29 Cool Ravenclaw Gifts For A True Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw is one of the four houses of Hogwarts, which all Harry Potter lovers might be familiar with already. Being the house of smart individuals like Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang, Ravenclaw is indeed a house for those with traits that include wit, learning, wisdom, acceptance, intelligence, and creativity. 

If you have a friend or family who is a true Ravenclaw that posses some of its traits, or perhaps has a character like Luna or Cho Chang, and you’re currently looking for the perfect gift for your friend’s birthday soon, be less worry as we have gathered these 29 cool Ravenclaw gifts to help you pick the perfect one for your true Ravenclaw friend.

Why Is Ravenclaw Named Ravenclaw?

The house is named after a person (Rowena Ravenclaw), not an animal. The mascot is an eagle because of what it represents; intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity. And no better animal better represents that, especially Ravenclaw’s main trait, intelligence, than a raven.

1. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crest Throw

Ravenclaw Gifts

Your Ravenclaw friend would love to enjoy this artistic 48” x 60” Ravenclaw woven tapestry throw blanket at home. Not just as a blanket, this cool Ravenclaw gift is also perfect for a room decoration, or as a wall-hanging accent in any room at home.

2. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Mug

Ravenclaw Gifts

If your friend is a true Ravenclaw, then this mug will be a cool Ravenclaw gift that lets your friend enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the morning before starting the day. This mug features a ceramic base and a decorative handle that describes creativity in a unique kind of way.

3. Ravenclaw Crest Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravenclaw Crest Jigsaw Puzzle

A real Ravenclaw will undoubtedly love puzzles, and that is why we put this cool Ravenclaw jigsaw puzzle on number three of our list of cool Ravenclaw gifts. This 500 piece puzzle is the ultimate birthday gift for a true Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaw Gifts

A true Ravenclaw will definitely be creative and try to include a touch of Ravenclaw in everything he does, including having these unique cufflinks that will be a cool Ravenclaw gift for your friend. Choosing this as a gift for a true Ravenclaw is clearly a smart and wise decision.

5. Ravenclaw Debossed-Cover Journal

Ravenclaw Gifts

We’re pretty sure that your Ravenclaw friend has lots of ideas in her head. Therefore, why don’t you give her this journal as a cool Ravenclaw gift, so she can write down her brilliant ideas in this sweet Ravenclaw journal.

6. Ravenclaw 16-Piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Ravenclaw Gifts

You’re never too old to become a Ravenclaw. Being a Ravenclaw is something that comes from your heart. For an adult Ravenclaw, this set of porcelain dinnerware will definitely be a super sweet gift. Comes in 16-piece iof plates, bowls and mugs, this cool Ravenclaw gift will add a magical touch to your friend’s dinner table.

7. Enesco Harry Potter Ravenclaw 10oz Decorative Goblet

Ravenclaw Gifts

For a friend who is a true Ravenclaw at heart, this decorative Ravenclaw goblet will be a statement of loyalty. Specifically made as a decorative item and a collectible fan merchandise, this goblet deserves a special place in your Ravenclaw friend’s shelf or living room.

8. Harry Potter Adult Fleece Plush Hooded Robe

Ravenclaw Gifts

Who doesn’t love a robe like this Ravenclaw robe? Any man, woman, or children would love to have this adorable robe as a birthday gift. This cool Ravenclaw gift is super-flush and has an ultra soft feel that your friend might not want to take off for, like ever!

9. Ravenclaw Quidditch Seeker Graphic Tee

Ravenclaw Gifts

Being a Seeker is all of Hogwarts’ students’ dreams, including perhaps your Ravenclaw friend’s dream. So, giving your friend this Quidditch Seeker t-shirt will bring a smile to your friend since this tee will bring out that amazing feeling of chasing that little Snitch in a Quidditch field with a super fast broom.

10. Ravenclaw House Cosplay Knit Wool Scarf

Ravenclaw Gifts

The weather is getting pretty cold this time of year, and your Ravenclaw friend will definitely need this cool Ravenclaw gift to keep your friend warm outdoors. 

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11. Ravenclaw Magnetic Metal Eyeglass ID Badge Holder

Ravenclaw Gifts

With this Ravenclaw holder, your friend will never lose her glasses or tags again. This cool Ravenclaw gift is a sweet and adorable gift for a true Ravenclaw friend who spends lots of her time outdoors and needs to have her sunnies handy at all times. 

12. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crest Pull-Ver Hoodie

ravenclaw gifts

Before going out to run errands, your Ravenclaw friend needs to be prepared with all the necessary accessories to stay warm in this cold and windy weather. That’s why this hoodie is a perfect gift as this will be one of your friend’s must-have items before running errands in cold weather.

13. Ravenclaw Edition Licensed Smart Watch Ban

Ravenclaw Gifts

Add a personalized touch to your Ravenclaw friend’s timepiece by giving your friend this smart watch band as a cool Ravenclaw gift. This smartwatch band was produced on high grade printed silicone with a stainless-steel buckle. This smart watch band is compatible with all Apple watch versions and other smartwatches like Samsung, Fossil, etc.

14. Ravenclaw Purse Bag Hanger

ravenclaw gifts

This is an item that all women need to have in their purse or bags. A purse or bag hanger is a super useful item for your Ravenclaw friend, for sure. She will appreciate this gift as it will not only be useful, but also precious as it has a personalized Ravenclaw signature. Small but powerful, right?

