46 Coolest Gifts For Pilots & Aviation Lovers

Is there an aviation enthusiast, a professional pilot, or an aspiring pilot in your life? If so, then you might agree that coming up with the perfect gifts for pilots or aviation lovers can be tough. You might wish to choose something thoughtful and practical but at the same time not too cheesy. You could also be torn between getting them fun things to make them laugh and useful things that they might need in the cockpit.

Well, the best part about it is that the sky is literally the limit when it comes to pilot gifts. We have curated the ultimate list of gifts for every aviator in your life from functional gifts and quirky ones to décor concepts and everything in between.

Coolest Gift Ideas For Pilots

Take a look at our wide variety of quality pilot gifts and make a pick that they will be sure to appreciate.

#1  Window Decals

Aviation Window Decals

For the aspiring airline enthusiast in your home, nothing could beat these aeroplane window decals in your bedroom. Waking up to this beautiful scene every morning could be all the inspiration they need to make their dreams a reality. The execution is so flawless that it instantly transforms any space into the inside of an aeroplane, offering a great view of the sky.

#2 Pilots Parking Sign

Pilot Parking Sign

Give the pilot in your life a reason to smile with one of these cool gifts for pilots. Whether he chooses to fix it on the driveway or in his man cave, this is one perfect gift that will keep on giving. The material choice, durable aluminum, can withstand years of use in any environment.

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#3 Sterling Silver Plane and Runway Ring

Anytime they are not flying, their thoughts are probably up in the air where they belong. This innovative aviation-inspired ring will keep its flights of fancy in check. Its whimsical design features a 3-D plane landing on a runway band. What a cool way to celebrate his love for all things aviation in vintage style!

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#4 Funny Pilots Coffee Mug

Funny Aviation Pilot Coffee Mug

Funny pilot gifts such as this one will make him the envy of all his friends. Talk about having the dream career, the only one whose job description involves getting high!

I’m sure every pilot needs a good coffee for those long flights right? Well, this hilarious mug will make every coffee session a delight, enhancing the pleasure of every sip. It might also be all he needs to keep smiling even through tough days.

#5 Sky’s The Limit Paperweight


Bring back the simple times of paper planes with this creative and highly inspirational paperweight. For an aviator in training, this would make a great gift choice, giving them a lift in life when they feel low. It makes a great reminder of the limitless potential that awaits them in the wide open sky.

#6 Pilots Bracelet


Here is an opportunity for the pilot in your life to wear his passion on his wrist. This is one of the most unique pilot gift ideas, as it puts a creative spin on the traditional bracelet. An aeroplane charm serves both a functional and aesthetic role as a clasp and focal point. The effect is amazing!

Airplane Cufflinks - Gifts For Pilots

Add some flair to his look with these adorable aeroplane cufflinks. Offering an outstanding way to display his pride, they are the ideal blend of style and function. In their simplicity, the unique cufflinks make an irresistible statement. What a great choice to cheer up his formal outfit for the next airline ball.

#8 Former Delta Airlines B767 Window

Former Delta Airlines B767 Airplane Window

How about the ultimate collectible for the aircraft enthusiast in your life? This is an actual window from a former Delta Airlines plane. Any aeronautics lover would kill for one of these! Make their space the envy of all their pals and give them a massive dose of inspiration, all in one go!

#9 Personalized Propellers

Custom Airplane Propellers
Custom Airplane Propellers

Usher in the next generation of aviators in style with these custom propeller replicas. If you have chosen an aeroplane theme for the nursery, this is the missing piece to complete the look. They could also serve as the ideal gift for a retiring pilot. Choose from a wide range of base, tip and stripe colors to match the décor.

#10 Frederic Pierre “The Aviator Black Watch”

Frederic Pierre "The Aviator Black Watch"

With this gift for the pilot husband, you will grant him the opportunity to showcase his personal flair and keep track of time. Designed for frequent flyers, it features a dual time zone on the chronograph. A sophisticated and elegant look will keep him timelessly trendy and he can swap the strap to a sporty one for casual wear.

