UE FITS Earphone That Can Be Molded to Fit the Shape of Your Ears

Don’t you agree that choosing the perfect earbuds size is almost impossible? They are often too big and hurt our ears or too small and fall out often. Now, the revolutionary UE FITS wireless comes up with an idea to mold the earbud tip to conform with the shape of your ear canals!

The innovative UE FITS true wireless earbuds will literally fit into your ear comfortably because of the personalized shape. Nowadays, most in-ear headphones in the market have a one-size-fits-all design and may not be suitable for your ear. As a result, Your ears may get stretched because the size of the regular earbud is not suitable.

Many earbuds manufacturers do not care about user comforts. Instead of focusing on user experience, many companies would prefer products that can be mass produced.

On the other hand, UE FITS true wireless is completely the opposite. This wireless earbud prioritizes user enjoyment over anything else. Instead of producing a rigid earbud that may not fit into your ear, UE FITS invented flexible gel-filled earbuds that can be automatically molded based on the shape of your ear.

UE FIST earbuds molded shape

Truth to be told, wearing an earbuds set that does not fit your ear can be very harmful for your hearing organ. Regular earbud tip is hard, and if it is not fit, it might injure your ears. Infection may happen and that may affect your health.

On top of that, unfit earbuds tips will decrease the sound quality. If you are listening to music, you would want to be focused on the melodies. You don’t want outside noise interference due to loose earbuds.

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The customizable UE FITS true wireless earbuds come with the moldable tips which are filled with a special gel and case that can be used to charge the battery. The internal battery UE FITS can last up to 8 hours. It also comes with an app that you can install in your phone to control the shape of the tip buds and the sound equalizers. 

So how is this wireless earbud able to fit exactly into your ear canals? Using a specialized materials and LEDs light, UE FITS wireless earbuds are moldable.

To do that, first put your UE FITS wireless earbuds in your ears. Then, open the apps and you can activate the mold. The LEDs will gently heat the gel and you will be told gently push the earbud so that it can fill your ear canals perfectly. Do not worry, you won’t feel any heat at all!

After you are satisfied with the way it fits in your ear, then the UE FITS have finished with the molding process. All in all, the overall steps will take only about 60 seconds and the app will guide you through the molding process.  If you are not satisfied with your first mold, you can always buy extra tips!

With the perfect fit mold, You get to wear UE FITS wireless earbuds without any feeling of discomfort all day!

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