15. Ravenclaw Lost Diadem Tiara Necklace

ravenclaw gifts

Being a super precious Tiara, this Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem is something that all Ravenclaws must have. Make sure you let your Ravenclaw friend keep this precious item near to her heart by giving her this adorable and cool Ravenclaw gift for her birthday. 

16. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Bifold Wallet

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Bifold Wallet

For a true Ravenclaw friend who would love to have a Ravenclaw item to carry wherever your friend goes, this Ravenclaw Bifold Wallet is clearly the perfect birthday gift for your friend. Equipped with billfold, 5 card slots, and windowed ID holder, this wallet is something that your friend can use for many years.

17. Watercolor Ravenclaw Crest Throw Blanket

Watercolor Crest Throw Blanket

This sweet blanket will be the perfect companion for a cold night and your Ravenclaw friend will absolutely love to have this cool Ravenclaw gift as a birthday present. This 50’ x 60’ blanket provides warmth and comfort yet is lightweight and breathable.

18. Ravenclaw Adult Mule Slippers

Adult Mule Slippers

These slippers will make sure a Ravenclaw’s feet stays warm during this cold and windy season. Give these cool Ravenclaw gifts to your dear friend who is a true Ravenclaw fan, and we are almost certain that this gift will be the kind of gift that your friend will use everyday at home.

19. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Collectable Tankard

Harry Potter Collectable Tankard

This cool Ravenclaw gift is an official licensed Ravenclaw collectable tankard that perfectly describes Ravenclaw’s treats which are wit, learning, and wisdom. Ravenclaw’s animal symbol is seen within the crest on the sides of this beautifully crafted piece. For a true Ravenclaw friend, this will be a precious and thoughtful gift to have.

20. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Watch

Harry Potter Watch

Give this sweet and feminine watch to your Ravenclaw friend and you will be thrilled to see the smile on her friend’s face when she opens this gift. This cool Ravenclaw gift has a dial that features a rose gold plated surround with a unique Ravenclaw design. 

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21. Mini Ravenclaw LED Light

Mini Harry Potter LED Light

This super tiny LED light is certainly something to own by a true Ravenclaw. The size of this cool Ravenclaw gift might be small, but the LED light will make it look big as in a statement that describes a true Ravenclaw’s love and loyalty for Ravenclaw. 

22. Ravenclaw Pillow

Themed Pillow

Add a touch of Ravenclaw to your friend’s living room with this classic and sweet Ravenclaw pillow. We believe that a single pillow can bring the whole room to life, including your Ravenclaw’s friend’s living room, of course. 

23. Ravenclaw Crest – Embroidered Canvas Messenger Bag

Embroidered Canvas Messenger Bag

This vintage looking canvas bag has a beautiful embroidery of Ravenclaw House’s symbol as a true identity of a Ravenclaw. Pick this as a birthday gift for your Ravenclaw friend and your friend will have a new favorite canvas bag.

24. Ravenclaw Zipper Clutch Faux Leather Wallet

Ravenclaw Zipper Clutch Faux Leather Wallet

This officially licensed Harry Potter wallet is just something that a Ravenclaw girl would love to have as a birthday gift. The zipper model is one of the wallet types that will never get old, and your friend can use it for as long as she wants.

25. Ravenclaw Knee High Women Socks

Ravenclaw Knee High Women Socks

Let your Ravenclaw friend enjoy her relaxing time after a busy day at work in these Ravenclaw socks, while watching Netflix and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. The color combination makes these socks look cozy to wear on a cold night.

26. Ravenclaw Arm Party Bracelet Set

Ravenclaw Arm Party Bracelet Set

A girl loves jewelry, and a Ravenclaw girl loves Ravenclaw jewelry, like this Ravenclaw bracelet. This beautiful bracelet is a combination of 5 pieces of bracelet, which makes it a nice and elegant set of bangles to wear.

27. Ravenclaw Constellation Postcard Tin Set

Ravenclaw Constellation Postcard Tin Set

Let your true Ravenclaw friend celebrate her love of Ravenclaw with this beautiful collection of postcard-style note cards in a collective tin. This set includes five note card designs to write any personal note from thank you note to birthday greetings.

28. Charmed Aroma Ravenclaw Pride Candle and 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Charmed Aroma Ravenclaw Pride Candle and 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Your special Ravenclaw friend deserves to have this beautiful birthday gift as this cool Ravenclaw gift features not just a charmed aroma candle, but also a surprise necklace in every candle, made of 925 Sterling Silver

29. Ravenclaw Blender Bottle 

Ravenclaw Blender Bottle 

This adorable blender bottle is a sleek and durable Pro28 shaker cup for mixing protein shakes, smoothies, and supplements. Make sure your Ravenclas friend has this for his or her birthday, so your friend can stay fit and healthy with this useful blender bottle as a thoughtful gift from you.

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A Ravenclaw is an individual with wit beyond measure. A Ravenclaw is creative, witty, original, and above all, smart. So when it comes to choosing a gift for a Ravenclaw, we would suggest something that will touch their heart like a Jigsaw Puzzle to spoil their creativity, or a journal to write down what’s on their mind.

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