25 Greatest Gifts For Flight Attendants

Many of us know a flight attendant whether it’s a friend, a family member, or perhaps even your partner. However, not many of us know what to shop for when the time comes to give them a gift!

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and found 21 amazing gifts for flight attendants that they’ll be more than happy to receive.

Whether you’re congratulating them on their new occupation, wishing them a happy birthday, or anything in between, these flight attendant gifts are sure to put a smile on their face. 

Best Gift Ideas For Flight Attendants

#1 Funny Flight Attendant Unisex T-Shirt 

Funny Flight Attendant Unisex T-Shirt

As you’ve probably learned, it’s not uncommon for flight attendants to lose all track of time, as well as their location. That’s why this hilarious slogan t-shirt will make a perfect and very funny gift for them.  It comes in 5 different colorways and a range of sizes too. Ideal for the next time they’re off work for the day and have no idea which time zone they’re in!

#2 Travel Buddy Flight Attendant Gift 

Travel Buddy Flight Attendant Gift

For the flight attendant that chose their career based on a passion for travel, this gift is perfect. Available in gold or silver, this sweet necklace has a dainty chain with an adorable plane pendant in the centre. It’s also something they can wear at all times to remind them not only of their adventures around the world but also of the person at home who gave it to them.

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#3 Funny Flight Attendant Gift Mug For Women and Men 

Funny Flight Attendant Gift Mug For Women and Men 

Ninja, Badass, Legend. If these aren’t words to describe flight attendants, we don’t know what are! Luckily, this fun mug has all of those details in one place. The ideal gift for any cabin crew member who can’t start their day without a hot coffee!

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#4 Happiest When I’m Flying Flight Attendant Hoodie 

Happiest When I'm Flying Flight Attendant Hoodie

Hopefully, the flight attendant in your life adores their job and feels at their happiest in the air. If so, we can think of few better gifts than this snuggly Happiest When I’m Flying’ slogan hoodie. Ideal for days off, and for letting everyone they meet know all about their passion!

#5 Flight Club Essential T-Shirt 

Flight Club Essential T-Shirt

Sometimes, gifts for flight attendants need to also be movie buff gifts. If the flight steward you know still can’t get enough of the latest movies whilst on their travels, this clever, Flight Club t-shirt couldn’t be a better gift.

#6 Flight Attendant Gift – Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character 

Flight Attendant Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character - Gifts For Flight Attendants 

One gift that’s always guaranteed to feel super special to your loved one is this custom, character portrait. Send the artist a snap of the lucky recipient and you’ll receive a digital portrait of them in uniform doing what they do best. The ideal present for any member of the cabin crew!

#7 Flight Squad – Flight Attendant Shirt, Tank Top, or Hoodie 

Flight Squad - Flight Attendant Shirt, Tank Top, or Hoodie - Gifts For Flight Attendants

From pilots to flight attendants, anyone would adore this, Flight Squad slogan t-shirt. It comes in two chic shades, gray or black, and will make the ideal throw on and go look for their next day off.

#8 Plane Couples Promise Rings Set 

Plane Couples Promise Rings Set

For those whose partner is part of a flight crew, finding a suitably romantic gift can be tricky. Luckily, this incredible couples ring set exists to show them just how much you care. It’s even more special for couples who love to travel around the world together!

#9 Flight Attendant Bracelet 

Flight Attendant Bracelet

Another stunning piece of jewelry we highly recommend is this beautiful engraved bracelet. Small enough to sit on their wrist and accompany them everywhere, it’s sweet ‘Fly Safe’ message gives them a piece of home even if they’re on the other side of the world.

#10 Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set 

Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set

Being a flight attendant can be stressful, therefore, relaxing gifts for flight attendants are essential at times! These super calming shower steamer blocks come in a gift set and are made from all-natural, vegan ingredients. They can use them as a soothing body scrub, or place them in the corner of the shower to fill the air with calming scents of lavender and lemongrass.

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#11 Flight Attendant Custom Engraved Necklace 

Flight Attendant Custom Engraved Necklace - Gifts For Flight Attendants

Gifts for flight attendants don’t get sweeter than this engraved pendant with an aeroplane charm. The phrase, ‘My Heart Goes With You’, is engraved into a silver circle and will make the ideal birthday or anniversary gift for your flight attendant friend or loved one.

#12 Fly Safe Wallet Insert Gift 

Fly Safe Wallet Insert Gift

If jewelry’s not what you had in mind in the way of gifts for flight attendants, don’t worry. You can still get an engraved gift for them. This adorable wallet insert is made for pilots and flight attendants. You could even slip into their luggage without them knowing as a surprise when they land.

#13 Friends Parody Flight Attendant Shirt 

Friends Parody Flight Attendant Shirt - Gifts For Flight Attendants

Does the flight attend you know love Friends? Who doesn’t right! Well, this super fun t-shirt with the same font as their favorite show is practically made for them!

