20 Memorable Ways on How to Celebrate a Birthday on a Plane

Birthday is an annual celebration that you can do in various ways. It may come every year, but it should always be celebrated and welcomed in a special way. If you are currently thinking on how to celebrate a birthday on a plane or in the air, then you should always look for the best and most memorable ideas on how to do it. You can celebrate it by informing your birthday to the airlines when you buy the ticket. You can also prepare it yourself should you not expect to get any cake or special gifts from the airlines. Moreover, you can also share happiness with other passengers and celebrate your special day together.

To help you get the best ideas, in this article we have compiled a list of the most memorable ways on how to celebrate a birthday on a plane. Sit tight because you will surely find the best ideas. Let’s make it your best birthday celebration ever. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the list!

1. Be Sure to Book for a Birthday Service

Do you plan to fly on your birthday? Be happy to inform the crew about your special day. Instead of waiting for any surprises from the airlines you booked, let them know that your reason for flying with them is to enjoy your birthday. If you see any services that they offer for celebrating your special days, be sure to book it and enjoy your flight.

2. Enjoy Your Birthday Surprise from the Flight Crew

When you are flying on your birthday without any clue left for the crew, you can still get a birthday surprise from them based on your personal information that they get from your passport. All you need to do is to enjoy it when the surprise is presented to you. Just wait and see, and your flight crew will be happy to give you surprises and directly to the comfort of your seat.  

3. Enjoy Your Flight, Enjoy Your Meal

Even though most of the airlines provide their own special occasions services, some may not provide any birthday service or surprise. Although you don’t have anything particular in terms of your plan to celebrate a birthday on a plane, you can still enjoy your entire flight by enjoying the meal that they serve for you. There is nothing more special than enjoying your precious time and moment when you are a thousand feet above the ground. You can do it by simply enjoying your flight meal served by your flight crew. 

4. Hug Your Inner Child by Coloring Books

Coloring books are not only fun for children. It can be fun for adults, too. It can even calm and relax your mind, which makes it a fun thing to do on your birthday. Make yourself occupied with your favorite coloring book set while enjoying your birthday on a plane. Be joyful and relax enough to enjoy your flight without gadgets. Your art piece can be a memorable birthday present for yourself. 

5. Twist Your Brain by Filling in Crossword Puzzles

Not really into arts and coloring? Then you can find other fun things to celebrate a birthday on a plane. you can fill in the crossword puzzles during your birthday flight. Carry your crossword puzzle book in your carry bag and fill it on your seat. Make yourself occupied and thoughtful at the same time. Besides killing boredom, you can also sharpen your wordsmith skill. What a fun killing time activity to do during a long flight!

6. Watch Hotel Transylvania on the Air

The other activity to do during a long flight on your birthday is by watching a movie from the screen in front of you. Have you watched Hotel Transylvania and its sequel? Its first Hotel Transylvania tells about the birthday of Mavis, which led her to her human future husband. Wrapped in a comedy, it will bring you joy and fun while watching it. Its other sequels also presents the next level comedy of the movie. It will surely entertain you on your birthday during a long flight. It can be a lot more fun than playing with your own smartphone or laptop.

7. Stay Calm and Read Books

If you prefer books to screens, there are books that you can read during your flight. You can prepare your favorite book in your carry bag or you can ask for any book provided by your flight crew. It is a great activity to make yourself occupied, which enrich your knowledge as well. Reading books also can bring you into a different dimension, which will make you forget about your long flight.

8. Take and Share Pictures and Videos on Your Social Media

Having a birthday on a plane does not happen every year. Thus, you should take pictures and videos for your own documentation. Many people believe that a photograph is a great moment that is captured and documented. Those panorama, trips, and the entire flight will be a wonderful memory in your life. Whenever you want to recall it, you can simply look at those pictures and videos. Besides keeping those memories on your own device, don’t forget to share your special moments to your social media. Be happy to show your happiness to the world!

9. Listen to the Latest Trending Music on Youtube

Music is one of the greatest arts that you can enjoy everywhere, including on a plane. Especially when it is your birthday, entertain yourself by listening to trending music and songs on Youtube. Those songs will keep you up-to-date and engaged with the latest trends going around. You may find new favorite and heart-touching songs. Listening to music can make you feel happier and even make you forget about your long flight for a while. 

10. Be Happy and Eat Your Favorite Sweets

Candies are not only your favorite treats, but also for many people. When you have one favorite treat, make sure you bring it along with you. Bring some candies are allowed in your carry bag, so you can definitely enjoy them during your flight. After all, a birthday should always be sweet and lovely, right?

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11. Be Confident to Wear a Birthday Hat

Birthday is a memorable moment that you should always enjoy once a year, especially when you are on a plane. Make your special day visible and recognizable by other people on the flight, and also by the flight crew by wearing a birthday hat. Your gratitude toward your birthday is everything. So, be happy and enjoy your flight with everyone. They may give you some birthday wishes as well. 

12. Daydream About Positive Things

Human brain is so powerful that it has more than 6,000 thoughts in a day. That causes daydreaming to be an effortless activity to be done on a plane, including on your birthday. When you are on a flight on your birthday, one best way to enjoy it is by daydreaming. Daydream about your new age goals, long and short term dreams, and activities you want to do when you arrive at your destination. Think of the best and positive things in your life, and make it into your birthday wishes.

