30 Cool Beer Bongs for Various Parties

Never let a party become lame because it doesn’t have enough games! One way to make sure it never happened is by using cool beer bongs. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a funny party tool consisting of a funnel and flexible tube for people to drink alcohol at an enormous volume. There are custom beer bongs, double beer bongs, and large ones that are normally called Bongzilla. 

There are a variety of cool beer bongs for you to choose. If you want a large sized one, you can buy a bongzilla! However, people would also prefer double beer bongs, or even customized ones (because it’s cool!). Whatever your preference is, make sure to check out our list below, containing some of the best cool beer bongs ever! 

Awesome Custom Beer Bongs

Custom beer bongs are awesome, because they have interesting designs that can attract interest from your friends. Normally, only certain parts of the bong that are customized by the manufacturer. Please check out some cool beer bongs that you might like below. 

1. Personalized Chambong 

Personalized Chambong

Chambong is a custom beer bong that can also be used to pour champagnes, exactly like the name states. You can choose to personalize this funny item by adding your name or other texts. Although it is made with acrylic, you won’t have to worry about damaging it, as it is shatterproof. 

2. Large Quad Beer Bong

Large Quad Beer Bong

Let’s see who can sustain more liquid in their lungs with this large quad beer bong. It is custom-made to fit four people at once, and it is perfect for those of you who don’t fancy a bongzilla! The funnel has a capacity of 40 oz., making it perfect for people who can really drink beers in a large amount. 

3. The Kong Beer Bong

The Kong Beer Bong

A usual beer bong will require you to pour some liquids from a beer can. You can skip that part and simply chug your beer inside the bong! This custom beer bong is portable and stylish, and it can hold a regular 16 oz can. It’s truly one of the best cool beer bongs on our list.  

4. Drink up Bitches

Drink up Bitches

There’s a million reasons to buy this magnificent beer bong. Asides from the funny quote and unique design, it is also equipped with a 6ft valve for added suspense and excitement when drinking alcohol. Besides that, the valve also has an on and off button to control the flow of the liquid. 

5. Leak-proof Beer Bong

Leak-proof Beer Bong

When you’re searching for cool beer bongs, you also need to make sure that they are made using high-quality material. When you use this custom beer bong, you won’t have to worry about any leaking beers. Besides that, it also comes with four interchangeable mouthpieces for hygiene purposes. 

6. HEAD RUSH Beer Bong


Cool beer bongs normally have funny designs or quotes printed on it. Just take this amazing bong as an example! As stated on the funnel, there are three different levels for people who want to drink from this beer bong, and it depends on how much liquid you can take. Make sure to buy it, because it is really a party favorite.  

7. Bierstick Beer Bong

Bierstick Beer Bong

These days, not all custom beer bongs are equipped with flexible tubes. With this Bierstick Beer Bong, you will experience a brand new way of enjoying this drinking game. Simply take off the mouthpiece, pour in the beer, and press the opposite end against the closest stationary object to let the liquids get inside your mouth. 

8. Handmade Beer Bong

Handmade Beer Bong

Despite the enormous amount of awesome beer bongs that you have seen on the market, please consider buying a custom handmade beer bong too. Aside from it’s more affordable price, it is also still very fun to use. This particular bong isn’t a bongzilla, but it can rival a bongzilla in terms of fun drinking experience.

Fun Double Beer Bongs

After looking at some of the best custom cool beer bongs, let’s move on and see the people’s favorite kind of bong: double beer bongs. While double beer bongs don’t have as many valves as a bongzilla, it is still good enough to be used at most parties. Let’s check it out!

9. 2.5ft Double Beer Bongs

2.5ft Double Beer Bongs

Double beer bongs that have an extra length for its tube are always welcomed in our list. Aside from that magnificent feature, this funny beer bong has an extra-large funnel that won’t bend easily. Let’s see who is able to drink more without making funny expressions on their face with this awesome item. 

10. Pink Double Beer Bongs

Pink Double Beer Bongs

If you want traditional double beer bongs with shorter tubes, then perhaps this pink beer bong might suit your style. It is a very versatile beer bong that can be used for many occasions and parties. Besides that, the on/off valve lets you control the amount of beer while eliminating spills, leaks, or sticky messes. 

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11. Decodean Dual Beer Bong

Decodean Dual Beer Bong

Here’s another awesome alternative for those of you who are looking for double beer bongs. It’s one of the most unique cool beer bongs on our list, as it doesn’t use a flexible tube. However, the funny beer bong is made with premium material to ensure its longevity. The drink snorkels also depressurize the bottle so that the liquid can be consumed faster. 

12. Premium Beer Bong and Funnel

Premium Beer Bong and Funnel

Want to have double beer bongs with food-grade material that are also great for parties? Take a look at this awesome beer bong! Each tube is 2ft long and convenient for drinking. Besides that, the valves are also very easy to use. We really think that this is certainly one of the best cool beer bongs on our list.  

13. Double Header Beer Bong

Double Header Beer Bong

If you want a serious and fun face off with your friend, please seriously consider this beer bong and add it into your cart immediately. It is equipped with 2ft of flexible tubes that are resistant to any annoying folds and creases, therefore making it easier for water to flow and pass through. We just need to make sure that you’ll win the drinking game while avoiding making any funny expressions!

14. Valatala Beer Bong

Valatala Beer Bong

Double beer bongs are very popular in the market right now, and this particular product is one example of it. Furthermore, it will be perfect for any parties, because it has food-grade material that won’t poison the user. The small size of this item also makes it easy to carry from one party to another!

