25 Unique and Tasty Gifts for Foodies

When you have a lot of friends, there’s gotta be one of them who loves to explore the wonders of the culinary world. We usually call them foodies. A foodie is someone who likes to explore and eat different kinds of food, even if they’re not hungry at all. The love for food isn’t translated only to tasting them, but also to their curiosity for facts and trivia behind the food itself. 

On a normal occasion, you might want to give them unique foods as gifts for foodies. But sometimes, it’s also cool to find decorations and other amazing items that can further enhance their eating experience. Trivial games, table decorations, and unique food hampers are some great ideas that you can buy as gifts for foodies. Let’s try to see the best gifts for foodies on our list below. 

Food Decorations for Foodies

Foodies will love to have fancy feasts everyday in their dining room. To help them achieve their dream, you can find some cool decorations as gifts for foodies. On our list, you will only find the best of the best!

1. Food Buffet Card Decoration

Food Buffet Card Decoration

If you’re ever getting an invitation to some random food party from your friend, there’s a huge chance that the person responsible is the foodie. To help them have a wonderful party, you can get these wonderful buffet cards for them. It will make the food more elegant. 

2. Dill With It Sign

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A foodie needs something in their house to help represent themselves better. We thought that this funny pickle sign might help solve the problem. They can hang this anywhere they want to, but we highly recommend putting this somewhere near the dining room

3. Banana Saving Hats

Banana Saving Hats

Save your bananas from rotting too fast with these adorable banana hats. By placing the hats on the crown where the bananas connect, they can help slow down the absorption of ethylene gas, the major factor that causes a banana to change color.

4. The Great “Foody”

The Great “Foody”

Did you know that there is a special-themed calendar that manages your food diet? This cool foody calendar is the proof! Inside, you will find a lot of local fruits and vegetables that spread in several months. It will be one of the best gifts for foodies. 

5. Food Blogger Mobile Phone Holder

Food Blogger Mobile Phone Holder

Being a food blogger is not a bad thing to do. In fact, you can encourage your friend to start their own site and write about foods they enjoy. To further make up their mind, you can get this cute mobile phone holder for them. It fits perfectly for a food blogger. 

6. You and Me Ramen Towel

You and Me Ramen Towel

The correct phrase is actually: “you and me are meant to be”. However, this towel cleverly plays the sentence and turns it into a food-themed phrase. This towel can be used as a decoration on the dining table, especially when eating hot ramen. 

7. Funko Pop: Foodies Kraft Mac & Cheese Box

Funko Pop Foodies Kraft Mac & Cheese Box

Funko Pop released a lot of different figures for enthusiasts all around the world. Guess what? Foodies can collect a line of delicious snacks too. We highly recommend you to buy this Kraft Mac & Cheese Box Pop for your friend as part of your gifts for foodies. 

Amazing Items for Foodies

Do not think for a second that eating foods are all foodies care about. Foodies also love to play games and do other kinds of stuff. That’s the reason why we’re going to be recommending some of the items below as part of your gifts for foodies. Some of them can even help them to make their favorite food!

8. Mini Bubble Waffle Maker

Mini Bubble Waffle Maker

Bubble waffle is a snack that originated in China. It’s so sweet and tasty, and we guarantee that your friend loves to eat them. If they ever want to make one, please consider buying this amazing item for them. 

9. Foodies Game

Foodies Game

If the title of the game doesn’t convince you already, then we’re going to be explaining the plot and rules of the game too. Here, you will get a chance to manage a food court and buy different kinds of stalls. Each food has their own ability, so be wise in spending and we’re hoping that you came out on top. 

10. Butter and Cheese Huggers

Butter and Cheese Huggers

When you’re preparing a food with butter and cheese, you won’t have to use the whole block. However, you need to safely store the unused part in order to keep its freshness. That’s where the huggers play a part. They will keep butters and cheese tasty and fresh inside the fridge. 

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11. Foodie Fight Trivia Game

Foodie Fight Trivia Game

When a foodie is hosting a game night, a foodie might want to try and find some game that closely resembles their interest. Perhaps you might want to consider giving this awesome game as your gift. It contains a lot of trivia about food, and we guarantee that your friend will love this game. 

