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Embossed Cookie Making Rolling Pins

These Embossed Cookie Making Rolling Pins will make every batch of cookies look unique and beautiful even if you have no decorating skills whatsoever.

If you’re interested in baking or at least semi-frequently watch TV or surf the internet, then you know that people are capable of turning cookies into tiny pieces of art.

There’re tons of videos that show people effortlessly decorating cookies and it just makes you hands itch to create something equally spectacular.

But if there’s not even one artistic bone in your body and you want to avoid dealing with advanced cookie-decorating techniques, there is a solution. 

These beech rolling pins can create beautiful embossed cookies out of a simple piece of dough. They come in two sizes – a classic 45cm long one and a smaller one for kids who would like to help with baking.

Embossed Cookie Making Rolling Pins

What would usually become a flat round cookie, can now be embossed with a pattern of your choice. There’s a lot to choose from, mind you.

Embossed Cookie Making Rolling Pins

Bake some beautiful Christmas-themed cookies with these rolling pins. Or maybe cookies with Easter Bunnies.

Embossed Cookie Making Rolling Pins

Or various sports-related cookies. Maybe, you have a craving for cookies embossed with an intricate flowery pattern or you’d rather munch on cookies with dinosaurs on them. 

Embossed Cookie Making Rolling Pins

The point is, the minute we saw that there’s a Star Wars rolling pin we were sold. But there’s so much more to choose from, just take a look. It’d be an awesome gift for someone who loves cooking or baking.

Embossed Cookie Making Rolling Pins


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