The Safest Futuristic Drone ‘Cleo Dronut X1’ Fly With Hidden Propeller Blades

Would you like to fly a futuristic drone with hidden propellers? The revolutionary design of Cleo Dronut X1 put the rotor blades inside its own body. This way, the fast spinning blades would be completely protected. As a result, this drone would not get tangled even when flying around a tricky environment. 

Drone propellers can be quite hazardous for humans, especially for small children and pets. In order to gain lift, the rotors have to spin with thousands of rotations per minute. If you are not careful when maneuvering, your drone’s rotor blades may hit obstacles. As a result, you might break your mini flying machine. Or even worse, it could also injure a person.

A lot of drones nowadays have shields that protect the rotors from side impact. However, the top and bottom side of the spinning blades are still exposed and present a potential unsafe situation. 

Additionally, a regular drone with its exposed rotors is basically a miniature helicopter and can not be flown around risky facilities. You do not want to hit essential wires or sensitive equipment with the fast spinning blades.

For these reasons, the Cleo Dronut X1 hides the propeller fans inside its own frame. This nimble drone features two hidden rotors that provide impressive maneuverability. 

Because of the unusual design, the way this drone moves will also be different. In fact, Cleo Dronut X1 is among the first drones that uses multiple ducted fans propulsion integrated within the frame. 

Cleo Dronut New innovation for Drone

The ducted fan design allows the drone to have more compact rotors and swifter maneuver. The shrouded rotor allows the drone to have a better airflow and pressure control due to Bernoulli’s Principle. 

Without the ducted fan design, a normal drone typically would require longer rotor blades. Such drones would not be suitable for tight spaces because the long rotors may hit walls. The compact design of Cleo Dronut X1 allows this drone to fly in narrow areas thanks to the ducted fans.

When you need Cleo Dronut X1 to inspect a sensitive area, the hidden rotos would not pose any risks. On top of that, Cleo Dronut  X1 is designed to absorb impact. Even if the body hits walls, the drone can still fly normally. 

The Cleo Dronut X1 is equipped with a 4K camera and a global shutter feature. You would be able to capture pristine videos and pictures without motion blurs. With the combined agility and its sharp camera, this drone would be suitable as a surveillance drone. 

Furthermore, Cleo Dronut X1 can be operated even at night thanks to its LED lights. This drone also comes with a 3D LiDar sensor that allows the operator to gauge range and prevent collisions.

From the outside, Cleo Dronut X1 would look like a hovering sphere. It would remind you of the flying circle robots in video games, super awesome!

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