13. Look Out the Window and Philosophize

Looking through the plane window is a miraculous view. It is a new perspective of seeing the earth surface from above, which is a different angle that comes different from your daily world. Through that new view, you can philosophize and go deeper into your mind. You may find new things, deeper meanings, or answers to all questions that you have been asking your self from a long time ago.  

14. Be Brave to Visit the Cockpit

Be Brave To Visit The Cockpit

The cockpit where the pilot and co-pilot control the airplane is not a usual place to be visited by passengers, but your birthday may be a special occasion to visit it. It may not be easy to gain permission to enter the cockpit, but you should go for it. Remember to be mindful with your hand and be nice to the flight crew. Don’t forget to take pictures since it is a rare moment in your life. 

15. Open Up by Talking to Someone Sitting Next to You

Open Up By Talking To Someone Sitting Next To You

Celebrating your birthday may not always need any birthday songs or crowded birthday wishes, you also can do a deep and soft talk to one person beside you. Especially when you celebrate a birthday on a plane, it can be the right time to talk to the person sitting next to you. If they are welcoming, you can even form a new friendship on your flight.

16. Generously Share Small Gifts to Other Passengers

Generously Share Small Gifts To Other Passengers

Your birthday is not only about receiving birthday wishes from others, but you can use this moment to share with others. It does not mean to share something big or expensive, because even the smallest little things can be memorable for others. McQuaid even shared small cloth goodie bags on her flight on her birthday and made it a wonderful thing for others. Her idea of bringing more kindness in the world can be adapted into your birthday motto.

17. Experience the First Class

Experience The First Class

More money, more amenities is a great phrase to emphasize why you should book a first class seat. Money is worth spending on experiences, especially when you should do it on your birthday. Compared to business class, you will get more privacy since the seating is usually for one person without any neighbor seat. The first class flight meals are also the best of all classes. 

18. Write and Describe Your Current Situation and Feeling

Write and Describe Your Current Situation and Feeling

Sometimes, seeing your pictures and watching the videos of your trip on a plane do not completely bring back the emotions that you felt back then. You may spread some words and expressions about your feelings on the flights, and little details about your seating, people sitting close to you, the food, the surprises, and the view that you see in the air. Those little details will raise your memory of all the senses of your birthday on a plane. Make sure you write and describe them clearly without missing any details. 

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19. Make a New Age Resolution

Make A New Age Resolution

Most people make resolutions when it comes to a new year. But have you ever think of a new age resolution on your birthday? It is about a new goal or a continuing goal that you need to achieve. Having goals will motivate you to build good habits and maintain your health. It is also a way of improving your quality of life.

20. Make a Wish List of Places You Want to Visit

Make A Wish List of Places You Want To Visit

When you arrive at your destination, you need to know places that you want to visit. Make sure you make a list of places that you will visit and things you want to do. Sometimes, being prepared is better than being totally spontaneous. Having a wish list of places and activities makes your trip more effective and stress free of thinking on the spot. Your time is worth more than wasting it to be indecisive all the time.

Final Thoughts

As a once-a-year celebration, a birthday need to be celebrated in the most wonderful ways. Celebrating a birthday on a plane is definitely one of them. Since you are more than a thousand feet above the ground, you need to think creatively to do that. You can do things that you can enjoy alone such as writing a journal or think about life, or you can also be friendly and have an interactive celebration with other passengers or the crew. The choice is on you. One thing that you need to remember, always think positive and have fun!

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How do you pass time on a long flight?

Being in a long flight may be tiring and boring sometimes. Rather than thinking of how boring it is, you can shake things up and look for a new angle. Try to watch your favorite movie or refresh your mind with a new unwatched movie on your seat. If you don’t feel like watching anything, you can read some books, write lists or daydreams about good things you are looking forward to, talk to someone beside you, or simply just look out the window and philosophize. In a high place, you may feel a peaceful feeling you have never felt before.

How can I entertain myself on a plane without electronics?

There are lots of things that you can do to leave boredom behind and enjoy your flight more without electronics. Reading your favorite books and novels, feeling in crossword puzzles, drawing on sketch books, talking to people beside you and seeing the wonderful view from above surely can entertain and help you pass time without electronics. And if you are lucky enough, you may witness a heart touching birthday surprise on your flight.

Is it okay to celebrate a birthday on a plane?

It is okay to celebrate a birthday on a plane. Most of the airlines even have a special secret service related to birthdays, anniversaries, and big days. They may prepare a special birthday cake or gifts for you. Some airlines write the special service on their website, but other airlines may keep it secret. Tho, most of the airlines require a pre order minimum 24 hours before departure. Because it is on a plane, we still need to think about the limited space that will not allow any big celebration.

What is a simple gift to celebrate someone’s birthday on a plane?

Related to the limited space on the plane, you may think about simple gifts that you can give to celebrate someone’s birthday on a plane. It can be something simple such as singing birthday songs together and wishing them a happy birthday and good health. It will be a memorable and heartwarming birthday gift on a plane.

What is the easiest way to celebrate your birthday on a plane?

In celebrating a birthday on a plane, we need to make it effective, simple, and convenient, but also memorable for us. You can do it by asking the special birthday service from the airlines which may require additional charge and keep yourself relaxed. Or you also can prepare it yourself with a small and simple preparation by minding the effectiveness and space.

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