The Drill Brush

You scrub and you scrub. Your hands ache and it seems like your fingers are beginning to bend in the way they shouldn’t.

Still, all this suffering does nothing to clean the surface like it should. You know the drill.

But The Drill Brush is the ultimate solution to make cleaning pain-free, easy, and even fun.

These are scrub brush drill attachments. They take the strain of repetitive motions off your hands and transfer them on your own drill. 

The Drill Brush

These brush sets come in pairs – one round and one flat head. The brush sets are also color-coded to help you choose the right one for your task. With 5 colors representing different stiffness, you can go from the softest (white) bristles to industrial hard (black) bristles.

The Drill Brush

With this set (depending on the stiffness) you can clean furniture, shower tiles, kitchen counters, gutters, and even grills.

These brushes are compatible with any standard cordless drill. So if you do have one, let your hands rest during and let your drill do all the scrubbing.

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