Skypanels Sky Ceilings

Skypanels Sky Ceilings allow you to add a bit of sky to your house without messing with the integrity of your ceiling.

Some places don’t have enough windows and thus risk being perceived as gloomy, suffocating, or simply boring.

But this problem can be easily fixed and not by somehow adding more windows to the room.

Skypanels can be installed instead of your typical light fixture panel. All you have to do is remove the frame from the ceiling, take out the existing panel and put the Skypanel in its place. 

Skypanels Sky Ceilings

You can see from the instructional video that it’s fairly easy to do by yourself.

Now, with Skypanel installed, the light can illuminate it from the inside. This will create the illusion of you having a neat hole in the ceiling showing off a bit of the sky.

Skypanels Sky Ceilings

Although these panels have a sky motif in common that doesn’t mean that they are all the same. Some panels also feature branches, kites, cherry blossoms, and more.

You will definitely find something that will suit your living space. This is a cool way to make any small space seem bigger and to bring a sense of freshness to the room. 

Skypanels Sky Ceilings

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