15. Glow-in-the-dark Double Beer Bongs

Glow-in-the-dark Double Beer Bongs

Our last item for the category of double beer bongs is very fancy indeed. In fact, the funnel can glow in the dark, making it the center of attention for any funny parties. Although the tubes of this cool beer bong don’t glow, the neon finish will also assist in lighting up the party in a fun way! 

Funny Beer Bongs for Parties

And now, it’s time to come to the best part on our list of cool beer bongs: funny beer bongs to get you and your friends drunk. Most of these cool beer bongs have unique and funny designs that will help lighten up the mood in a party!

16. Colorful Beer Bong

Colorful Beer Bong

Our first item for the funny beer bongs category has a really colorful design that will be perfect for most party occasions. It is portable and leak-resistant. You’ll also receive five mouthpieces and shotgun tool bottle opener that can also be used as a keychain or can opener. Go get this item now, as it is one of the best cool beer bongs ever. 

17. Flamingo Beer Bongs

Flamingo Beer Bongs

Our next item has a very unique and funny appearance. However, don’t underestimate it, as it is able to bring a lot of joy to your party! The beer bong has the shape of a flamingo, and you just simply need to fill up the belly and use the mouth as the funnel. It is also easy to clean, making it one of the best cool beer bongs on our list. 

18. Rainbow Beer Bong

Rainbow Beer Bong

If you like the colorful beer bong that we have offered before, wait until you see this rainbow beer bong! Aside from its unique and funny design, it also has a 30 inches long PVC tube that is resistant to stomping. For more fun and less frustration, the tube also prevents splits and has translucent color. 

19. Beer Bong with Timer

Beer Bong with Timer

Unlike double beer bongs and bongzilla, you can’t have a direct face off with your friends. However, Chug Buddy gets creative with their item and makes a beer bong that is equipped with a timer. As soon as the valve is opened, the timer will begin counting. Now, you can see which one of you should be named as the true party freak. 

20. Simple Beer Bong

Simple Beer Bong

Although the design of this beer bong is very simple, it will never take away the fun from a drinking game. In fact, the funnel is able to hold on to up to two 12 oz beers at the same time! Plus, the tube is made from safe, food-grade plastic. Let’s see who can drink the most beers in your party without making any funny expressions!

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21. Red Beer Bong

Red Beer Bong

Want to have high-quality cool beer bongs? Perhaps this simplistic red beer bong might be the one that you’re looking for. It has an extra-long pipe, measuring about 2.5ft long and ¾ inch diameter. The versatility of this item makes it suitable for various parties like weddings, graduations, and spring break. 

22. Beer Bong Party Pack

Beer Bong Party Pack

Why buy a single beer bong when you have the option to purchase cool beer bongs party packs? With this awesome set, you will receive one beer bong that is accompanied by a pink beer belt and two shotgun keychains. Drink and make funny faces all night long with your friends using this amazing item. 

23. Ultimate Bongzilla

Ultimate Bongzilla

You know why they call it Bongzilla? It is because of the enormous size of this particular beer bong! Measuring for 6 ft with six flexible tubes, this magnificent bongzilla is able to hold 12 packs of cans at once. If you want to get drunk at the same time, make sure to buy this funny bongzilla before others get it first. 

24. Glow in the Dark Single Beer Bong

Glow in the Dark Single Beer Bong

Some cool beer bongs are able to glow in the dark and become the center of attention during parties. If you want to get your hands on one of them, please consider this amazing bong. The tube measures for about 30”, making it perfect for those of you who’d like to get wasted fast!

25. Mt. Chugmore Beer Bong

Mt. Chugmore Beer Bong

Although Mt. Chugmore is not able to contain the thirst of six people at once (like the bongzilla), it is still impressive on its own. It is able to provide liquor for four people at once. The item is also easy to assemble and clean. We thought that it would be a mistake to pass up on the chance to obtain this cool beer bong, so act ASAP!

26. Bierstick 2.0 Beer Bong Syringe

This item is one of the coolest beer bongs for college parties. It will help you to chug up to 24oz of beer in as little as 2 seconds. Bringing this to your college party will certainly make you the start of the night. So, wait no more and make this cool item your own to make sure you’re ready for the next party.

27. Bierstick Bierbo Beer Bong Snorkel

This Bierbo Beer Bong snorkel is perfect for beer lovers who need a device that can be carried anywhere they go. It’s made of high-quality silicone, so it’s super convenient to fit into your pocket. In addition, it will also fit any size of can or bottle, making it the one device that all beer lovers need.

28. Merbonga The Mermaid Beer Bong

A fun summer day with friends won’t be complete without this fun and adorable beer bong. This one is called the mermaid beer bong because it features the shape of a mermaid that will definitely amaze you friends. This Merbonga mermaid beer bong is lightweight and portable, and it comes in a sophisticated design, perfect for girls who want to enjoy the summer with the squad.

29. Portable Beer Bong

If you’re on of those fast drinkers, then you might want to make this next item your own. This is a portable beer funnel that will be the solution for you anytime and anywhere. Made of high-quality materials and also built to last, this cool item is definitely worth having. So what are you waiting for? Add this item to your shopping cart, now!

30. Skull Beverage Funnel Standard

Last but not least, we have this skull beverage funnel standard that needs to be placed in your list of recommendations. Unlike other items above, this one features a different kind of design that will make you look cooler at parties. The skull design makes it perfect for guys who want to impress the girls with their drinking ability. Get this now before it runs out!

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