Dragon Wrap Ear Cuff

This striking Dragon Wrap Ear Cuff safely wraps around your ear and can become a centerpiece of any outfit you wear.

Remember how Daenerys emerged from the flames with a little dragon sitting on her shoulder? Well, with this ear cuff you’d come close enough to looking as amazing as she did.

The ear cuff is handmade out of antiqued bronze and you can choose whether you’d prefer to wear it on the right or left ear. 

The dragon “holds onto” your ear by its feet and wings. There’s no way someone wouldn’t notice this ear cuff while you are wearing it and you can be certain that some compliments would follow.

This is one of the coolest ear cuffs out there. Plus, just imagine randomly screaming “Dracarys” and hopefully some fellow Game of Thrones fans will understand the reference.

Dragon Wrap Ear Cuff

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