40 Cool Gifts for Bakers Who Have Everything

Whether the baker in your life is a lifelong enthusiast or a novice, a timely gift can go a long way in making them feel special. And the best thing about getting cool gifts for bakers is that it could be a gift for you too (think of the endless supply of delicious baked goodies)!

So here is the ultimate collection of unique gifts for bakers to keep those cookies and cakes coming!

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Cool Gift Ideas For Bakers

#1 Baker I’ll Be There For You Shirt

Baker I'll Be There For You Shirt - Gifts for Bakers

Is the baker in your life a fan of the TV show Friends? In that case, you cannot go wrong with this t-shirt that draws inspiration from the show. The layout of the letters take the same form as “Friends” in the show, and the tagline caps it all up!

#2 Let’s Cook Handmade Lazer Engraved Breaking Bad Cutting Board

Let's Cook Handmade Lazer Engraved Breaking Bad Cutting Board - Gifts for Bakers

For the baker boyfriend or husband who has a soft spot for Breaking Bad, here is the perfect gift choice. This cool cutting board is designed as a display piece, it says “Let’s Cook” on one side – with a Chemistry twist. But the other side is fully functional.

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#3 Humorous Baker Mug

Humorous Baker Mug - Gifts for Bakers

Why does the baker in your life love to bake? Well, here is a whimsical gift to answer the question and put a permanent smile on their face. It blends equal portions of functionality and fun, making a perfect gift for that special person.

#4 Custom Embossed Rolling Pin – Personalized Gifts for Bakers

Custom Embossed Rolling Pin

Looking for the perfect gag gift to make a baker smile? Look no further than this custom embossed rolling pin.

When she rolls out cookie or pie dough with this pin, she will have her own face smiling up at her. How cool!

#5 Split-Decision Pie Pan

Split-Decision Pie Pan

Ask any baker and they will tell you, the hardest part about baking a pie is choosing a favorite. But now, thanks to this pan, they can bake two of their heart’s desires at the same time. They can also remove the divider for a single pie.

#6 Chocolate Molecule Rose Gold Necklace

Chocolate Molecule Rose Gold Necklace

Every bake appreciates the magical properties of chocolate to make any baked goodies ten times better. Give her this cool gift for a baker friend so she can celebrate this special ingredient in style. It’s a necklace she will never want to take off.

#7 See Me Rollin Shirt

See Me Rollin Shirt

You can never go wrong with a funny baker gift; more so, when it it’s both humorous and functional. The clever pun will not only get them in the mood for baking but will have them humming the catchy tune behind the words.

#8 Personalized Apron

Personalized Apron

If you are thinking of something more personalized for the baker in your life, this apron is it.

You can personalize it with a favorite recipe or go for a funny or inspirational line. That will make it their favorite go-to apron.

#9 Funny Kitchen Baker Decor Signs

Funny Kitchen Baker Decor Signs

Since your favorite baker spends most of their time in the kitchen, these funny kitchen décor signs are a timeless choice. With more than 60 hilarious lines to choose from, there is no end to their potential to trigger endless laughs!

#10 Dessert and Baking Salts

Dessert and Baking Salts

Bakers are always looking for new ways to spice up their baked goods. With that in mind, why not get them the most creative gift set to do precisely that? The intriguing flavors on these baking salts will turn everything they bake into an amazing treat!

#11 Rolling Pin Necklace

Rolling Pin Necklace

The rolling pin is a baker’s most important tool of trade. Give them an opportunity to showcase their love for the art with this ingenious baker gift choice. The rolling pin pendant is both captivating and sentimental, a perfect gift.

#12 That’s What I Do I Bake and I Know Things T-Shirt

That's What I Do I Bake and I Know Things T-Shirt

Does the baker in your life love Game of Thrones to bits? How about a tee that blends the best of the two worlds? It employs a clever twist on one of Tyrion Lannister’s most famous quotes to make it perfectly suited for that special baker.

#13 Personalized Bakery Store Name Sign

Personalized Bakery Store Name Sign

Whether your baker friend already has a store or at least dreams of it, this sign will melt their heart. Personalize it with their name or customize it to make it an unforgettable gift for a baking enthusiast.