#11 Pilots Good Luck Pocket Token Or Wallet Keepsake

Pilots Good Luck Pocket Token Or Wallet Keepsake - Gifts For Pilots

Your search for novelty pilot gifts ends here! This personalized keepsake can come in handy for all situations. Whether it’s a pilot’s first solo flight or their graduation, it is a great way to remind them someone cares. It is small enough to fit in a wallet or purse but big enough to change a life.

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#12 Custom Pilots Sign Decor

Custom Pilot Sign, Aviation Decor - Gifts For Pilots

Delight the aviation junky in your life with one of these gifts for pilots. Especially if they seem to have everything, this is one piece you can be sure they do not have. Customize it to hold any message of choice and make it truly count. It would look great in any garage or hangar.

#13 Leather Bound Pilot’s Log

Leather Bound Pilot's Log

This pilots journal is made from sturdy leather, capable of withstanding constant handling, and can only get better as it ages. It sports a small brass jet charm and is compliant with FAA recordkeeping standards.

#14 Leather Pilots Belt

Leather Aviation Airplane Belt - Gifts For Pilots

Give him the chance to celebrate his love of flying with this stylish belt. The material is genuine leather, offering a sophisticated look and durability. A wooden buckle with plane cutouts adds to its elegance and contributes to its high visual appeal. It offers a unique way to show off his individual style and personal flair.

#15 The Great War Biplane Propeller Wall Décor

The Great War Biplane Propeller Wall Décor

Do the pilots in your life also happen to be a history buff? Then this is one of the best pilot gift ideas to commemorate times past. This propeller replica will take every enthusiast on a trip back into time and help them appreciate innovation. It would make an unrivalled conversation starter as part of aviation décor.

#16 Large DIY Aeroplane Shelf Kit

Large DIY Airplane Shelf Kit

Transform an ordinary man cave into an aviator’s paradise with this creative DIY kit. It features everything you need to create an eye-catching aeroplane shelf. Not only is it easy to put together, but its great attention to detail will bring the concept to life. Having one of these in any space will offer an instant facelift.

#17 Trust Me I’m A Pilot Shirt


Let the pilot in your life declare their love of flying in the funniest way possible. With one of these cool gifts for pilots, she will have the perfect conversation starter for every setting. And everyone who looks her way will be sure to LOL! Spread good cheer in style, the world needs a bit of both.

#18 Fly Safe Pilot Keychain

Fly Safe Pilot Keychain - Gifts For Pilots

Your favorite pilot misses you just as much as you miss them when they are away roaming the skies. Make the distance a bit more bearable with one of these personalized pilot gifts. It features an aeroplane charm and a bar bearing your message on both sides. Keep their hearts beating for you till they get back safely into your arms.

#19 Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver Airplane Necklace - Gifts For Pilots

If you are looking for a simple gift that captures the essence of flying, you just found it. This necklace says it all without uttering a single word. It is stylish, thoughtful and full of meaningful sentiment. The pilot in your life will always wear it close to their hearts as they do what they love best.

#20 Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener

Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener

When the work is all done, every pilot loves to crack a cold one with his feet firmly on solid ground. But it would not hurt to bring a bit of the sky to happy hour, now would it? With this bottle opener, they can do that and much more. Made from the iconic Pan Am Boeing 707 fuselage, it gives your favorite pilot exclusive bragging rights.

#21 Handmade Leather Wallet

For the pilot who feels proud of his status, this wallet would make the ultimate choice. Besides its obvious functional role, it could also offer an opportunity to celebrate his favorite aircraft. All you have to do is get the image engraved on the leather exterior. You can be sure that this will immediately become his go-to wallet.

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#22 Fly Safe Pilot keepsake Keychain

Fly Safe Pilot Keychain - Gifts For Pilots

Every pilot needs a fly safe keepsake, Put your innermost feelings into words with one of these pilot gifts. Being a pilot’s child, spouse or sibling can be difficult. You have to say goodbye every working day.

And many are the times your eyes will cloud up and emotions will soar. This keychain will help you both feel better and give them peace of mind when they are away.

#23 Astra A4- Blue Automatic Pilot Watch

Astra A4- Blue Automatic Pilot Watch

Watches such as this one make one of the best gifts for pilots. Every aspect of this timepiece screams elegance and its functional appeal is second to none.

It is easy to read even when the hands are busy in the cockpit. The large display plays both a functional role and adds to its appeal.

