Play Retro Invaders Game on a Can of Beer Using Swigr’s Augmented Reality Technology

Would you like to play a retro game on a can of alcoholic drink? Recently, Swigr developed a mobile augmented reality (AR) app that allows customers who buy specific alcoholic beverages to play the classic Invaders game on a beer can. 

To activate this interesting feature, you will have to buy a canned or bottled alcoholic beverage which has a partnership with Swigr. 

Using the augmented reality app, you need to scan the brand’s label on the packaging. Augmented reality games and cool interactive interfaces will be seamlessly displayed on your can or bottle if you see it through your phone’s monitor. The app will work on most modern smartphones nowadays.

In Swiger’s promotional video, we can see that, after you have scanned the brand, an AR game called Beer Invaders appears on the surface of the can. You can try to play and beat the game as well as compete with your friends to attain the highest score.

In the future, perhaps different types of challenging games may be developed. Each alcoholic brand may have their own unique AR interactions.

We can also see that Swigr offers more features, not just games. For example, you can also explore different can’s models by changing its appearance in the AR. Then you can also share social media photos or videos that will be displayed on the can through AR.

swigr AR feature to play games

Basically, Swigr is an augmented reality app developer that uses its technology to promote and boost alcoholic beverages brands. If you own a winemaker or own a brewery, you definitely should check out Swigr to boost your brand recognition.

This unique customer experience, in the form of AR interaction, will be able to boost sales for brands that have a partnership with Swigr. People will be dying to try the specific brands because they will be curious with the AR games.

When customers scan the label and interact with the Swigr AR mobile app, they will also interact with the alcoholic brand. It is an ingenious marketing strategy that takes advantage of futuristic technology. Customers who try the Swigr’s AR attraction may become loyal to the brand if they love it.

If you are simply a customer who loves a specific alcoholic drink brand, you may want to tell your favorite brewer to partner up with Swigr. Then, you get to enjoy your drink even more using the interactive Augmented Reality!

These Augmented Reality displays on alcoholic beverages cans will remind you of a scene out of cyberpunk games. If you have AR glasses, you may potentially be able to enjoy this futuristic feature even more.

Additionally, if you are feeling adventurous, you may explore various new brands of alcoholic beverages that have Swigr’s AR feature. Different brands may offer different kinds of augmented reality displays. In the process, who knows, you may find a new favorite. It is a bit like catching rare pokemon on the popular AR game Pokemon Go.

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