#14 Baker Parking Sign

Baker Parking Sign

Take a baker’s décor to the next level with one of these hilarious baking gifts. It’s a parking sign that could add tons of appeal to their décor and lead to lots of smiles. And it could also inspire fear in the hearts of any potential violators.

#15 Le Creuset Stoneware Rectangular Heritage Covered Casserole

Le Creuset Stoneware Rectangular Heritage Covered Casserole

A baker can never have too many casserole pans. Especially when the pan in question is a premium stoneware product, the potential is boundless. They come in a variety of stunning colors to light up their lives and the dinner table.

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#16 Game Of Thrones Cutting Board

Game Of Thrones Cutting Board - Gifts for Bakers

Here is another fun twist on a Game of Thrones line that is sure to warm up your favorite baker’s heart.

On one side it sports the House Stark sigil and the words ‘Dinner is Coming’ while the other side is fully functional.

#17 Personalized Baker’s Keychain

Food Mixer Keychain, Kitchen Aid Key Ring, Food Mixer Keyring, Initial Keychain, Personalized Keychain, Custom Keychain, 254

Some of the happiest moments in a baker’s life are the ones he spends baking. Get them a keychain that celebrates their love for the craft while playing a functional role. A mixer charm, initial disc and copper dog tag make it a super special gift for a baker friend.

#18 Bakers Gonna Bake Shirt – Funny Gift for a Baker

Bakers Gonna Bake Shirt, Baker Gift For Baker Chef , Funny Chef Gift, Gift For Mothers

Get a funny baking shirt with text that will crack your baking friend up time and again. It’s a play on the words of a popular meme with hip-hop origins. The t-shirt is sure to become an instant favorite.

#19 Small Bread Charm Necklace

Small Bread Charm Necklace

Nothing could beat the potential of this bread charm necklace to wow a baking fan. Choose from a range of designs and lengths to ensure it fits her preferences perfectly. She will forever hold it close to her heart, literally.

#20 Personalised Cake Tin

Personalised Cake Tin

Bakers love personalization; it defines almost every aspect of their craft. Give them an opportunity to enjoy it too with one of these personalized tins. It’s a great way to make their baked goods extra special.

#21 Custom Street Sign

Custom Street Sign

Give your baker friend’s space a makeover with one of these timeless gifts for bakers. Choose from the wide array of color options to ensure the piece matches the rest of the space. Whether they place it indoors or out, it promises years of performance and fun.

#22 Bless this home with Love and Laughter Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Bless This Home With Love And Laughter Rectangular Board

Because the baker in your life spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a unique cutting board décor piece would make the best gift choice. The text on one side makes it a great display piece. But on the other side, they get a fully functional cutting board.

#23 My Buns Are Gluten Free Hoodie

My Buns Are Gluten Free Hoodie

With this humorous play on words, you can keep a baker warm and smiling for a long time to come. No matter their type of bun, the text will be sure to spread good cheer everywhere they go.

#24 I’m A Whisk Taker Mug

I'm A Whisk Taker Mug - Gifts for Bakers

One of the best baker gifts for that special person in your life is the gift of laughter.

And this mug is the most effective way to keep the laughter going. From risk taker to whisk taker, the creativity on the text is hilarious!

#25 Reclaimed Serving Boards & Cloche

Reclaimed Serving Boards & Cloche

Presentation is everything, as any baker would tell you. And this serving board would make any pastry look delicious. It comes complete with a glass cloche and hammered metal handle and will find a spot on a baker’s heart.

#26 Cake is My Spirit Animal Hooded Sweatshirt

Gifts for Bakers Funny hoodie

What’s your favorite baker’s spirit animal? This funny hooded sweatshirt provides the perfect answer – cake! Only she can understand the connection she shares with cake. And only you got the answer right!

#27 Bakers Gonna Bake Racerback Tank – Funny Gifts for Bakers

Bakers Gonna Bake Racerback Tank - funny Gifts for Bakers

Tell that special baker to keep doing what she does best with one of these stylish gifts for bakers. Featuring a humorous yet meaningful statement, this functional piece could become their favorite baking top.

#28 Custom Doormat 

Custom Doormat -  Gifts for Bakers

Did your baker friend just move to a new house or open their own bakery? You can’t go wrong with a custom doormat that highlights their passion.

Get creative and choose a meaningful text to add sentimental value to this functional gift choice.

