30 Unique Headboards to Refresh Your Bedroom’s Look

Many people say that headboards can describe the owners’ personalities. Well that might be true, since a headboard is placed inside someone’s bedroom, which is the most personal room in the house. But do you know that there are many unique headboards out there with various designs and models that can refresh the look of your bedroom? From modern to classic, minimalist to contemporary, you can choose the best one based on the most suitable style for your bedroom without having to buy a new bed, and voila! You will have a fresh and clean looking bedroom in no time.

We have collected 30 unique headboards that represent each style to give you a better idea on what to pick to refresh and upgrade your bedroom look. 

1. South Shore Holland Headboard

South Shore Holland Headboard

If you need storage to keep your books handy for a reading routine before bed time, this versatile headboard is the perfect pick as it features a small shelf for your books, or any decorations you want. Made of engineered wood, this unique headboard offers the natural color of walnut that will go nicely with any bedroom theme. 

2. Nathan James Harlow Wall Mount Faux Leather or Fabric Upholstered Headboard

Nathan James Harlow Wall Mount Faux Leather or Fabric Upholstered Headboard

This modern looking headboard is something that any minimalist and industrial design enthusiasts would love to have inside their bedroom. This unique headboard is made of vintage brown faux leather PU, and available for full or queen size beds. 

3. Nexera Headboard

Nexera Headboard

This simple modern headboard is perfect for a bedroom with monochrome style as it comes in solid black and straight lines. This unique headboard includes storage sections for your books and magazines, and is not compatible with metal bed frames.

4. Prepac Queen Bookcase headboard

Prepac Queen Bookcase headboard

For a bedroom with a country house design, this classic and unique headboard will be the perfect addition to the overall bedroom decoration. This classic headboard features three storage compartments with an adjustable shelf in the center compartment.

5. Art3d Peel and Stick Headboard

Art3d Peel and Stick Headboard

This is one of the most popular designs of headboards since it combines elegance and comfort into one beautiful piece of headboard. This unique headboard however, comes in the form of wall panels, which makes it more affordable than the conventional headboard type. Plus, it comes in 5 colors to suit your bedroom color theme.

6. Handcrafted Mandala Wooden Sculpture Headboard

unique headboard

This piece of fine art will be a super nice decoration for your bedroom. Handmade using teak wood, this unique headboard features six pieces of panels that form a beautiful mandala, which will be a beautiful piece of art in your room.

7. Seven Foot Macrame Headboard

unique headboard

A macrame is basically something that will fit to any decorations, including bedroom decoration as a cool and unique headboard that will add a touch of bohemian look. This unique macrame is 7ft wide and around 4ft in length. As this is made to order, we can assure you that you will not find the same piece in any bedroom out there. 

8. Bohemian Headboard

unique headboard

This headboard also features a bohemian look if you place it above your wooden bed. But if you plan on placing this somewhere else, that will be ok too! Place this unique headboard a centerpiece above your sofa, and it will lend a beaming look reminiscent of sunshine to your living room.

9. Rustic Boho Woven Headboard Fan

unique headboard

Having this beautiful piece of art inside your bedroom will definitely bring a touch of Japanese design into the room. This unique headboard will also create a sweet and unique rustic look with its lovely rustic distressed details and natural bamboo materials. 

10. Rattan Headboard

unique headboard

Rattan is known as a durable and long-lasting material used for furniture, including for unique headboards, of course. This handcrafted rattan headboard is lightweight and it will give your bedroom an elegant and relaxed ambiance. 

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11. White and Beige Dream Catcher Boho Headboard

unique headboard

This one is another beautifully handmade piece of crafts to be placed above your bed. Not just adding a unique bohemian look to your bedroom, this unique headboard will also be a great decoration if you place it in your living room, or any room you want.

12. Wood King Size Headboard

unique headboard

This modern wood headboard features a unique wooden pattern made of new and recycled wood. This unique headboard will give a rustic and colorful touch to your bedroom.