#24 Ascend Paper Plane T-shirt

Ascend Paper Airplanes T-shirt
Ascend Paper Airplanes T-shirt

Paper aeroplanes are often the earliest manifestations of a lifelong affair with aircraft. With these great gifts, your pilot partner can celebrate those humble beginnings.

Its graphic depiction is matchless and makes this simple tee a great statement piece. You can be sure it will have a special place in their hearts.

#25 Vintage RAF Pilot Holdall

Vintage RAF Pilot Holdall

Pilots are constantly on the move and this holdall is all they need to ensure they always have what they need. Apart from its elegant looks, this bag offers matchless practical appeal.

It comes with instructions on how to pack the flying suit and lockable brass zips. A heavy cotton canvas with leather trim ensures a lifetime of performance. Find it Here.

#26 Cockpit Style Alarm Clock Desk Display with Pen/Pencil Holder

Cockpit Style Alarm Clock Desk Display with Pen/Pencil Holder

Keep your favorite pilot’s head in the clouds with a cockpit style desk clock. Designed to bring a touch of the cockpit to the bedside, this alarm clock sits side-by-side with a facsimile instrument, additionally, it includes a pen holder so they can take notes.

Now they can wake up to the sight of their favorite place on earth, the cockpit!

#27 Pilot Gift Tie Clip

Pilot Gift Airplane Tie Clip

At times, the simplest gifts for pilots make the deepest impact on the hearts of the ones we love. A personalized tie clip will serve both a functional and sentimental role for an aircraft lover.

Featuring an aircraft image on the front, they have the option of adding a personal message on the front and/or back.

#28 Pilots Bracelet

Airplane Bracelet - Gifts For Pilots

A stylish bracelet like this one would make a great gift for a pilot. The ball chain design makes it instantly captivating while the charm adds to its intriguing appeal.

Sporting a handcrafted design, the piece shows great attention to detail. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it also has a slight texture to it.

#29 Personalized Leather Passport Covers

Personalized Leather Passport Covers

How about one of these understated passport covers for a pilot who does not love being flashy? Sporting an aeroplane image subtly embossed on the top, it is a picture of sophisticated elegance.

A name tag introduces a personalized touch that makes it truly special and meaningful.

#30 Wing Desk

Airplane Wing Desk

Turn his office or bedroom into an aviator’s dream come true. It would make one of the most captivating gifts for pilots in training as well as professionals.2

Showing meticulous attention to detail, the piece is the closest you can get to an actual aeroplane wing. The rivet detailing is particularly impressive, making this a masterpiece.

#31 Young Rebel Pilot Jacket

Young Rebel Pilot Jacket

Roguish pilots are few and far between. But if your favorite aviator happens to be one, you just found the perfect jacket for him. Goatskin suede is the material of choice, giving it matchless appeal.

It sports a belt-length design that makes it outstanding. Everything about it is unmistakable and iconic!

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#32 Plane Mix Wall Decal Set

Looking for a way to instil the right values in the latest arrival to your aviator family? Look no further than the plane mix decal set.

It could be the very first aviation class that your young one attends. Featuring some of the most iconic aircraft models, it is perfect for any room.

#33 Industrial Desk Furniture

Industrial Airplane Desk Furniture - Gifts For Pilots

Hit the sweet spot between functional and visually stimulating with one of these gifts for pilots. Every time they are stuck in the office counting minutes, this desk will keep their thoughts in the air and remind them of their flying experience. 

It draws inspiration from a vintage World War II aircraft and will create massive visual interest in their space

#34 Spark Plug Plane Paperweight

Spark Plug Plane Paperweight

This sculpture combines various recycled tools welded together into an innovative paperweight. It might be all they need to take off and land successful business negotiations.

#35 Leather Aviator Hat – Gifts For Pilots

Leather Aviator Hat

When it comes to practical gifts this hat takes the day. Especially if he happens to be a steampunk fashion enthusiast, this headset is one piece he cannot resist.

Its vintage appeal will take them on a trip back into time. It could also be the piece they need to complete a costume.