#29 Plant-Based Plastic Kitchen Bowls

Plant-Based Plastic Kitchen Bowls

Is there a baking enthusiast close to you who also happens to be eco-conscious? These eco-friendly kitchen bowls would make an ideal gift choice. Made using plant-based materials, they are fully decomposable and thus easy on the planet.

Baking is an art, and a gift that highlights this aspect of the hobby would be a definite hit.

Get that baker these awesome bread stamps to make their cookies alluring. It’s a gift that will keep giving for the rest of time.

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#31 Master Baker Mug

Master Baker Mug

A simple acknowledgement of their mastery of baking could go a long way in making your baker friend happy. And a happy baker means more pastries coming your way. Everybody wins!

#32 Cool Gifts for Bakers – Custom Portrait from Photo as Yellow Cartoon Character

Baker Gift - Custom Portrait from Photo as Yellow Cartoon Character - Gifts for Bakers

Give their bakery, kitchen or man cave an upgrade with this baking-inspired gift choice. It is a custom yellow cartoon portrait showing your baker friend doing what he does best. This one will get a permanent spot on their wall and heart.

#33 Definition Print Digital Download Gift for Baker

Definition Print Digital Download Gift for Baker

What exactly does a baker do? Put the mystery to rest once for all time with this funny wall décor poster. Not only does it tell the truth about bakers but gives them a reason to smile too.

#34 Berry Buddy

Berry Buddy

If you love fruit cake and every pastry that includes berries, this is the perfect gift for your baker. It will send them the hint they need to include berries in everything they make. And its functionality is matchless.

#35 My Buns Are Gluten Free Unisex Shirt

My Buns Are Gluten Free Unisex Shirt - Gifts for Bakers

A funny baking t-shirt might be all your baking girlfriend needs to spend more time in the kitchen. And this one will be sure to keep her motivated as well as amused. It does not hurt either that it’s really cute!

#36 Baker Definition T-Shirt – Cool Gifts for Bakers

Baker Definition T-Shirt - Gifts for Bakers

How about a funny baking gift that offers a comical definition of what a baker does? Truth be told though, it holds a ton of truth. It takes magic to do what they do and it’s time someone acknowledged it.

#37 Honey Bees Rolling Pin

Honey Bees Rolling Pin

Every baker would appreciate a gift that makes their work look adorable. And this honey bee rolling pin is perfect for the job! It will leave a pattern on dough that will make pastries seem twice as yummy. this might also make a good gift idea for a beekeeper also. 

#38 Bake The World a Better Place Oven Pads

ZJXHPO Baking Gift Oven Pads Pot Holder Bake The World A Better Place

Challenge your gifting skill by giving this uncommon gift to your beloved baker’s friend, who has everything. A pair of oven pads can’t be more perfect as a gift because your friend will absolutely always wear them anytime they bake. These items have funny yet encouraging quotes to cheer up the baker’s day when they have a rough one.

#39 Cat-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

This gift is purposely created to satisfy a baker who happens to be a cat lover. Featuring four cutie cats as the handle, these spoons are absolutely adorable. In addition to that, each scoop has a different measurement, making it easy for the baker to measure the ingredients to make their cake. We are sure that this gift will brighten up their baking day.

#40 Adjustable Kitchen Baking Hat

DYJYBMY Baking Queen

We all know that any baker will try their best to avoid any error in baking their precious cakes. To help them with that, you can give this handy piece of kitchen hat to your dearest baker’s friend. The hat is adjustable so that it can fit perfectly into your baker’s hat. It also has a quote that will surely make them feel like they are the queen of baking.

What are the best and coolest gifts for bakers you can buy?

1. Bake The World a Better Place Oven Pads – Shop Here!

2. Cat-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons – Shop Here!

3. Adjustable Kitchen Baking Hat – Shop Here!

4. Master Baker Mug – Shop Here!

5. Reclaimed Serving Boards & Cloche – Shop Here!

6. Custom Street Sign – Shop Here!

7. Dessert and Baking Salts – Shop Here!

8. Personalized Apron – Shop Here!

9. Personalized Cake Tin – Shop Here!

10. My Buns Are Gluten-Free Hoodie – Shop Here!

If there is a baker in your life, you certainly appreciate the opportunity to indulge in fresh pastries. Let them know just how much you value their effort with one of these gifts for bakers

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