25 Awesome Augmented Reality Gifts for All the Tech Maniac

Nowadays, technology has become part of our lives. One of the most recent technological advancements that is amusing to young audiences is Augmented Reality, or AR in shorts. It is a simple and cool technology that imposes a computer-generated reality to real life via gadgets like phones and VR glasses. If you have a friend that loves to play with this kind of technology, then consider buying Augmented Reality gifts for them!

AR has been around for quite a long time. In fact, there are a lot of affordable Augmented Reality gifts for you to pick. There are arts and decorations that can turn into a fun Augmented Reality situation. As an alternative, you can also choose from a lot of AR toys for children and young adults. Please take a look at our compilation below! We guarantee that you’ll be very satisfied. 

Augmented Reality Art and Decoration

People love to have some classy art prints in their home as a cool decoration. However, you can give them something much more than that. In fact, all of these paintings and arts can be scanned through your phone and create an immersive AR experience. These Augmented Reality gifts are so cool!

1. Jazz Singer Poster

Jazz Singer Poster

This painting is very classy on its own. It has an elegant design that clearly suits any home theme. But once you scan this item through your phone, you can see the woman singing her heart out. Make sure to play out some melodic songs, because it really sets the mood! 

2. Spiderman Wall Decal with 3D AR

Spiderman Wall Decal with 3D AR

If you’re looking to decorate your kid’s room with something special, then please consider buying this wall decal as part of your Augmented Reality gifts. Children love Spiderman. Moreover, they would also love it if they could see their heroes brought to life and swinging around their wall. 

3. African American Women Art

African American Women Art

This magnificent painting is very genius and out of the box. If you decide to display this in the living room, it will make your home more elegant and classy. And once you’ve scanned the art with your phone, you can see a lot of beautiful butterflies flying around from the woman’s hair. Clearly one of the best Augmented Reality gifts ever. 

4. Hardcover Notebook with Augmented Reality

Hardcover Notebook with Augmented Reality

These days, you can create anything and insert AR technology inside them. Just take this awesome notebook as an example. With the help of your phone, you can see the beautiful design on the cover come to life. It will definitely accompany you during boring periods in your day. 

5. Jazz & Blues Poster

Jazz & Blues Poster

Jazz and Blues are really magical. But once you’ve seen this awesome painting in action, you’ll be sent into a whole new realm! Watch as the musician plays with his adorable and huge saxophone, accompanied by a cheerful sun background. 

6. Troya Magnet Painting

Troya Magnet Painting

Our last item from the Art Augmented Reality gifts category looks so majestic, right? This Troya Magnet art can make a lasting impression on you, if you choose to purchase it. You can also stick this awesome item on your refrigerator as a decoration. 

Fun and Awesome Augmented Reality Gifts

The beauty of Augmented Reality gifts is the fun and joy it can bring to someone. Sometimes, it’s not in the form of toys. However, it certainly can bring a whole new experience in our daily lives. Please take a look at some of the most awesome Augmented Reality gifts. 

7. Electric Guitar Set

Electric Guitar Set

Striving to be a rockstar, but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, because these items can help you become a professional axeman! There are three different guitar models that are equipped with game-based, Augmented Reality apps that will help them learn to play real songs. 

8. Augmented Microscope Kit

Augmented Microscope Kit

This is one of the best Augmented Reality gifts that you can get for a brilliant future scientist. With this cool science kit, they can see a lot of specimens come to life and interact with them. This way, your kid will be able to learn about the beauty of biology in a creative and fun way. 

9. Scented Markers Set

Scented Markers Set

Unleash your children’s imaginative side by obtaining this wonderful scented marker set. With the scented markers, your child can draw and sketch with four different styles of pens. Please make sure to download the Itsy Unicorn’s World App so that your loved one can be drawn into the magical world of Unicorn. 

10. Merge Cube Education

Merge Cube Education

Learning and discovering new things can’t get any better than this! With the awesome Merge Cube, you and your friends can hold digital 3D objects in the form of holograms, enabling a new powerful way to learn science and STEM in the process. You clearly can’t afford to miss out on this item, because it’s really one of the most awesome Augmented Reality gifts for students. 

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11. Augmented Reality Globe

Augmented Reality Globe

For us old chaps, learning about geography with a traditional globe can be a little bit boring and dull. But with the arrival of an Augmented Reality globe like this item, you can’t make that excuse anymore! Just scan a section of the globe to see famous landmarks from around the world. 