#36 Wooden Airplanes Bow Tie

Wooden Airplanes Bow Tie

Surprise your lover with one of these classic gifts for a pilot boyfriend. Wooden bowties are all the rage and thanks to their timeless appeal, will be trending for a while. It holds the promise of stealing the limelight and being a conversation piece everywhere he goes.

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#37 Man Cave Propeller Blade Sculptures – Gifts For Pilots

Man Cave Custom Airplane Propeller Blade Sculptures

Man cave propeller blades are a classic way to transform any space into an aviator’s paradise. Sporting gorgeous army girl pin-ups, these innovative pieces are derived from authentic propeller blades.

Add his name or other text for a personal touch that will tug on his heartstrings.

#38 Whiskey Decanter Airplane Globe Set

Whiskey Decanter Airplane Globe Set

A super cool and classic whiskey glass set with an aviation theme can be the greatest gift for the pilot. It is not only a whiskey decanter and glass set, but also a gorgeous room decor that can be stored on the coffee table. No one cannot take their eyes off of this set once it is used for drinking time. We do not have any word to describe this, grab this now and see how happy when someone receives this set.

#39 Airplane Night Light 3D Plane Illusion Lamp 

Airplane Night Light 3D Plane Illusion Lamp 

A one color lamp? It is pretty common. A lamp with 7 multi colors to choose? It is a must list to buy! Moreover, this lamp is airplane-shaped. Perfectly fit to put on the desk or bedside table. The receiver can choose their favorite color of light to turn on. It can be the best companion to sleep or just enjoy the night in the room everyday.

#40 Aviation Set Flight Instruments Coasters

Aviation Set Flight Instruments Coasters

Perfect engraved aviation set coasters will be a perfect gift as well for the aviation lovers. The material is made from nickel, hence it is sturdy enough. You can put the coaster set as the wall decor or function as the coaster itself. Cool and gorgeous gift for the pilot.

#41 Men’s Airplane Necktie

Men's Airplane Necktie

All men will love to receive the gift containing a necktie. This airplane necktie is undeniable and very manly to look at. Pair it with his favorite shirt for a special occasion or daily look at the office. It fits very well for the aviation lover or a pilot-to-be too.

#42 Aviation Cork Coaster

Aviation Cork Coaster

These aviation cork coasters might be a good choice if you want to give a pilot a novelty gift. The coasters come with some very well-drawn illustrations of aviation-related gagues. On the backside, there is an explanation that describes the functionality of the gauges. You can find altimeter, airspeed, bearing, and more!3

Because the coaster uses cork as its base material, it looks vintage. It’s the perfect gift for pilots who have just got their licenses!

#43 Aviation Tumbler

Aviation Tumbler

Did you know that being well-hydrated is crucial for pilots who are about to operate planes? Being a pilot is a type of job that does not allow mistakes. Thus, being in your prime condition is a must! To remind pilots to drink enough water, this novelty aviation tumbler featuring airplane gauges illustration would make a good gift for them.

#44 Survival Kit

Survival Kit

The aviation industry has the highest safety standard compared to other transportation methods. However, accidents do happen sometimes. In the unlikely event, pilots must always be prepared. You can help your pilot friends to do that by giving them this comprehensive survival kit.

It contains at least 17 essential survival items. There is an emergency blanket, multitool, knife, compass, and other gear that can increase survivability in case a pilot is stranded!

#45 Full Phonetic Alphabet T-shirt

Full Phonetic Alphabet T-shirt

Every pilot must be familiar with the phonetic alphabet. From Alpha to Zulu, they are the alphabet for pilots! And now those phonetic alphabets come to decorate this comfy t-shirt! The designer arranges them to create an airplane-shaped word cloud. It is exquisite, perfect for pilots who love subtle, casual design.

#46 F-14 Fighter Jet Model Kit with 1:48 Scale

F-14 Fighter Jet Model Kit with 1:48 Scale

Pilots usually do not have much time to spare for a hobby. However, having a passion is important so they won’t get burned out. Hence, giving them a realistic Fighter Jet model kit might be a good idea to encourage them and rekindle their love for aviation. The F-14 kit is a 1:48 scale model that would be a lot of fun to assemble.

Pilots can put the parts together when they have their long overdue vacation. Perhaps this kit spurs them to become airplane model collectors once they’ve retired!

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