#14 Our friendship is like a candle. Candle gift for Flight attendant 

Our friendship is like a candle. Candle gift for Flight attendant

For the flight attendant with a super dark sense of humor, gift them this handmade soy wax candle! They’re sure to chuckle the moment they open it, plus, it comes in a range of amazing scents.  From classic clean cotton and lemongrass & ginger to more unique options such as gingerbread, roast marshmallow, and earl gray tea. Whatever food or drink they love, this candle probably comes in that same scent!

#15 Airplane Mode on Traveling Mask 

Airplane Mode on Traveling Mask

Safety is a top priority for us all now more than ever. Luckily, this handy travel mask for flight attendants, cabin crew and pilots, means they can stay safe in style. Whether they’re walking through the airport or simply running errands during their time off, this mask will be a welcome addition to their luggage!

#16 Funny Flight Attendant Travel Mug 

Funny Flight Attendant Travel Mug 

If there was ever a job that might have you feeling regularly sleepy, it’s being a flight attendant. So, the next time you’re looking for a fun yet seriously functional gift for them, choose this travel mug! It has a hilarious slogan printed on the front and will contain all the hot coffee they need to stay awake throughout the day… and night!

#17 Don’t Make Me Use My Flight Attendant Voice Hoodie 

Don't Make Me Use My Flight Attendant Voice Hoodie - Gifts For Flight Attendants

There’s no denying it, we all have a home voice and a working voice. But, when it comes to flight attendants, the difference between the two is more apparent than ever! If they feel the same, and we’re sure they do, this hoodie will be the funniest gift they’ve ever received.

#18 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer 

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Traveling from plane to plane, from airport to home, and from country to country, you can bet flight attendants’ phones see their fair share of germs. To make sure their devices stay as clean and bacteria-free as possible, gift them this PhoneSoap Smartphone sanitizer.

The ultraviolet light inside will zap those germs away in no time. What’s more, it has acoustic amplifiers meaning they can keep listening to music whilst the case runs through its cleaning cycle.

#19 Hand Stamped Fly SafeKeychain 

Hand Stamped Fly SafeKeychain - Gifts For Flight Attendants

Need a last-minute gift or just a little extra to go with a bigger present for them? This little keyring for flight attendants offers an important message, ‘Fly safe I need you here with me. You can even personalize this special gift with your initials so they’ll always remember who gave it to them.

#20 TUI flight attendant travel print 

TUI flight attendant travel print - Gifts For Flight Attendants

We all love to update our spaces to reflect the things we truly love in life. If the flight attendant you know feels the same, they’ll adore this vintage style travel print. It’ll look amazing in any space from an office to a living room, to a bedroom. 

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#21 On Cloud Wine | Stemless Wine Glass | Gift for Flight Attendants 

On Cloud Wine

Who doesn’t love to wind down after a long-haul flight with a glass of wine and a nice warm bath? Happily for you, and the person you’re buying for, this pretty slogan glass can be ready and waiting for their choice of vino when they land and get home from work!

 #22 Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

Having a cute and small card holder to save a passport and vaccine card for a flight attendant will be helpful. So that these two important documents will not be missed and always in your bag since nowadays, carrying the vaccine card if the application is not ready is the first thing to show before showing the passport itself. There is a zipper for this card holder, so everything is safely stored inside.

#23 World Travel Airplane Bracelet

World Travel Airplane Bracelet

Surprise the avid traveler, globe trotter or even a pilot or flight attendant with this airplane bracelet. A simple and meaningful gift that describes their world the most. The material is made from high quality copper, it is lead free and nickel free. Hence it is safe for daily wear. No worries about the gift box since this airplane bracelet comes with a beautiful box. Fits for the gift.

#24 Airplane Travel Infinity Scarf 

Airplane Travel Infinity Scarf 

Scarf as a gift will give warmth to the receiver. Moreover, the printing is cute and simple. It is not only good for the flight attendant but also for the common people. The material is soft and lightweight since it is made from 100% chiffon. It fits very well for the spring or autumn season. Easy to wear and match for any outfit.

#25 Extra Large Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

Extra Large Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

Giving a set of versatile travel organizers will be a great gift idea for the flight attendants. Since they often travel, then they need travel organizers that can pack their stuff easily and not be bulky. Try this set of organizers for them. It is lightweight, easily fits the stuff’s size, and can be compressed to save space. No one can deny travel organizers for them.

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Appreciating the flight attendant with this simple gift will make their day better than ever. Choose the simple and useful for them, especially that can make their duty easier or something to speed up their packing time. Because flight attendants should fly to another city or even another country, hence giving a practical gift to help them pack faster will be an excellent one.


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