26 Unique Bongs for a Smooth Smoking Experience

Bongs are available in many shapes and sizes. You might find bongs with basic shapes and bongs with unique yet artistic designs, while others might be full of colors. Bongs are created to filter and cool the smoke that comes from the burning tobacco, which will create a cooler and smoother taste, rather than the original harsh taste or a tobacco.

Some bongs are designed to look like works of art that you can use not only to smoke, but to be part of decorations in your home, office, or other places you like. You can also give a bong as a gift for a loved one who you think will enjoy a quality time smoking with a nice and unique bong. 

1. VOVCIG Hookah Shisha Pipe

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If you’re looking for a small and compact bong that you can easily carry anywhere but still has an elegant look? This unique bong is the perfect choice. This unique bong is also perfect as a gift for your loved one as it comes with a gift box to make it look more exclusive.

2. Mini Water

unique bongs

This classic-looking bong can actively filter the bar and nicotine in tobacco, which will reduce the harm to your body. Being a unique bong, you can have this Mini Water Bong as a gift for a dear smoker friend. When you do, don’t forget to tell your friend that he can install other beverages into this bong like cola, mik, or even liquor to add more flavors.

3. Glow In Dark Hookah Glass Water Pipe

unique bongs

This unique glass bong has a height of 9 inches and can glow in the dark, which will create cool patterns once you use this inside a dark room. Using this bong will definitely make you become the center of attention and make all eyes on you!

4. Glass Neon Teal Hookah Double Perc

12" Glass Neon Teal Hookah Water Pipe Tobacco Double Perk Bong w/ Ice Catcher

This sleek looking bong is the best partner for you to smoke tobacco. The simple design and bright blue glass color will create an artistic look when you smoke. Moreover, this unique bong will be the perfect decoration for your home, too!

5. Monster Giraffe

unique bongs

This unique Monster Giraffe Bong will be a nice and cute gift for your loved one. The cute giraffe with spikey big ears and sweet face is made of high quality materials to be a super cute gift, or as a new item for your collection.

6. Thick 8” Glow In The Dark Spherical

unique bongs

Looking for a unique bong that looks like a piece of fine art? Then this one is the answer. This glass bong comes in the shape of a globe that features all seven continents of the world. 

7. Helix Arm Recycler Glass Water Pipe

unique bongs

Say hello to this sophisticated and unique bong that will be the perfect gift for a dear friend. This bong features a roller coaster-like pattern, but still considerably small in size and easy to carry anywhere. This bong also comes with a bowl, which will add a touch of exclusivity to the gift package.

8. 5 Arm Recycler Smoking Bong

unique bongs

This unique bong features an hourglass design, not only to be your smoking partner but also to be your newest piece of art to add a sophisticated touch to your living room at home. This bong is available in fresh bright green that perfectly creates a fresh and clean look.

9. Cute Bong – Clear Glass Water Pipe

CUTE 7" BONG Clear Glass Water Pipe Hookah COOL Bubbler Titled Neck UNIQUE

Another small bong that you can easily carry wherever you go is this Clear Glass Water Pipe. Looking simple and minimalist, you can have this unique bong as your designated bong for outdoor activities, or as a gift to your dearest smoking friend.

10. Wigwag Bong – Thick Glass Water Pipe

unique bongs

The swirl or wigwag patterns are clearly the uniqueness of this bong, as it perfectly combines orange, black, blue, and white together, to be a cute-looking center point of this bong. This bong also has fused downstream attached with the joint.

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11. Thick Fab Egg Glass Water Pipe

unique bongs

This bong has an elegant and timeless design that will last for many years as your loyal smoking partner. The tilter mouth end gives you extra comfort when you’re using it, and features a stable base for continuous use.

12. Colorful Pattern Breaker Bong

unique bongs

This super unique bong is perfect as a gift for your female smoker friend. Not only will she have a gift of a unique bong in bright and cheerful colors, because she will also enjoy a smooth and creamy feeling of tobacco when smoking.

13. Hookah Water Pipe Glass Bong

This is an exclusive bong as it features a 360-Degree rotatable metal gravity, designed exclusively to enable graffiti to serve the hookah. This bong is chosen as one of the best bongs in 2021, which makes it an exclusive present for someone who matters to you the most.