13. Simple Rattan Headboard

unique headboard

This natural rattan headboard is perfect for a girl’s room who loves a natural and sweet design. Since rattan is a durable material that will last a lifetime, this unique headboard will definitely be something to use for many years

14. Live Edge Wooden Headboard

unique headboard

Made of Pine, Oak, and Walnut, this live edge headboard will be the perfect piece for any bedroom with natural and rustic style. The raw-looking wood features a smooth and durable finish that creates a warm and beautiful ambience to your room.

15.Live Edge Resin Headboard

unique headboard

This beautiful and unique headboard is made by hand using natural materials, with utmost accuracy. Inspired by the look of a coral reef, this unique headboard will bring a touch of beauty, natural, and comfort to your bedroom, and you can immerse yourself in the beauty of coral reef views.

16. Brundon anel Headboard

unique headboard

Someone who loves a touch of vintage deserves this vintage-looking panel headboard inside the bedroom. The natural wood and simple shape of this unique headboard will be a nice silhouette that leads to a retro touch. 

17. Open-Frame Metal Headboard

unique headboard

If you’re planning on an upgrade to your bedroom with a classic yet modern look, choosing this piece of unique headboard will be a great idea. This bold headboard is made of metal, which will bring a classic silhouette into your contemporary-design bedroom. 

18. Persephone Oga Panel Headboard

unique headboard

This unique headboard features a modern and minimalist look with simple lines to make it more adorable. This headboard is a perfect piece for children’s bedrooms and they would love to have this for many years from now.

19. Carolyn Queen Upholstered Headboard

unique headboard

This unique headboard has a simple look that will make you feel like sleeping in a cottage at the beach every night. The fresh color and smooth fabric makes this headboard a nice addition to your master bedroom or a guest room.

20. Richmond Panel

unique headboard

If you’re looking for a headboard to match your farmhouse style bedroom, this Richmond Panel Headboard is the answer. The natural look of this unique headboard creates a natural anchor in your room. As this is a freestanding headboard, it will stand behind your bed with no installation necessary.

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21. Citium Wicker Open-Frame

unique headboard

If you’re currently renovating your daughter’s bedroom and looking for a headboard that fits to the chih and  bohemian-themed room, you can pick this open-frame wicker headboard that features a bohemian look. 

22. Juan Panel Headboard

unique headboard

This unique headboard comes with its sweet and aesthetic look for a chic bedroom. This is simply something that you would love dearly as the aesthetic touch will calm your mood and relax your mind.

23. Solid Wood Panel

unique headboard

Add a touch of contemporary look to your bedroom with this handcrafted wooden headboard. This unique headboard is made of real thick wood and features a combination of natural colors that will create a nice ambiance into your bedroom.

24. Brookelyne Slat

Brookelyne Slat

This retro wooden headboard deserves a place in your bedroom, especially if you are a retro design enthusiast who will definitely enjoy looking at this beautiful piece of headboard.

25. Olivia Upholstered Headboard Terrazzo Emerald Ochre

Olivia Upholstered Terrazzo Emerald Ochre

This headboard features a timeless and classic design that will fit to any decorations. The sweet Terazzo pattern will be a sophisticated statement that will work with any bedroom style.

26. Avenue Lateral Storage

Avenue Lateral Storage

This one is the perfect headboard for a boys’ room as it fits a single bed and features 2 lateral storage sections for your son’s books, magazines, or small Hotwheel cars. 

27. Safavieh Lamar Slate Blue

Safavieh Lamar Slate Blue

Having this beautiful and sweet headboard in your room will surely make you enjoy your quality time of a beauty sleep every day. Exquisitely button-tufted in sweet blue fabric, this upholstered headboard is clearly one of the best designed headboards out there.

28. Servier Panel

Servier Panel

This chic white headboard is the perfect pick for your master bedroom as it features a scalloped design with molded details. So if you’re planning to refresh your bedroom and apply a sweet rustic design, then this headboard is the perfect piece for you.

29. Gaytes Open-Frame

Gaytes Open-Frame

This one is definitely one of our favorites! This chic headboard will bring a glam and sleek look to your room, especially with its open silhouette and bright metallic finish. 

30. Manti Slat

Manti Slat

This unique headboard features a geometric and slatted design in ash walnut finish. With this unique piece your bedroom will transform into a stunning fresh bedroom with a touch of modern and retro look from this piece.

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