lamp

gifts for poets

This unique Himalayan salt lamp will enhance the ambiance of a poet‘s room. The light will help your friend to be immersed in poetry writing. So, we believe that this item can be considered a valuable gift for poets.

Facilitated with built-in soothing sound and genuine Himalayan salt rock, we can assure you that this is one piece of item that will continue spreading positive ions to help improve the environment.

Final Thoughts

We all know a friend who loves to write poems. Whether they are professionals of someone who writes as a hobby, they will surely appreciate gifts that support their love for writing.

Among so many choices of gifts that you can choose out there, make sure you choose wisely to ensure your friend loves your gift by heart. From classic choices of gifts like pens or books to a more relaxing items like scented candles or a comfy chair, our list above has it all, and much more. So, make sure you pick the perfect gift for your favorite poet from our list!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can we give to a poet?

Equipment that enhances a poet’s writing ability will be an excellent gift. For instance, you can give your friend a fountain pen, noise-canceling earbud, or guidebooks. They will help your friend to stay focused on their poetry. Furthermore, items that look adorable will also be beneficial for poets. The cute design may stimulate your friend’s brain and help them get new inspiration.

 What do you get for someone who likes poetry?

Someone who likes poetry must read many literary books to find inspiring ideas. So, items related to poetry reading and writing will be an excellent gift for them. For example, the guidebooks and poetry prompt will help your friend be more confident with their writing and performing abilities.

What are the best funny gifts for poets?

Poets are often stuck in a moment or distracted by things around them. We believe that funny gifts will motivate and provide inspiration for a new piece. So, you can check Poetry Mode On mug, Creative Thinking Journal, or Magnetic Poetry Kit to give your poet friend a little break and expand their minds.

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