14. Titled Spherical Ball Perc Bong

Green seems like the perfect color for bongs, as shown in this Titled Spherical Ball Perc Bong. The sleek and unique design, plus the bright tone of green makes this bong look seamless and simple at the same time.

15. Jinni Pipe Gravity Pipe Bong

unique bongs

This Jinni Pipe bong offers a clean and sleek look to those who love to enjoy a clean bong at all times. If it’s not clean enough, this bong offers you the enjoyment of smoking without having to touch your lips. In short, we can say that this bong is a graffiti bong that shoots smoke in the air and you catch the hits.

16. Grav® Labs Spherical Pocket Bubbler Cool

unique bongs

This is one of the most wanted designs of bongs since it is highly portable, small, and very simple for both male or female smokers out there. The clear glass creates a clean look, which makes it a perfect gift for a best friend’s 21st birthday.

17. Tall Double Matrix Perc Zong Bong

The asymmetrical design of this bong will definitely be the main uniqueness of this item, which features double stacked percolators and double matrix percolators. These features are just the right tools to give you a smooth and calm feeling whenever you smoke.

18. Milky Way Double Horned Thick Glass Zong Bong

Milky Way Double Horned Thick Glass Zong Bong

The unique design of this bong was inspired by the milky way, which will make you feel like you can see our galaxy from far away with this bong. This unique bong features an undoubtedly gorgeous pattern in the center and bottom part. 

19. Iridescent Straight Bong

13" Inch THICK Iridescent STRAIGHT BONG Glass Water Pipe HEAVY Helix GIRLY

This piece of art is said to be one of the craziest bongs for smokers. The straight base design has sandblasted design on the neck part of this bong with a unique spiral helix design that gives a perfect and elegant look to this unique bong. Moreover, this bong also has 3 ice notches that will create a cooler smoke.

20. Green Recycler Bong 

Green Recycler Bong 

Any smoker who loves green and classic design deserves this unique bong as the perfect smoking partner. The 7 inches size makes this bong easy to carry, which will also be a sweet birthday gift for your lovely smoker friend or cousin.

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21. Session Goods Tobacco Smoking Water Pipe Bong

Session Goods Tobacco Smoking Water Pipe Bong

This bong features a modern and minimalist design that will be the perfect and unique bong for the younger generations of smokers. Comes in clear borosilicate glass and protective silicone footer, this bong was also chosen as one of the nicest bongs out there. 

22. Mushroom Perc Orb Base Bong Glass Water Pipe

Mushroom Perc Orb Base Glass Water Pipe

You will find many things in this bong that makes this bong one of the most unique bongs that you can find. This bong was designed by high quality artists for its uniqueness, as it features 5 mini mushrooms that perform better filtration and give you a better smoking experience. 

23. Swirled Twister Bong 

Swirled Twister pipe

Elegance might be the word that perfectly describes this unique bong, especially with a gem-like bead that is placed inside the magnifier glass. The solid blue color looks stunning and suits the shape of this bong like no other. This item is definitely the perfect thank you gift for anyone who matters to you.

24. Colorful Water Pipe Bong

Colorful Water Pipe

For a female friend who smokes, this unique bong is the perfect birthday gift. The sweet two-colors and perfect finish of the surface create a sweet look to this bong, which makes it a sweet room decoration, too!

25. Water Pipe Smoking Beaker

Water Pipe Smoking Beaker

This unique bong has a classic design with a modern color that gives a different and sophisticated look, which will be your unique smoking partner. This bong is not just unique, but also brings a great smoking experience as it filters acid carbon and other harmful substances to protect your body.

26. Glass Bong Smoke Water Pipe

Glass Smoke Water Pipe

This bong is a good gift for someone who loves simplicity and would be happy to enjoy a nice smoking experience using this simple bong. The straight design and clear glass makes it look simple and sweet, but still provide the kind of protection that we need. 

Final Thought

The enjoyment of smoking with a bong is different for each smoker. Some might enjoy the simple bings, while others might love the feeling if smoking with a more complicated ones. There is definitely no right or wrong about this, we just have to know exactly what we love before we choose the perfect bong for us. If you plan on buying a bong for a friend or relative, then we would also suggest that you find out what kind of bond that that person loves. By doing so, we will have more reference on what bong to buy.

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