12. Barbeque Shredder

Barbeque Shredder

We all have an inner beast waiting to be unleashed. In a barbeque event, there might come a time where you might want to rip the meat apart. In that case, buy this awesome shredder and claw through them!

13. Laundry Bag

Laundry Bag

Your friend might not have the luxury to do laundry every single day. But they still need to keep their house clean and tidy. With this food-themed laundry bag, they will be able to store all their dirty clothes. 

14. Foodie Dice and Tumbler

Foodie Dice and Tumbler

Foodies know a lot more food variants than we do. And with great knowledge comes great burdens in their mind. There might be a time where they can get confused in picking the food that they’re going to eat. Help them by giving these dice. Just roll them and let the dice choose the food. 

15. Salsa Time Sneaker

Salsa Time Sneaker

Have a relaxing time at home by wearing these adorable sneakers. They are made with comfy material and are extremely rare. Foodies out there won’t want to miss out on this item, so you better get one now for your friend. 

16. SMIRLY Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Food Chocolate Gift Hampers

Serving dishes can’t get any better once you’ve got your hands on this bad boy! It is able to support and display various kinds of food, starting from meat, vegetables, snacks and chips, fruit, and many more! Get one now as part of your gifts for foodies. 

17. Food Diary and Diabetes Tracker

Food Diary and Diabetes Tracker

If normal people write in their diary, foodies will love to take note of everything through this notebook. They can plan the food that they’re going to consume and save money too in the process. Inside, your friend can write the shopping list for foods that they’re going to eat too. 

Unique Food and Hampers

At last, we have come to the part that you probably expected when you first read the title. On our list of unique food and hampers, you will find amazing food and ingredients that you can give as gifts for foodies. Let’s dive in!

18. Food Chocolate Gift Hampers

Food Chocolate Gift Hampers

Chocolate is a very meaningful gift that people like. There’s only a handful of people who hate this kind of food. We’re sure that your food-loving friend appreciates this gift set, so why not consider buying it for them?

19. CRAVEBOX Chocolate Arrangement

CRAVEBOX Chocolate Arrangement

Snacks like chips and biscuits can be consumed on many occasions. You can eat them during a sports game or a movie night with your partner. In this gift box, you’ll find a lot of different snacks that your friend can consume. So cool!

20. Asian Street Food Spice Box

Asian Street Food Spice Box

There’s a lot of yummy foods in the Asia continent. If you haven’t got the chance to visit some of the countries, you’re still in luck, because you can still get a taste of their snacks with this awesome box set. It contains various spices to make certain Asian foods. 

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21. Artist Palette Sugar Cookie Kit

Artist Palette Sugar Cookie Kit

A food will feel complete if it is tasty as well as healthy. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this sugar cookie kit. Cookies are normally associated with sugars and unhealthy lifestyle, but you can scratch that and eat these gluten free cookies instead. 

22. Ballpark Snack Tin

Ballpark Snack Tin

Being a foodie doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy watching baseball. If your friend is a baseball fan and food freak, you should buy this awesome snack for them. They will certainly feel nostalgic when eating the treats. 

23. Afternoon Tea Hampers Set

Afternoon Tea Hampers Set

There are various types of food lovers. On one hand, there’s people who love to explore street foods. But on the other hand, there’s foodies who love to enjoy elegant and small snacks, and that’s the reason why they like to host tea parties. Perhaps this set might help them in organizing those events. 

24. Kamenstein Revolving Tower with Spice Refill

Kamenstein Revolving Tower with Spice Refill

While most foodies love to buy and explore foods on the market, there’s a handful of food lovers who love to cook and experiment with their own food. You can consider giving this awesome spice tower as a decoration in their dining table. When you purchase this item, you are eligible to get free spice refills for the next five years!

25. Halva Four Flavors Mini Pack

Halva Four Flavors Mini Pack

Foodies all over the world will certainly love to have a taste of this excellent organic halva. In this pack, you’ll get four different flavors: vanilla, whole sesame, rose hips, and pistachio. It’s so interesting!

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