12. Origami Decoration with AR Technology

Origami Decoration with AR Technology

Making some pieces of art using origami paper is a fun experience to enjoy. But you can do a lot more with this cool technology. Learn to make difficult arts with the free and immersive application that can be scanned with your smartphone. 

13. DIY Augmented Reality

DIY Augmented Reality

We know that owning some Augmented Reality gifts can be fun. But do you know a way to make it even better? Having a machine that can create its own Augmented Reality experience. With this amazing printer, you can choose your favorite pictures and it will embed a video inside your photos so they can come to life. 

14. AR Bracelet

AR Bracelet

We really live in a spoiled world! Even a simple and beautiful bracelet can implement some Augmented Reality technologies inside. When you see through the gem with your phone, there will be a butterfly and unicorn that can appear out of nowhere. You can even play a game of Pong with the complementary app. 

15. Long Distance Mug and Coaster

Long Distance Mug and Coaster

With these cute items, you can have it all: coffee, tea, and Augmented Reality! With it, you can have a digital brunch with your bestie, even if they are miles away from us. Send some messages of love with the companion app. It will then pop up on the other mug that your friend has got. 

16. Augmented Reality Shirt

Augmented Reality Shirt

Transform a family shirt into something immersive with this awesome tee. There are a lot of various designs that you can choose from. The catch is: every design will have its own AR experience. All of the shirts were also made using premium quality to ensure a comfortable wearing experience. 

Augmented Reality Toys

Toys. It may sound like it belonged exclusively to children. However, some of the Augmented Reality gifts that we’ve compiled can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. It will definitely create a strong bond between the family!

17. The Ultimate Star Wars Challenges

The Ultimate Star Wars Challenges

The quest to become a Jedi (or Sith Lord, your choice) starts with this awesome Star Wars set. Simply start the app and put on the headset. Then, you’ll be challenged to complete three different experiences in your path to be the ultimate Jedi master in the Star Wars experience. Truly one of the best Augmented Reality gifts ever. 

18. Toy Story Augmented Reality Book

Toy Story Augmented Reality Book

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the other lively toys are just some of the friendliest creatures ever. If you want to introduce them to your children, then make sure to get your hands on this adorable book. When you scan each page of the book, the characters will pop up and come to life! It’s one of the most interactive Augmented Reality gifts that you can get for your children. 

19. Road Rage Augmented Reality Racing Game

Road Rage Augmented Reality Racing Game

This Road Rage toy brings a whole new meaning to toy car racing. Gone are the ways of racing with your physical toy. Now, you just need to scan and add the vehicle to your application. Then, make sure to win the race between your friends for bragging rights. 

20. Ocean Explorer AR Set

Ocean Explorer AR Set

Your kid might be too young to dive into the depths of the ocean. However, you can’t avoid them to explore the beautiful part of the world if you have this cool AR set. Inside the box, you’ll also get a hardback book and a holographic explorer cube.

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21. LEGO AR Racing Car

LEGO AR Racing Car

LEGO has also implemented Augmented Reality tech into some of their newest toys. This cool racing car is just an example of their application. After you have finished building the awesome vehicle, you can activate the application and race in a single or multiplayer competition. There are some haunted bosses that can be found inside the digital world, so be on the lookout!

22. AR Arithmetic Steam Toy

AR Arithmetic Steam Toy

A blooming child can also benefit from playing with Augmented Reality gifts. With this particular item, you can bring math to life and teach them some lessons with a gaming system that combines physical building blocks with digital games. 

23. AR Wooden Gun Toy

AR Wooden Gun Toy

Ever want to feel the thrill of becoming a spy, just like James Bond and Jason Bourne? Perhaps you can do just that with the cool AR Wooden Gun Toy. With the companion app inside, you can jump straight to a zombie battle or multiplayer battle against other competing players around the world. 

24. Personal Planetarium

Personal Planetarium

Looking at the beauty of our galaxy can never get easier when you have this cool personal planetarium. You can take a journey through the cosmos and look at some of the most wonderful stars, guided by video and audio guides. It truly is one of the most innovative Augmented Reality gifts. 

25. Hot Wheels Augmented Reality Track

Hot Wheels Augmented Reality Track

Collecting a physical Hot Wheels car is very fun. But when you want to race it with other people’s collection in a fun way, then make sure to own this bad boy. Make sure to look at your phone during the whole race to see a lot of astonishing effects on the track. 

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