Hot Cheese Dispensing Gun

This Hot Cheese Dispensing Gun turns your favorite cheese into hot liquid cheesy delight, that you can dispense over the dish of your choosing.

The best part of any salty food is that you can smear it with cheese and make it even better.

It is sort of an equivalent of a frosting on a cake, only for the people who love junk food.

With this fun kitchen gadget, you can eat your food covered in hot cheese and even doodle with cheese to make your meal a bit more creative. 

All the parts of this dispensing gun are removable and dishwasher safe, so no cheese would get wasted or wind up in your sink.

Hot Cheese Dispensing Gun

Hot Cheese Dispensing Gun

So maybe for your next birthday instead of cake, go with celebratory tacos with your name on it spelled out in cheese.

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